How does refusing to job work?

Hey Scott,

With SuperBrawl 7 coming up in the Observer’s, I’ve always wondered how guys refuse to do jobs. And more specifically, how did Roddy Piper of all people cleanly go over Hogan so many times?

I started watching wrestling in late 91 so I missed most of Piper’s huge drawing years. He was winning the IC belt from Mountie and I saw him as a midcarder. But by 96, he was feuding with Goldust in WWF, jumped to WCW, and beat their white hot mega monster heel Hogan CLEAN!.And then he did it again at Halloween Havoc two months before Hogan was gonna lose to Sting.

Two questions:

1.) Sting, Flair, Luger, Shawn Michaels, HHH, Orton, all failed to go over Hogan clean but Roddy Piper did it multiple times? How does that work?

2.) If I’m a wrestler and I don’t want to job, what’s the process? Do I complain to management, and is there some kind of sit down discussion, or is it handled through agents, and do I have to make my case?

Some guys have had agents in the past, yes. Piper was more of a case of going to Vince and saying he wasn’t losing, and Vince being paranoid about him jumping to WCW. And hey, Vince let him get away with it, so obviously he had leverage.