Mid-South Wrestling – October 14th, 1982

October 14, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, we will see Mr. Olympia vs. Ted DiBiase, Mr. Wrestling II vs. Grappler #1, and Iron Mike Sharpe defends the Louisiana Heavyweight Championship against Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Plus, Chavo Guerrero, Buck Robley, and Kamala are in action too.


We are shown a clip from New Japan Pro Wrestling as Chavo Guerrero faces Kengo Kimura in a match I believe is from 5/14/80. Chavo won the match. Watts tells us that the Japanese crowds are “polite.”


Ted Allen & Marty Lunde vs. Buck Robley & Tim Horner

For those unaware, Lunde is the future Arn Anderson. Watts congratulates Barry Switzer and Oklahoma University for beating Texas while also putting over Steve Williams, who played on the offensive line. Horner takes down Allen and works the arm after a nice sequence. Lunde tags as Horner takes him over with an arm drag. Horner gets in some trouble but is able to make the tag as Robley runs wild. The match breaks down then Robley drops a forearm for the win (3:33) *1/2.

Thoughts: Decent action while it lasted. Horner and Lunde looked solid here as well. No mention of Robley’s feud with Skandor Akbar here.


Jesse Barr vs. Kamala w/ Kimchee

Watts lets us know that Kamala has come to Mid-South to face the Junkyard Dog. Kamala tosses Barr outside then hammers him down when he returns to the ring. Kamala continues to beat on Barr then puts him away with a pair of splashes (1:20).

Thoughts: Another dominating win for Kamala, who is being built up for a major feud.


Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Olympia

Olympia dropkicks DiBiase before the bell then falls on top after DiBiase tried a powerslam. DiBiase bails after Olympia hits a pair of arm drags then heads back inside. Olympia works the arm as Watts claims Mid-South is number #1 in the ratings for all of their markets. DiBiase catches Olympia with a knee smash then applies a sleeper, which is the finishing move of Olympia. DiBiase gets run outside then Olympia slingshots him back inside and goes back to work on the arm. Watts says the Tag Title match will take place in two weeks now, with the loser having to leave the territory for sixty days. Olympia rolls through a crossbody then puts on the sleeper. DiBiase escapes then works the leg after a drop toehold and tries for the figure four but Olympia pushes him off. Olympia then hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Powerslam gets two. However, DiBiase tossed Olympia on top of the ref when he kicked out then reaches into his tights and loads his glove and uses that to nail Olympia then puts on the sleeper for the win (5:21) **1/2.

Thoughts: Short but good match. Mr. Olympia was excellent at this time and DiBiase is one of the greats from this era. I did like the finish too as it also gave the challengers some momentum heading into their title match in two weeks.


Grappler #1 vs. Mr. Wrestling II

The Grappler stalls to start the match. He then punches Mr. Wrestling in the gut and hits an atomic drop but Mr. Wrestling comes back with a pair of atomic drops of his own as Grappler #1 ducks out onto the apron. Grappler beats on Mr. Wrestling for a bit as Watts tells us that Gino Hernandez, Matt Borne, Wahoo McDaniel, and the Fabulous Freebirds will be coming in soon. Grappler gets two with a slam then tries to remove Mr. Wrestling’s mask but that fails as Mr. Wrestling fires away. The Grappler avoids the power knee lift then attacks the arm to set up for his shoulderbreaker. Mr. Wrestling escapes from an arm breaker then fires away and eventually hits the power knee lift for the win (5:06) **. After the match, Grappler tries to attack Mr. Wrestling but gets tossed outside.

Thoughts: Started off slow but picked up towards the end. The finish seems to signal that this feud is over though. The other big news here is all of the talent that is coming into Mid-South soon. It was quite a collection of names that Watts listed off.


Louisiana Heavyweight Title Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (c)

Sharpe mocks Duggan’s stomping on the mat as Watts puts over his son’s 7th grade football team. Sharpe works the arm after hitting a dropkick but Duggan avoids a kick then goes to work. He beats on Sharpe for a bit but Sharpe fights back and chops down Duggan. Sharpe whiffs on a dropkick then Duggan picks up Sharpe and runs him into the corner before hitting a backbreaker but misses a knee drop as both men are down. Sharpe tries for a piledriver but Duggan backs him into the corner. Sharpe tries again but Duggan ends up floating over in what appeared to be a botched spot then Sharpe misses a corner charge and gets hit with a spear as Duggan gets the win and becomes the new Louisiana Heavyweight Champion (4:56) *3/4.

Thoughts: The action was fine as Duggan is now the new Louisiana Heavyweight Champion. I have no problem with the title change since Sharpe was a dull babyface and Duggan is the one with more potential. The Tag Team Title challengers picked up some impressive wins on this show.


Vladic Smirnoff w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Vinnie Romeo

This is Smirnoff’s Mid-South debut. Smirnoff stomps away then grabs an armbar. Romeo comes back with a sunset flip then gets a two with a crossbody but misses a dropkick and is caught in a bearhug. Smirnoff hits a slam then hits a backbreaker for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: Good god did Smrinoff suck. I’m surprised he didnt actually fall down moving around the ring as he appeared quite uncoordinated. He was briefly in Southwest Championship Wrestling after this I believe as a bounty hunter paid by Tully Blanchard to go after Bob Sweetan and later on as Kortsia Korchenko. He was awful here though.


Grappler #2 vs. Bob Stabler

They trade arm drags to start as Watts tells us Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu will be here in two weeks as well as the Mr. Olympia & Junkyard Dog vs. Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan Tag Title match with the “Loser Leaves Town” stipulations then Grappler #2 gets the win with a flying clothesline (1:15).

Thoughts: Easy win for Grappler #2, who had a better day than his partner.


The announcers once again hype the Tag Title match in two weeks. Also, Bob Roop will be back as a guest commentator next week too.


Final Thoughts: Another good show. We saw a title change and while not a ton in terms of angle advancement, the news of several new talents coming into the territory is fresh and exciting. This territory is starting to hit its stride right now and with the newer talents coming in while the old guard gets phased out, the show becomes even more exciting.


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