Mid-South Wrestling – October 21, 1982

October 21, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop

Tonight, Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia will face The Grapplers. Also in action are Mr. Wrestling II, Kamala, and Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan.


Hangman Harris vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling II takes Harris over with a hip toss to start then works the arm. Harris finally backs Mr. Wrestling into the ropes and lands a few shots. He gets two with a fist drop then goes back to targeting the neck. Mr. Wrestling fights back then hits a slam before he stuns Harris with a power knee lift and puts him away with a bridging German suplex (4:14) 1/2*.

Thoughts: A tremendously boring match. Hangman Harris drags everything down when on offense as he moves at way too slow of a pace. A win for Mr. Wrestling II, who is the one getting a push in this promotion.

We are shown clips from last week where Duggan defeated Iron Mike Sharpe for the Louisiana Heavyweight Title.


Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Ted Allen & Marty Lunde

The crowd chants for JYD as the announcers hype next week’s Tag Team Title match where the loser of the fall has to leave Mid-South for sixty days. The heels beat on Allen to start as Roop says if either DiBiase or Duggan lose next week they’ll have to also forfeit their singles titles because they will be vacated if not defended within thirty days. Lunde tags in and does not fare any better then Duggan finally puts him away with a spear (4:03).

Thoughts: They gave DiBiase & Duggan a win and also added a new wrinkle to next week’s “Loser Leaves for 60 Days” stipulation by stating if Duggan or DiBiase lost the loser would have to vacate their singles title.

Bob Stabler vs. Kamala w/ Kimchee

Kamala immediately beats down Stabler as Roop says some of the top wrestlers in Mid-South want to face Kamala, listing off JYD, Andre the Giant, and even Iron Mike Sharpe. Kamala takes Stabler down then puts him away after three consecutive splashes (1:18).

Thoughts: Another dominating win for Kamala, who is being built up for something bigger.

The Grapplers vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

This is a non-title match. The champs work over Grappler #1 to start. Grappler #2 tags in and the champs quickly work him over. Mr. Olympia takes over both men then runs wild before tagging out. JYD slams both men as he is firmly in control of the match. Mr. Olympia tags but Grappler #2 is rammed into the corner. The Grapplers work over the shoulder of Mr. Olympia for a bit as they cut off the ring. Grappler #1 misses an elbow drop then JYD tags in and runs wild. The match breaks down then JYD puts Grappler #2 away with a powerslam (4:16) **.

Thoughts: Short, but all action for the most part. Once again, JYD was pushed like Superman in this match.

Vladic Smirnoff w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Tim Horner

Horner uses his speeed to elude Smirnoff as the announcers put over the starts coming in for the Thanksgiving Superdome show. Horner stuns Smirnoff with a pair of dropkicks but runs into a backdrop. Smirnoff targets the back and catches Horner with a slam but misses an avalanche and gets rolled up for a two count. Smirnoff goes back on the attack and slams Horner then puts him in a bearhug. Horner finally breaks out but gets caught in another bearhug that he breaks up with a bell clap. He tries to fight back but Smirnoff catches him with a backbreaker for the win (4:10).

Thoughts: Oh boy, this was terrible. Horner tried but Smirnoff was just awful. He moved like someone with two left feet and was just lost here.

Vinnie Romeo vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

The announcers hype up next week’s title match and how Bill Watts will be back on commentary next week and he will have 50 children as his special guests. Romeo gets a two count with a reverse rollup after a decent Irish whip sequence. Sharpe comes back with a monkey flip then works the arm until putting him away with a lariat (2:24).

Thoughts: Easy win for Sharpe, who was more aggressive than usual. His time here is coming to an end soon though.

Kelly Kiniski vs. Jesse Barr

These two take it to the mat and end up in a stalemate. Barr comes back with a forearm strike then works the arm. The announcers talk about the Tag Team Title match next week and how they are trying to bring in Gino Hernandez and Tony Atlas too. Barr gets a two count with a small package then they go back to the mat as Barr is able to once again take control with an armbar. Kiniski catches Barr with a dropkick then follows with an elbow smash. Barr ducks a chop and comes back with a dropkick of his own before applying another armbar on the mat. Kiniski switches to a headscissors but Barr gets out of that as Roop wants to have both of these guys become more vicious as they have the talent. Kiniski then catches Barr with what appears was supposed to have been a hotshot but Barr is just dropped face-first on the mat as Kiniski gets the win (5:36) **.

Thoughts: Decent back-and-forth action but Kiniski is one of the more boring talents in the promotion. Or from this time in general. Barr is good in the ring though and shocked he didnt get the win. I did like how Roop wanted both of them to become more aggressive.

DiBiase & Duggan come to the announcers table where DiBiase wants the fans to know that today is one of the last times you’ll ever see either Mr. Olympia or the Junkyard Dog as he promises to win the Tag Team Titles so they can have all the belts. DiBiase even promises to buy luggage for the loser so they can return home. They leave then Pierce once again hypes up the Tag Title match and to tune in next week.


Final Thoughts: The main goal here was building more hype for next week’s Tag Team match and they succeeded. Besides that though there was not much else to this show. However, next week’s episode is one of the most memorable hours of Mid-South TV.