Something Different

Hey Scott,

So it seems as if the recent game plan of WWE is to create every kind of brand for wrestling fans throughout the world to gravitate towards. They further established NXT as their version of a top Indy fed. They made 205 Live for cruiserweights. They created a UK brand with a weekly show coming soon. Rumors of an Asian tournament and future brand will most likely come to fruition by this time next year. Probably a Latin tournament after that. Depending on the success of the Women’s tournament, who knows, we might see a women’s weekly show on the network.

My question for you is, do you think they will ever attempt to create another entity containing the heavily produced Lucha Underground-esque super natural elements? They have certainly dabbled in this recently with the House of Horrors match and New Day/Wyatt Family segment a year back. And certainly if they ever start the Broken Universe, that trend will continue.

It seems like Triple H will see something being done in wrestling and immediately wants to do the same thing with the WWE name attached to it. So do you think they try to create their version of Lucha Underground? Possibly take a handful of developmental guys mixed in with Indy stars and create something different and bizarre? Like throwing NXT, Lucha Underground, Wrestling Society X, and the Broken Universe into a blender and seeing what they get.

​I think they feel like they’re already doing what Lucha Underground does, but better. That being said, Lucha Underground is not a success as a business model, like, AT ALL. The shows are a complete ratings disaster, they didn’t run house shows when they were a buzz-worthy thing, and the tapings are expensive. What MIGHT prove to be a successful model the same kind of thing Wrestling Society X was shooting for, and that Lucha Underground might stumble into: Shooting a full self-contained seasonal storyline and then putting it on Netflix for people to binge. But again, the first season of Lucha Underground is 39 episodes and my usual binge tolerance is 13, and even then Daredevil and Luke Cage were seriously trying my patience by that point. But yeah, I think if WWE were to get involved with Netflix like that, they might have something.​