Hey Scott

1) have you or do you plan to watch the new GLOW show on Netflix?

I just finished Orange is the New Black and will commence binge watching of GLOW shortly.

2) do you know if the MAE Young classic was planned in response to possible renewed interest in women’s wrestling due to GLOW or just because they felt like having s women’s tournament?

It was nothing to do with GLOW as far as I know.

3) what is WWEs opinion of GLOW during the 80s? Did they take any action to try and get some of their talent? I can’t imagine their business was threatened by GLOW since they didn’t run house shows, but I’d like to know if WWE ever used it for inspiration similar to how they borrowed ideas from ECW in the 90s.

GLOW was totally not on Vince’s radar at all.

4) who owns GLOWs library and has WWE ever attempted to acquire it?

The rights are owned by one of those complicated distributor deals where it would be way more trouble to acquire it than it would be worth, I’d imagine. But hey, if it became available and without legal entanglement, I can see WWE putting it on the Network.