Ring of Honor – June 7th, 14th, & 21st


Okay, let’s face it here: I’m way, way behind. So here comes 3 weeks of ROH TV in one recap, so I can focus on getting the absolute best Ring of Honor Best in the World PPV Preview up by Friday. A reminder that if any of these episodes catch your fancy, all are available (along with most I’ve reviewed) for FREE on the Fite TV app, which is also free and works with Chromecast, amongst other things.

Let’s watch a LOT of wrestling, shall we?

Ring of Honor TV – 6/7/17

We are TAPED from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana.

And our first image is Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara in the ring as the crowd chants for Cheeseburger. WHAT THE F---, PHILLY? Have some goddamn dignity. And then I smile, because the music of their opponents hits, and it’s War Machine! Cheeseburger might soon become literal ground-up meat! He’ll match his name!

War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

Code of Honor is followed, aggressively by War Machine at that. Burger starts off with Rowe, and Burger takes a shot at Rowe, then tags out to Will. Same idea, same thing, as Rowe no-sells it and smiles. He’s gonna KILL someone. Tag back to Burger and they try a double-team, but Rowe blocks their shitty forearms with his awesome face, then hits them with a double belly-to-belly. Hanson comes in and murders Will with a lariat, but they go for a double-team as Rowe attempts to slam Hanson onto Will, and Burger comes off the top with a dropkick to take out both guys. BOOO. We get more double-teams from Will and Burger, including a ‘rana on Hanson that sends him into a spear on Rowe. I think that spot looked better in their heads when they thought of it. Regardless, War Machine takes back over and Rowe just knees Burger in the face to the delight of the crowd and this recapper. Wheelbarrow Doomsday Device by War Machine on Will (That was COOL), and then it’s a backdrop by Hanson into a sitout powerbomb by Rowe. 1, 2, NO! Burger kicked out! What is this man thinking? Crowd goes NUTS as I continue to worry about the sanity of Philly at this point. I think ECW might have broken them years ago and the effects are just now showing. Anyway, Burger fights back with some, if I’m being fair, decent enough offense for a big babyface comeback including the palm strike on Rowe! But I’m not objective, nor am I fair, and I hate Cheeseburger, so it sucks. Anyway, he tries for another, but gets popped up in the air by Hanson, and I mean POPPED UP, as he shot up as though propelled from a cannon, and the powerslam by Rowe finishes as Hanson dives through the ropes on Will with a crazy dangerous tope to make sure he stays away. (War Machine over Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara, pinfall, 4:15)

WORTH WATCHING? – You know what? YES, this one is really, really fun. Yeah, I hate Cheeseburger a bunch, but he was crazy over with the crowd and that kickout got a huge reaction, followed by the MDK powerslam getting an even bigger one. I slag on him all the time, but he does understand his role and played it perfectly here, making War Machine look like killer monsters, which was absolutely the goal. Surprisingly watchable.

Post-match, replays show that ‘Burger’s flight in the air freaked out the ref as much as it did me. Rowe gets a mic and sucks up to Philly, saying that it’s an important town for War Machine, because it was the place where they had their first match as a tag team. And a year and a half ago, in this building, they became the ROH World tag team champs; but when you look at their shoulders, something’s missing and Rowe can’t sleep at night. He’s done waiting! Young Bucks – go home, kiss your kids, film your Youtube show – you’re next!

Video recap of Cody/Daniels and the finish at War of the Worlds. You know, Cody has done a really good job on the mic in this feud and is probably going to end up with the World title as a result. I hope he’s ready for it.

The announcers tell us that Daniels will defend the title against Cody one on one at Best in the World. Let’s hear what the Champ has to say about that! Well, Daniels says, Cody got what he wanted, but don’t think that Daniels was ducking you, Cody – he was planting the seeds and he’s ready! At Best in the World, Daniels keeps his dream going by ending the nightmare!

Back to the announcers, who tells us that up next, we’ll see an 8-man tag match with Los Ingobernables de Japon! But that’s after what’s truly next – the following great ads!

We’re back as EVIL makes his way out, but then the music of Tetsuya Naito hits, and we get BUSHI, then Sanada, then the crowd reacts because Naito is out and kicking the IWGP IC title down the aisle. This man is just fantastic. I truly think that he might be the best all-around professional wrestler in the world. Kevin Kelly has joined the commentary team as we hear “Reach for the sky, boy!”, which can only signal the appearance of the Briscoes! They’re out just before Bully Ray hits the ramp, and as this is Philly, the crowd goes nuts for him. And then, we get the music of Dalton Castle, who will round out our team on the ROH side. Jesus. Way to pop the s--- out of the crowd, ROH; just put everyone who’s gonna draw a reaction in the same match. Tetsuya Naito’s reaction to Dalton Castle is gold. We’re gonna have this match after we see if someone is selling us gold (oh, that’s GFW’s thing, not ROH) during the following great ads!

We’re back!

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, BUSHI, & Evil) vs The Briscoes, Bully Ray, & Dalton Castle (w/ the Boys)

Naito and Mark Briscoe start us off. I approve. Bit of back and forth and Naito dumps Mark to the floor, then hits the ropes before sliding into his pose as the crowd chants for LIJ. So Naito goes over and challenges Bully Ray to send the crowd into a frenzy, and we get a tag. Crowd chants for ECW as Bully tells Naito to stand right there, Bully hits the ropes…..Bully Ray with the Naito pose! Sure! I don’t even need to do the Worth Watching on this one, do I? This is tremendous. Naito runs the ropes and looks to show Bully how to do it…..and tags out to BUSHI. Bully no-sells a few BUSHI dropkicks, then rips his shirt in half and drops him with a slap across the chest. Sanada comes in and takes a shot, then Evil, and now Bully calls out Naito…..who retreats to the floor. Back to BUSHI now, and there’s a tag to Castle. He stops BUSHI in his tracks with the leanback pose and Bully drops BUSHI with another slap as Castle takes over with a gutwrench throw. LIJ has regrouped though, and they attack from behind en masse, sending everyone except Castle to the floor as Sanada ties him up in the ring. Sanada steps on Castle and he mocks Dalton’s pose while LIJ beats up everyone on the floor. Evil in now, Castle tries to fight back and Evil goes to the eyes, then gets two off a senton. And we’re off to watch some more great ads!

We’re back as Castle crawls for the tag, Naito cuts him off, Castle with a back elbow, tag to Mark! Running dropkick takes LIJ off the apron, Mark with chops and there’s a tag to Jay, and now we’ve got a legit dream match for me. Jay splashes Naito in the corner and sends him to the floor, Mark comes off the apron with a Blockbuster on the floor to Sanada as Jay hits a CRAZY running tope onto Naito, crashing into the barricade and moving it back about 3 rows. Bully Ray in the ring and he slams Sanada and Evil, then signals for the Wazzup drop; Ray and Jay hold Sanada and Evil down, and it’s Castle and Mark coming off the top. Bully calls for the tables, even giving Tiger Hattori a shove, but the Boys are in the ring and end up getting shoved into Castle, and BUSHI mists Jay Briscoe as Naito rolls him up for the pin. (Los Ingobernables de Japon over The Briscoes, Bully Ray, & Dalton Castle, pinfall, 8:24)

WORTH WATCHING?Oh, s--- YES. LIJ has probably done a million of these tags over in NJPW, and this was just non-stop action and fun from start to finish. Everyone was used perfectly, especially Bully for the nostalgia spots in Philly and being the big heavy. Awesome match.

Replay shows that the Boys were trying to shove Castle out of the way of BUSHI and the mist, which caused Jay to take it instead. Bully Ray is less than pleased by this and blames Castle for the loss and Jay Briscoe goes after the Boys, which damn near turns him heel instantly.

In the meantime, Naito is sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring, just watching, amused. He’s so great.

Let’s hear from Hangman Page.

Yes, we have to.

Page tells us people are lined up outside in Philly to say goodbye to Adam Cole; they’ve always been lined up for you, haven’t they? But just like Marty Scurll kicked you out of Bullet Club, Cole, tonight, Page kicks you out of Ring of Honor!

Punishment Martinez video package. Prepare to be punished! Well, maybe. All depends on how great the following ads are!

We’re back with Jay Lethal! The Jay Lethal/Silas Young story is far from over! Well, s---. Kind of hoping we were pretty much done with that. In two weeks, it’s going to be the Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young against Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish! Jay didn’t have to go searching very far to find Fish, because it appears that Silas is pissing everyone off! Jay respects Fish, he’s a great wrestler, but Bobby, do him a favor, stay away from Silas Young, because he’s Lethal’s!

Back to the announcers, who tell us that the Young Bucks have been causing quite a ruckus here in Ring of Honor! Yeah! Soon, they’ll cause a calamity! Anyway, let’s hear from Roppongi Vice, who’ll take on the Young Bucks at Dominion for the IWGP Jr Tag titles!

Hmmm…..this is kind of awkward, considering that the match already happened. But Rocky and Trent say that the Bucks have been attacking them backstage and they could sue, but that’s not what they do! So Rocky challenges the Bucks and Adam Page to a handicap match, but Trent says that’s not a good idea – however, Trent knows a guy. Rocky seems okay with that, so they turn around and open the door to the bathroom…..and promptly get laid out with superkicks by the Bucks. Okay, I laughed.

By the way, that Dominion match is really great, with a bunch of callback to WrestleKingdom and some bitchin’ psychology by both teams. If the Bucks wrestled like they did in that match all the time, I’d be a fan. But I know they won’t, so I’ll just say that even as a guy who doesn’t always care for the Bucks, it might be my favorite non-gimmick Young Bucks match I’ve seen in a long time.

The Bullet Club logo on the screen must mean it’s main event time! Adam Page makes his way out to the ring for our main event. And the crowd pops as the words Adam Cole appear on the screen, and here he is! Adam Cole comes down to the ring, and I won’t pretend that I don’t know that this is likely the last time we’ll see Cole wrestle on ROH TV. Crowd knows it too, and they chant “Thank you, Adam!” at Cole before the match starts.

Adam Cole vs “Hangman” Adam Page

Code of Honor is declined by both men. Lockup goes to the corner, Page takes a cheap shot, and Cole charges out for the slugfest. Page ends up on the apron and Cole sends him to the floor with a kick before following him out with a gorgeous tope, getting some great hangtime on the ….dive. With that, we’ll take out time to watch some great ads!

We’re back with Page sending Cole to the floor and hits a tope of his own, not quite as good, then hits the ‘Adam Page, bay-bay’ to boos from the crowd. Back in and Cole blocks a suplex, they trade go-behinds and Page escapes a jumping enzuigiri before hitting a bridging fallaway slam for two. Page sends Cole to the buckles, and Cole asks for more, before spitting at him and they slug it out midring, bicycle kick into the urigoshi for two. Penalty Kick from Cole misses, but he hits a superkick to the knee and applies a figure-four after a kick to the face. Page makes the ropes and scoots to the apron, then blocks Cole’s attempt to suplex him back in. Kick by Page and he tries his slingshot lariat, but eats a superkick from Cole as soon as he lands in the ring. High-angle German suplex from Cole! Shining Wizard from Cole! 1, 2, NO! Back to the apron now, Cole goes for a German there, Page breaks it with an elbow, Shooting Star Press off the apron by Page! Slingshot lariat back in the ring hits! 1, 2, NO! Who’s going to win this? Well, the real winners are the folks who can afford to run the following great ads!

We’re back as Page goes for the Rite of Passage, Cole wiggles free into a sunset flip for two. Page off the ropes, takes a superkick from Cole! Page fakes him out, piledriver by Page! 1, 2, NO! Kelly tells us that “Jay Briscoe is going crazy in the back trying to get to the Boys!” Now THAT’S some fine wordsmithing there, Kevin. Rite of Passage attempt again, Cole grabs the top rope, Bicycle kick by Cole! Superkick by Cole! Superkick to the knee by Cole! Superkick to the now kneeling Page! Cole pulls down his kneepad, off the ropes, Shining Wizard! Last Shot attempt by Cole, Page reverses and hits one of his own! 1, 2, NO! Page goes for the Rite of Passage on the apron, but Cole reverses that into a superkick to send Page to the floor. Cole with the finger guns from the apron and he jumps off…..PANAMA SUNRISE TO PAGE ON THE FLOOR!! Okay, now Page should be basically dead here. Both guys get back in, so Page is living. Cole goes up and signals for another one, he comes off, Page reverses to a jumping Rite of Passage!! 1, 2, NO!! Oh, come on. Page off the ropes, huge lariat turns Cole inside-out! Page loads him up, Rite of Passage! 1, 2, 3!!! Cole goes out with his boots up. (Adam Page over Adam Cole, pinfall, 11:35)

WORTH WATCHING? – Oy, this one is tough for me. There was so much I hate about that style, with the million superkicks and the multiple piledriver kickouts. But I’ll grant that the drama was really well-done, and that Page needed this win a lot. I’m torn, because the match itself was stiff and fun, but those kickouts. Yikes. But it’s probably Cole’s last match in ROH! Arrgghhh…..YES, check it out. It wasn’t bad and it was exciting, so okay. At least Page got the win, which was the right booking result and makes him a heel with substance; now they need to follow it up as opposed to when they put him over Jay Briscoe and he continued to tread water.

Post-match, we get some replays of the finish as the refs have hit the ring with some ice packs for the wrestlers. Page gets back up and shoves the ref down, then takes the ref’s belt off and whips Page with it. Kazarian makes the save and chases Page to the back as we’re told that next week, it’s Marty Scurll vs KUSHIDA for the ROH TV title! And that’ll do it for this week on ROH TV.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Good episode of ROH TV here, with a fun squash, a fun 8-man tag, and a decent main event that may or may not be your speed. Good interview segments in the middle to keep the feuds going and more than half of the show spent in-ring makes me a happy reviewer.


Ring of Honor TV – 6/14/17

We are TAPED from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana.

“Suuupppperrrrkiiiiccckkk Paarrrrtttttttayyyy!” Well, that can only mean one thing, as the Young Bucks are here! The ROH World tag team champions make their way out, accompanied by Adam Page. And there’s the music of Roppongi Vice! Rocky and Trent make their way out and they appear to be arguing, as Rocky stalks to the ring without Trent. Who is their partner? Well, Trent has a mic, but Rocky takes it away! “Hold up a second, Trent!” Romero is a bit upset – he’s a bit butthurt! Okay. Well, he’s upset that Trent got a partner without asking him first, but Trent asks him to relax and be happy for him, because he gets to introduce his REAL tag partner – his best friend, the Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor! Crowd goes BATSHIT as Chuck Taylor (tron and everything) makes his entrance! “Chuckie T!” chant from the crowd! Taylor is fired up…..and the Bullet Club attacks!

I suppose that’ll be a ‘no’ on the Code of Honor, then?

The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & Adam Page) vs Roppongi Vice (Trent Baretta & Rocky Romero) & “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor

Big ol’ brawl to start us off. Taylor and Page in the ring, and Taylor dominates with a knee and a dropkick to send Page to the floor. Taylor runs the ropes, tope con hilo onto the Bullet Club! Baretta is excited as the crowd chants “Best Friends!”. Back in, Baretta runs the ropes on the apron before coming in with a the dreaded boot rake of the face on Page, and Taylor follows with the delayed handstand senton. Crowd is eating this up with a spoon. Taylor and Trent hug it out, and Romero is jealous. He comes in and beats on both Bucks, including a double ‘rana, before hitting the Forever clotheslines on the entire Bullet Club corner to corner. More dissension in the ranks, though, as Chuck and Trent almost eat clotheslines themselves before stopping Rocky after he drops the Bucks again, and now Trent has to get in the middle of Chuck and Rocky. Because they’re fighting over the love of TRENT BARETTA. Words cannot describe how much I’m enjoying this. The Bucks and Page take advantage and clear the ring except for Taylor, springboard ‘rana from Nick Jackson on Chuckie T! Romero takes a double armdrag and a double seated dropkick, then dropkick Trent off the apron into the waiting arms of Page, who holds him up for the somersault splash off the apron from Nick. And with that, we’re off to watch these great ads!

We’re back with Nick and Trent both down and crawling for tags. Rocky wants the tag, but Chuck pulls him off the apron, because Chuckie wants the tag! And he gets it, as it’s hot tag to Taylor! Clotheslines for the Bucks! Again! Page comes in, but runs into a big boot in the corner! Taylor goes up, missile dropkick to Page! Bucks come back in to double-team Chuck, but that goes badly as Nick takes a belly-to-belly onto Matt, which gets two for Taylor. Tag to Trent and the Bucks try again, and it again goes badly for them as Trent kicks Nick to the outside, then Taylor tosses Matt from a crucifix position into a cutter from Baretta. Page stops the party with a double slingshot lariat and the crowd chants for him. Hmmmm. Almost seems like him going over Cole last week might have done some good. He sets Taylor on the top, but Rocky stops that with a kick, then catches himself in the ropes on a Nick Jackson whip and moves to send Nick to the floor. Rocky misses a dive, but moves as Nick ends up moonsaulting Page on accident. Romero follows that with a tope on both guys. Matt goes up to get Chuck, but Trent follows him with an awesome overhead suplex that turns him all the way over, and Chuck finishes that with a Swanton. Shining Wizard by Baretta, then a Gotch-style piledriver! 1, 2, NO! Romero tells Baretta to go for Strong Zero, but Page pulls him off the apron, so Taylor goes up and hits it! 1, 2, Nick breaks it up with a swanton! Chuck and Nick go at it now, and Taylor hits Sole Food, but comes off the ropes and eats a back elbow that sends him out. Romero back in and he gets superkicked, Nick to the apron, down the line kick on Chuck, but Trent is ready and loads him up, piledriver on the apron is blocked by Nick! Superkick by Nick! Running knee by Nick! He gets Trent up, delayed German suplex by Nick on the apron! Nick springs back in with a facebuster on Rocky as Page comes off the apron with a Shooting Star onto Baretta, Taylor back on the apron, Sole Food to Nick! Matt isn’t going to let that stand, and he springs to the apron with a DDT on Taylor. The Bucks set up, More Bang for your Buck! 1, 2, Rocky makes the save! Crowd is torn, chanting for both the Bucks and the Best Friends. The Bullet Club tosses Rocky and it’s 3v1 against Taylor, and he eats superkicks in turn from Page, Matt, and Nick. They set up for a triple superkick now, but Trent is back and he shields Chuck. Page holds Trent up, the Bucks go for a double superkick, Trent moves and Page takes it! Doesn’t matter to the Bucks, as they hit double superkicks on Trent, then on Chuck. Now Rocky is back in and HE shields Chuck, so the Bucks superkick Romero. Does no good, as they superkick Taylor and set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Vice yanks Nick to the floor as he jumps, and Chuck takes advantage, hitting Matt with the Awful Waffle for the pin with a huge grin on his face. (Roppongi Vice & Chuck Taylor over The Bullet Club, pinfall, 12:02)

WORTH WATCHING? – This match was all story and that’s totally cool. Watching Romero and Taylor fight for Trent’s affection was great, but more to the point, Taylor came out and the crowd went nuts for him, so they put him over like crazy in the match itself to make him look like a big deal. YES, this one is worth your time. It’s the usual Young Bucks silliness, but that wasn’t the point of the match; the point was to have fun with the big debut and rock the house, and they did, weaving the story of Rocky’s jealousy into it where he was willing to protect Taylor near the end because it was for Trent, which was great. This was tremendous fun; not a great match, but once in awhile, that’s alright.

Post-match, Trent and Chuck celebrate with a hug, then Rocky comes in for one of his own with both guys. Awww. That was fun. I can only hope that the fun continues in these great ads!

We’re back with the Kingdom, as Vinny Marseglia has a Jason mask on and is muttering incomprehensibly. Whatever. The gist of it is that next week, it’s gonna be the Kingdom vs the Boys.

Video package for Jay White airs. He’s pretty great, and I hope they follow up on his match with Ospreay. They dropped the ball on him after the long undefeated streak, so I pray they don’t do it again. He talks about the New Japan Dojo, his streak, and his match with Will. White needs to work on his promos a bit, he’s really monotone and robotic. Anyway, White lays out the challenge for Punishment Martinez due to him jumping White from behind after the Ospreay match, and at least gets fired up for that.

And we’re back at the ring with the music of the Rebellion. Caprice Coleman, Shane Taylor, & Rhett Titus are out, because Kenny King’s looking for looovvveee. Up next, it’s a tag match! But first, we’ll watch these great ads!

We’re back to the music of Jay White! He and Jonathan Gresham make their way out now. Yay, Gresham! They’ve got Alex Shelley in tow for this one, but the Rebellion doesn’t want to wait and they attack! Shelley joins the commentary team as the brawl on the floor goes for quite awhile, with both teams going back and forth. Finally, Taylor throws Gresham into the ring and we get a bell.

The Rebellion (Shane Taylor & Rhett Titus) (w/ Caprice Coleman) vs Search and Destroy (Jay White & Jonathan Gresham) (w/ Alex Shelley)

Taylor hits a big splash on Gresham, but White saves it. Titus tosses him and Shane works on Gresham in the corner, then hits a uranage for two. Tag to Titus, who hits a running kick in the corner to Jon. Gutwrench and a splash gets two for Rhett. Tag to Taylor, he’s in with a headbutt to Gresham. Boot choke in the corner from Shane, then a butt splash as we’ll take a quick break to watch some great ads!

We’re back with Gresham trying to fight out of the corner, but he gets hit with a beautiful dropkick from Titus for two. Tag to Taylor and the double-team is on, but Gresham catches a charging Taylor with a dropkick to the knee, then moves out of the way and a broncobuster from Titus hits Shane! Gresham rolls to his corner and tags in Jay! White is a house afire! Shots for Titus! Shots for Taylor! Running European uppercuts in the corner from White on both guys! Titus tries a running splash, White moves and Rhett hits Shane! Gresham back in, armwringer into a stunner on Titus! White sets Rhett up, enzuigiri by Gresham into a Flatliner from White! Deadlift German suplex from White on Titus! Taylor kicks Gresham away, White tries for a slam on Taylor, but that’s going nowhere and Shane headbutts White. Taylor off the ropes, enzuigiri by Gresham…..White slams Taylor! Gresham jumps on the back of Jay, double senton by White and Gresham! 1, 2, NO! White goes up, but Coleman crotches him on the ropes behind the ref’s back! Gresham comes over but Titus takes him out with a kick, and now Kenny King runs in! He’s bitter because he got eliminated on the Bachelorette! I think. Anyway, he runs in, Shelley runs in, Sabin runs in, and White dives off the top onto the Rebellion on the outside as the ref throws the match out. (No contest, 7:05)

WORTH WATCHING? – Match took too long to get going, even though it picked up at the end. The finish was steaming pile, though, and that’s enough to get a NO, you can skip this one. Cheapo finish and the work wasn’t great enough to get it beyond that. I know we’re building to the PPV and that’s why they did this, but I don’t have to like it.

Post-match, Shelley has a mic and he says that nobody in here wants to see the Rebellion. He lays out the challenge for Best in the World – 4 on 4, losing team has to disband! On June 23rd, we’ll see if they have the balls to answer that challenge!

Let’s go to Frankie Kazarian. “Adam Page, we are on a whole other level!” They’re not just throwing hands, they’re not spitting at each other, they’re whipping each other with straps! And the scary part is, Frankie likes it! And at Best in the World, he can’t wait for them to whip each other! Alrighty then, Frankie. Let’s try not to think about that while we watch some great ads!

We’re back with footage from last week, as we see Jay Briscoe livid at Dalton Castle’s Boys for costing them the match against Los Ingobernables. Jay has something to say. He wants you all to picture something – you’ve got a 2-time ROH World champ, you’ve got an 8-time tag champ, you’ve got a current 6-man tag champ, and they got beat! And Jay Briscoe doesn’t get beat very often! And it’s because of these two punk ass motherfuckers, the Boys! More bleeping from Briscoe as he says that those Boys don’t realize what they’ve done, because Jay doesn’t like getting beat, and he’s going to eat those Boys alive!

Man, Jay; switch to decaf, brother.

Main event time! And that’s the music of KUSHIDA! Kevin Kelly joins us on commentary now as the crowd chants for KUSHIDA. Correct, crowd. And now, the lights go out as the BEST ENTRANCE THEME IN WRESTLING comes on, and here he is! “The Villain” Marty Scurll is out to defend the Ring of Honor World TV title, and I am pretty much the happiest I can be at this moment. This should be great.

“The Villain” Marty Scurll (c) vs KUSHIDA – Ring of Honor World TV title match

KUSHIDA offers the Code of Honor, but Scurll declines. They work a knucklelock into a wristlock from KUSHIDA, Scurll maneuvers out into a headlock takeover, KUSHIDA breaks with a headscissors. KUSHIDA with a side headlock, Scurll shoots him off, KUSHIDA takes him down with a shoulder. They run the ropes and KUSHIDA catches the top to stop himself, so Marty does the whoop chant as KUSHIDA watches, confused. Headlock by KUSHIDA, and he spins through as Marty attempts to break out, then gives the break and tries out Marty’s pose. They run the ropes and KUSHIDA gets a hiptoss into a seated dropkick and F--- NOW WE HAVE TO WATCH SHITTY ADS. I mean, great ads!

We’re back with KUSHIDA hitting a kick that spins him over the top to the apron. He catches Marty with a kick on a charge, then springs in with a chop, then a clothesline. Hiptoss and KUSHIDA holds on to go for the cross-armbreaker, but Scurll rolls him over for two. Leaping DDT by KUSHIDA and he holds onto it, tries for Fisherman’s Buster but Scurll blocks it and snaps the arm across his shoulder. Chop by Marty, but he runs the ropes and gets met by the feet of KUSHIDA to send Scurll to the floor. Ringside staff goes to check on Marty, KUSHIDA to the top, KUSHIDA dives off onto the ringside staff as Scurll moves! He tosses KUSHIDA back in, but gets caught with a running dropkick as he comes into the ring. KUSHIDA goes up, but the moonsault hits the knees of Marty, and Scurll signals for the chickenwing, but KUSHIDA rolls through for two. They slug it out and KUSHIDA fires three kicks to the arm of Scurll, KUSHIDA off the ropes, Scurll fakes him out with the superkick then hits one to the knee. Scurll off the ropes, KUSHIDA fires a rolling forearm, then a Pele kick. Irish whip is reversed by Scurll, handstand off the ropes by KUSHIDA, Scurll catches him, chickenwing! KUSHIDA rocks back, then uses his momentum to roll over the top and apply the Hoverboard Lock! Scurll fights it and gets back to his feet, backdrop by Scrull, KUSHIDA tries a sunset flip, Marty catches him by the fingers! Shhhh…..he breaks the fingers! KUSHIDA responds with a straight right hand! Marty bounces off the ropes, lariat by Scurll! Marty is up, he’s ready, he signals for the chickenwing…..and the lights go out! They come back up, and there’s another man standing on the ring apron in Scurll’s gear! IT MUST BE THE BLACK SCORPION!!!! No, wait, he’s pulling off the mask…..it’s Adam Cole! Scurll is shocked! He turns around…..DDT by KUSHIDA! He holds on and loads up Marty, Back to the Future! 1, 2, 3!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a NEW Ring of Honor World Television champion!! (KUSHIDA over Marty Scurll, pinfall, 8:07)

WORTH WATCHING? – The match was chopped up a lot by commercials, but what we saw was great, which makes this one an easy YES, check it out. It was kind of the Cliff’s Notes version of the match, but since they didn’t have a match in the BOSJ, this was their first. Of note – since they taped this before the Best of the Super Juniors, that may have been the first time KUSHIDA actually hit the Back to the Future finisher, which is kind of neat. Regardless, this was fun and will clearly lead to a rematch at the PPV, and that’s aces with me, because we’ll get to see a full match between the two there and possibly later in NJPW. I’m there, dudes.

Post-match, Cole walks off with a smirk as KUSHIDA celebrates with the title. And that’ll finish us this week on ROH TV.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Another good episode of ROH TV, as we got a debut to rock the house in Chuck Taylor, more movement towards the PPV with the Rebellion/Search and Destroy stuff, and a title change that will lead to what will hopefully be an even better rematch. I have zero complaints about this week’s show.

Just about finished….

Ring of Honor TV – 6/21/17

It’s a celebration, says Jay Lethal! It’s a party! It’s Ring of Honor TV’s 300th episode! It seems like only yesterday that he was winning the TV title on the 2nd episode of the show, and now he can’t wait for 300 more episodes! What is in store for Jay Lethal, and what is in store for the greatest company in the world, Ring of Honor?

We are TAPED from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

And we’re starting with the music of Silas Young! He’s out with the Beer City Bruiser as we’re starting off with a tag match. “Dance Away” is next through the speakers, as we see that Bobby Fish is one-half of the opposition, and that means that his partner is none other than Jay Lethal!

Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser vs Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish

No Code of Honor, as expected. Fish and Young look to start us off, but Silas tags out because he only wants Jay. Lockup and the Bruiser with the headlock. Shoulderblock by Bruiser when Fish shoots him off, they run the ropes and the Bruiser gets too tired to continue as Fish keeps leapfrogging and avoiding him. Fish puts on the badmouth and tags in Lethal. Armwringer from Jay, headlock from the Bruiser, and here we go again as the Bruiser staggers to the ropes after a few crosses. Young won’t tag in, and instead gets the REVITALIZING BEER, and now the Bruiser is ready…..to vomit after trying to run the ropes. Oh, joy. Let’s have them clean up the ringside area while we watch these great ads

We’re back with Lethal tossing Silas and dropkicking him to the floor, then following him out with a tope. Back in and there’s a tag to Fish, suplex by Lethal, slingshot senton by Fish for two. Tag back to Jay for some beatins’, double Irish whip is partially reversed by Young, sending Lethal into a knee to the back from the Bruiser. Jay takes umbrage and nails the Bruiser as Young hits Fish, then it’s a bicycle kick from Lethal to Silas, followed by an enzuigiri. Bruiser back in and he hits Lethal with a lariat, but gets caught with a Samoan drop by Fish. Fish works over Young and suplexes him into the buckles for two. Back to Jay as Fish goes over the top to the apron, then dives over the buckle onto the Bruiser on the floor. Lethal goes for the Injection on Young, Silas blocks and goes for Misery, Fish stops it and they just tee off on Silas with kicks. Lethal covers for two before the Bruiser saves, Fish dumps the Bruiser, but ends up kicking Lethal through the ropes on accident, and the Bruiser comes off the apron with a cannonball onto Lethal! Fish tries to fight both guys, but gets caught by the Bruiser, wheelbarrow stungun into a suplex! Nifty! Lethal comes back in and decides to give it a go fighting both guys, but that goes about as well as it did for Fish, as he manages to hit the Lethal Injection on the Bruiser, but that leaves him open to a knee to the face from Young, who follows that with Misery to get the pin. (Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser over Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish, pinfall, 8:53)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was here solely to give Young a win over Jay before their PPV match, but the dumb comedy involving the Bruiser killed the opening part of the match, and the stuff after the break, while better, wasn’t enough. NO, I’d skip here, as it was more about setting up the PPV than the actual match.

Post-match, we see Misery from a few different angles as the Bruiser and Silas celebrate.

Let’s hear from our World Champ, Christopher Daniels! 2017 has been a year for landmarks – his first World title reign and 300 episodes of ROH TV! And you can expect two things going forward from ROH: excellent action and continued dominance from the champ! I wonder what will dominate the following great ads! Let’s find out!

We’re back with a quick recap of the issues between Jay Briscoe and the Boys, as we’re told that Dalton Castle and the Boys will challenge for the ROH 6-Man tag titles at Best in the World. In short, Jay doesn’t like losing, pretty much at all, and it takes Bully Ray and Mark to calm him down in the back and stop him from committing homicide. Jay Briscoe NEEDS a heel turn, man. He can destroy Bully and Mark, then annihilate whoever has the World title. His character could absolutely use freshening up.

And there’s the music of the Boys! Well, Dalton’s music, but that’s still their music by proxy. They hit the top of the ramp, pose with their fans, and the Kingdom attacks from behind! They beat them all down the aisle, with Marseglia throwing one of them from barricade to barricade while Taven suplexes the other on the ramp.

I would call that ‘declining’ the Code of Honor. More whuppin’ follows, with Marseglia choking a Boy with his belt, then they pull up the mats to powerbomb him on the concrete. That’s finally enough to bring out Dalton Castle for the save, and he stares down the Kingdom from the entranceway as the Boys recover and sneak up behind the Kingdom in the ring! Turn around guys!

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs The Boys

The bell rings and the Boys dropkick Taven to the floor, then roll up Vinny for two. Double dropkick takes down Marseglia! More dropkicks send Taven and Vinny back to the floor, and the Boys follow that with stereo tope con hilos! Back in now and they look to double-team Vinny, but Taven shoves Boy 1 off the top rope, then sets Boy 2 up there for Taven to hit a reverse superplex (Ultimo Guerrero’s finisher) into a Swanton from Vinny to end it. (The Kingdom over The Boys, pinfall, 1:34)


Post-match, Taven has a mic! He says they came here to make a statement; he raises his fist and Vinny flattens the ref with a bicycle kick! “Be one of us.” Yeah, sure! What does that mean? Who cares, play the Kingdom’s music! No, really, I like their music. Play it.

The Kingdom takes off, but Jay Briscoe is down here now, and he wants the Boys! Well, he seems to want to pull their spines out through their throats, but same basic principle applies. Dalton gets in front of the Boys and in Jay’s face, and now Mark is down here to try to calm Jay down a bit. Bully Ray hits the ring as well, and Jay is calmed down enough to exit through the crowd. Christ, did Jay have money on that match or something?

Let’s take another video look at Punishment Martinez! He’s really big and stuff! He’s up next! Well, next after these great ads!

We’re back and that is indeed the music of Punishment Martinez, as he makes his way out. His opponent is an old friend, Joey Daddiego! Joey’s gonna die! We’re reminded that Martinez has issues with Jay White as we see replays of him chokeslamming White after Jay’s match against Will Ospreay at War of the Worlds.

Punishment Martinez vs Joey Daddiego

No Code of Honor. Here’s your match recap: Martinez no-sells everything from Joey, clotheslines him, slams him, hits a springboard somersault senton, fires a few more shots, then finishes with the South of Heaven chokeslam. (Punishment Martinez over Joey Daddiego, pinfall, 1:53)


Post-match, we see some replays as Will Ferrara and Cheeseburger come out to check on Joey. That goes about like you’d expect, as Will gets hit with the chokeslam first, then Burger gets kicked in the head. Jay White comes down for the save now, and he manages to clear the ring of Martinez after some back and forth. Let’s go forth to watch some great ads before we come back to the action!

We’re back with the Briscoes, who tell us that 300 episodes is about the same number of times that Mark has bumped his head! Jay says that 300 ain’t enough, we’re not stopping until we hit a million!

It’s main event time! Kevin Kelly joins us with the news that KUSHIDA will indeed grant Marty Scurll his TV title rematch at Best in the World! And the music tells us that Hirooki Goto is in the house, and indeed here comes CHAOS, as Will Ospreay, Gedo, and Goto make their way out. Cody Rhodes has also joined us on commentary to talk about his World title match, and we’re going to see the champ in action in this match, but first, here’s Hiroshi Tanahashi! He makes his way out as we hear the music of the Addiction! Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are here, and this match is ready to go!

CHAOS (Will Ospreay, Gedo, & Hirooki Goto) vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Kaz and Will start us off with some chain wrestling, Ospreay controls with a wristlock, Kaz flips out into one of his own. Will does the thousand kip-ups to break that and poses for the crowd, and we’re going to take a break to watch some great ads!

We’re back with Daniels and Gedo in the ring, Daniels tosses him and goes for an Arabian press, but Ospreay catches him by the legs and Gedo hits him with a superkick. Everyone fights on the floor now, with Daniels being sent to the post by Goto. Chris gets tossed back in and Gedo goes to the eyes, tag to Ospreay. Slam by Will, then an outside/inside senton hits Daniels for two. Tag to Goto and he runs Daniels from one corner to the other. Daniels manages to hit Goto with a cutter to the middle buckle, tag to Hiroshi. Tanahashi dominates with a flying forearm to Goto, then a slam for Gedo and one for Ospreay, following with a double elbow on both guys. Dragon-screw legwhip for Goto, slam for Goto, and Tana follows that with a somersault senton off the second rope for two. Goto comes back with a lariat, tag to Ospreay. Phenomenal forearm by Will, then a standing shooting star gets two on Hiroshi before the Addiction breaks it up. They take out Gedo and Goto, but Will fights them off with a handstand double kick. Kaz stops that with a lungblower, Gedo comes in with a kick but gets dropped with an STO by Daniels. Goto hits the ushigoroshi on Daniels, but Tanahashi is back in and he Rolls the Dice on Goto. Ospreay leaps in now, and he hits a kick before getting nailed with a Sling Blade by Tana. With everyone down, perhaps we should get down to watching this final break for great ads!

We’re back with Tanahashi diving off the top onto Goto on the floor. Ospreay runs across the ring, big Shooting Star Press to the floor takes out Kaz, Tana, and Goto! Daniels and Gedo are all that’s left and Gedo hits a jawbreaker, but Chris comes back with a Blue Thunder Bomb and signals for Angel’s Wings. Ospreay puts a stop to that with a handstand kick, then Goto comes back in with a headbutt to Chris. Gedo with the Camel Clutch rollup for two, Kaz makes the save. Goto gets shoved into the way of Ospreay’s springboard Oscutter, and Kaz springs in with a DDT on Will. That leaves Gedo alone with the Addiction, and it’s a stunner from Kaz into a uranage by Daniels. Tanahashi goes up, High Fly Flow! Daniels springs to the top, Best Moonsault Ever! Gedo is toast and that’s enough for the pin. (The Addiction & Hiroshi Tanahashi over CHAOS, pinfall, 8:26)

WORTH WATCHING? – I was lukewarm on this one, but YES, I’d still watch it again. The NJPW guys have multi-man tags down to a science, and this one was chaotic and fun. The lack of observation of the rules, combined with a crowd that only cared about the NJPW guys and not the ROH guys dragged it a bit for me, but it’s a minor quibble. Good 6-man otherwise.

Post-match, the victors celebrate as Cody is less than impressed at the commentary table. Daniels hocks one at Cody at the commentary table, and Cody gets up, while Adam Page attacks the Addiction from behind. Cody’s in the ring and the beatdown is on, as the Bullet Club works over the ROH World champ. Rite of Passage on Kaz, while Cody hits Angel’s Wings on Daniels. Cody taunts Chris with the belt as we end the week.

Quick promos from everyone on the PPV take us out, as we hear from Marty Scurll, Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle, Adam Page, The Kingdom, The Young Bucks, & Christopher Daniels. And we’re done for the week for ROH TV.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Big ol’ thud this week for ROH TV, with a boring opener, two squashes, and a decent 6-man. Not exactly the momentum builder that you want heading into the PPV, but the previous few weeks have been so good, sometimes it doesn’t come together. More skip than watch this week on ROH TV.

Assuming time holds up for me, coming later today it’s the BEST DAMN ROH Best in the World 2017 preview! Until then, see you all next time!

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

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