Hulk Hogan

With WWE’S ratings falling and interest at an all time low, not to mention the evil Jinder Mahal taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back to India, is it finally time for Hulk Hogan to return and win the belt back for the good ol USA? Preferably at Summerslam prior to Nikki and Cena’s wedding.

God, can you imagine if they were tone-deaf that they put the belt on, say, Apollo Cruz and then had Hogan beat him for the title?

Although every day that Jinder disrespects the GOOD OL’ U S OF A is another day closer to Hogan coming back and avenging it, so maybe your idea isn’t that far-fetched. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll just be John Cena winning the belt and waving the flag to get revenge for all the troops who died fighting India, or Calgary, or whatever.