NWA World Championship Wrestling, September 20, 1986

A brutal beatdown of the Road Warriors, there’s a new NWA World TV champion, and a major star is coming to Jim Crockett Promotions…

(***NOTE. This was originally listed as the September 13 program on the WWE Network. It’s actually the September 20 program.)

We open with a clip of a heated verbal confrontation between Jim Cornette and Paul Ellering. Ellering slaps Cornette, and we go to the show open…

Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts this week.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell come to the podium. Dundee claims they’ll win the U.S. Tag Title Tournament in eight days (It’s actually 15 days, on Sept. 28. Wondering if they got a tape out of order). Landell says Space Mountain is closed down because the real “Nature Boy” is in town. Dundee talks trash on Dusty & Magnum.

To the ring, Baron Von Raschke vs. Tom Barrett. No Paul Jones with the Baron, but Tony & David let us know that “Ravishing” Rick Rude is coming to JCP and will be joining the growing Paul Jones Army, including in the U.S. Tag Title Tourney (Rude arrived, but wasn’t in the tourney). The Baron controls with arm drags, arm bars and wins quickly with the claw. DUD

Jim Cornette & Big Bubba Rogers join Tony & David. Cornette is ranting and raving about Paul Ellering attacking him from behind, and was only able to because Bubba was home in Louisville visiting Mama Cornette. Jim claims they destroyed the myth & legend of the “unbeatable Road Warriors”, and the LOD is out of the U.S. Tag Tourney because of Animal’s injury. Crockett jumps in and says Paul Ellering & Hawk will be teaming up in the tourney (that didn’t happen either).

After a break, NWA World Champion Ric Flair & Baby Doll come out. Flair says Dusty stole the TV title from Arn Anderson by using a steel chair (which we apparently won’t see, and that’s unfortunate, because it was a good match). Flair says Baby Doll told him Magnum T.A. would rather play with his motorcycle than play with a real woman. Doll says Magnum is nothing but blue jeans & leather. Flair talks about coming to (parts of the Central States territory Crockett just bought) Des Moines & Wichita, “a couple of nothing happening towns that the women are clearly starved for a real man in“. WHOOO!

To the ring, NWA Tag Champions Rock & Roll Express vs. Gene Ligon & Mike Simani. Gibson dodges Ligon and takes him down with an arm drag. Gibson tags Morton, whips Ligon, drops down and Morton nails Ligon with a dropkick. Arm drags and hip tosses from Morton, followed by another tag. Gibson rolls up Ligon from behind. Ligon forces him into the corner & tags Simani, who quickly gets slugged & bodyslammed. Morton tags in and locks in a devastating rear chinlock. Gibson tags in and hits a back elbow and another devastating chinlock. They end it with the double dropkick on Simani. *1/2

Magnum T.A. & Dusty Rhodes join Tony to hype the U.S. Tag Title Tourney. Dusty shows off his newly won TV Title and tells Tully Blanchard to ask Arn Anderson about the gourdbuster. Dusty says he’ll send Tully back to San Antonio.

After a break, it’s Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon. They again hype the feud with Dusty Rhodes.

To the ring, it’s Arn Anderson vs. Jack Jackson. Arn is not in a good mood and he says the punishment he’s about to inflict “is on your head, Dusty Rhodes“. Arn punishes Jackson’s left arm, Anderson-style, for several minutes. Arn delivers the hammerlock body slam and locks in the stepover armbar again. Arn jaws with the audience & calls out Dusty again. He drops knees on Jackson’s arm. David claims Dusty beat Arn with the gourdbuster. Umm, no, it was DDT on a steel chair, moron. Arn delivers a spinebuster and finishes Jackson with the gourdbuster. *1/2

Afterwards, Arn Anderson says he didn’t want to hurt the kid to make an example, but did it anyway. Arn says as the youngest of the Four Horsemen, he’s had to prove himself on the tag team level and singles level, and he defended his belt week after week against the best. Arn tells Dusty he might have taken his meal ticket momentarily, but he has to dodge all four of the Horsemen, and they will end him before the end of the year.

Jim Cornette, the Midnight Express & Big Bubba come out. Cornette brags about injuring Road Warrior Animal, and the thought that they were indestructible was just a myth…

We go to video of the confrontation… From the TBS Saturday morning show, Cornette calls the Road Warriors a couple of big, ugly, dumb, musclebound geeks who wouldn’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch. Paul Ellering confronts Cornette on his trash talk. Cornette says his team could beat the Road Warriors any day and the verbal jousting escalates. Ellering slaps Cornette hard…

Still from the Saturday morning show, we go to the ring, it’s the Road Warriors vs. Vernon Deaton & Mike Simani. Hawk delivers a flying shoulderblock on Deaton. Cornette whacks Ellering from behind with his tennis racket and the Midnight Express stomp on him. Hawk leaves the ring to take on Loverboy Dennis. Cornette nails Animal from behind with an apparently loaded racket. Beautiful Bobby comes off the top rope with a knee to the back of Animal’s head. Bobby does it again before Hawk finally breaks it up. Apparently that resulted in a serious injury for Animal…

Back live, Loverboy Dennis speaks on camera, which a rarity. He says the Road Warriors can’t beat the Midnight Express in boxing, wrestling, dancing or anything else. Cornette says he’ll make Paul Ellering pay as well for that slap.

After a break, the Russians join Tony to hype the U.S Tag Tournament and Nikita defending the U.S. Title vs. Ron Garvin, Wahoo, Dick Murdoch, etc. Nikita mockingly says he feels so bad for what happened to the Road Warriors.

To the ring, the Kansas Jayhawks vs. Tony Zane & Pablo Crenshaw. Zane drops down while Mantel is running the ropes, and Dutch just stops and stomps on Zane’s head. Nicely done. Mantel is fired up this week. Jaggers & Mantel take turns punishing Zane & Crenshaw for several minutes and finally end it with the flying clothesline/back suplex. *

Dick Murdoch joins Tony. “Captain Redneck” reassures Dusty he’s got a lot of friends like himself behind him, but in the U.S. Tag Tournament, friendship goes out the door.

To the ring, it’s Ron Garvin & Dick Murdoch vs. Randy & Bill Mulkey. MulkeyMania! Mat grappling early as Garvin & Murdoch take turns controlling Bill Mulkey. Garvin ties up Mulkey “like a pretzel”, applying pressure to both arms, the back, the leg and stomping on his head all as once. Garvin chops Mulkey. Murdoch tags in for the back elbow and ends it with the brainbuster. Lighter bumping than usual for the Mulkeys, and Randy Mulkey, who is wearing bandages wrapped around his midsection, never tags in. *

Wahoo McDaniel joins Tony at the podium to talk about unifying his National Title with the U.S. Title at the Omni in eight days (15!) when he faces Nikita Koloff. Wahoo says his experience will make the difference and he will emerge as the top contender to Flair’s World Title.

That ends it for this week. We were deprived of seeing how Dusty beat Arn for the TV Title from the NWA Pro syndicated show, which I think was a mistake. The show either ran a week early or the WWE Network had it in the wrong slot.. Crockett had so many different shows going at this point, with three on TBS, plus the two syndicated ones, and soon to be a Central States syndicated program (which was horrid).

Thanks for reading.