What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – March 25, 1995

Footage of Tatanka interfering in the Lex Luger-King Kong Bundy match last week and the British Bulldog saving Luger from a beatdown is shown.

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are in the commentary booth and they are wrapping up the tapings in Augusta, Georgia.

Opening Contest:  Tatanka (w/Ted DiBiase) (4-1-1) beats The British Bulldog (8-3) via count out at 8:54 shown:

Based on last week’s booking it would have made more sense to turn this into a tag match between the Allied Powers and Tatanka and King Kong Bundy.  This match suffers from the fact that both men cannot string a long series of moves together before clamping in a rest hold or, in Tatanka’s case, bailing out of the ring.  The Bulldog gets tired of Tatanka’s antics and decides to chase him around the ring, but that allows DiBiase to trip the Bulldog and that is so devastating that the Bulldog cannot beat the count to get back in.  This continues the Bulldog’s losing streak in big feature matches in 1995.  Rating:  *½

Kama’s confrontation with Steve McMichael on Monday Night RAW is shown.

Todd Pettengill provides the WrestleMania XII Report.  He hypes the WWF’s pre-WrestleMania workout that will take place in Times Square on Tuesday at noon.  If you cannot get a glimpse of the action you can see it on the Sony Jumbotron in the downtown area!

Men on a Mission’s post-match attack on the Smoking Gunns on The Action Zone two weeks ago, as well as Oscar’s apology for that attack, is played.

Non-Title Match:  The Smoking Gunns (WWF Tag Team Champions) (5-0-1) beat Rip Rogers & Chic Donovan after Billy pins Rogers after the Sidewinder at 2:14:

Janice Lankford is our special guest fan ring announcer and she is happy to see the Smoking Gunns, giving them a nice yell on the microphone after introducing them.  Rogers and Donovan, two old school veterans, try to get a jump on the Gunns to start the match but their advantage is short-lived.  Bart clears the ring quickly after Billy and Rogers collide for a brief double KO and the Gunns win their sixth match of the year.

Salt N’ Pepa are shown having difficulty recording music because they are fawning over Razor Ramon, Diesel, and Bret Hart.

Attend the WWF Fan Festival before WrestleMania XI!

Hakushi (w/Shinja) (8-0) pins Aldo Montoya (5-1) after a moonsault at 5:37 shown:

Neither of these men have wrestled on WWF television in weeks, although Hakushi has been seen scouting Bret Hart on RAW.  Both competitors, along with the 1-2-3 Kid, are the “light heavyweights” of the company, although recent booking has pigeonholed the Kid and Montoya into talent that jobs to bigger competitors on a regular basis.  As expected, Hakushi and Montoya trade some high-risk maneuvers and Montoya’s attempt at a finisher is blocked.  This allows Hakushi to hit an ugly looking moonsault – where his right leg smacks Montoya in the face because Montoya tries to crouch early before catching Hakushi – for the victory.  Rating:  *¾

After the match, Shinja speaks Japanese to the camera.  Lawler says what Shinja was saying is that Bret Hart should not be receiving an award from the Japanese people.

Pettengill reminds us that WrestleMania XI is only eight days away!

Hulk Hogan squaring off with Andre the Giant and setting an indoor attendance record of 93,173 is this week’s WrestleMania Moment.

Bob Backlund stealing an Intercontinental title shot from Barry Horowitz two weeks ago on Monday Night RAW is shown.

Henry Godwinn (7-2) pins Mark Starr after a Slop Drop at 1:37

After losing to Razor Ramon on Monday Night RAW, Godwinn wastes no time getting a new winning streak going by pummeling Starr and giving him no offense.

Jim Ross welcomes out Bret Hart to give him an award from the Japanese media, some of whom join him on a podium near the entrance.  Bret accepts the award and says that Jerry Lawler’s comments that he is a racist are ridiculous.  He swears revenge against Lawler at a future date, which brings out Shinja and Hakushi, with Shinja berating the press for giving Bret the award.  Hakushi then attacks Bret, knocking him off the podium and moonsaulting onto him.

The Last Word:  The show ended with a good vehicle to officially kick off the Bret Hart-Hakushi feud, although Hakushi just does not appear to be anywhere near Bret’s level.  Putting Tatanka over the Bulldog made sense because of the Sunday Night Slam show where he is featured, but the company did not put him over strongly so that shows what little faith they had in heel Tatanka during this period.

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