WWF Managerial Structure

I was watching a YouTube video about 10 of the most feared wrestlers in history and six of them (Andre, Haku, Rick Rude, Orndorff, Barbarian, Harley) were all managed by Bobby Heenan.

So I took a further look back and I noticed some correlations between managers and their clients. Jimmy Hart got assigned all the Canadian wrestlers (Harts, Rougeaus, Bravo, Quake). Fuji was given the Japanese and the guys who wore facepaint (Demos, POP). Lou Albano was assigned the Samoans. And I suppose Slick got whatever he considered trendy at the time. (communists, street thugs, roid freaks)

Is it true that Vince was diagnosed with OCD? In this case, though, this worked to his advantage! All this attention to detail created a nice organizational structure of stables. Makes me yearn for the days of managers again.

Yeah, unfortunately with the advent of writers, managers are largely pointless these days. They’d just be regurgitating the same stuff that everyone else has to say.