Stephanie and Creative

We all know that Stephanie’s promotion to head of creative in 2000 was a terrible decision, but I had a few questions on the particulars:

1) Why was she moved to creative specifically? She couldn’t have had any experience in that area. Did she have an interest in that side of things, or was it just Vince making sure one of his kids was in a position of power?

2) Speaking of nepotism, how big a role (if any) did Steph play in Triple H’s monster pushes from 2001-2003? (He beat #1 contender Austin at No Way Out ’01; the Two-Man Power Trip was supposed to set up another feud where he went over Austin; had his huge comeback in early 02, then the Reign of Terror.)

3) What happened to Chris Kreski in the immediate aftermath, prior to his death in 2005? Was Vince not pleased with the direction Kreski had taken things in during 2000?

​1. I think it was mostly to get her used to being in a position of power. Plus, I mean, say what you will, but she was around wrestling all her life. It’s not like some of that didn’t rub off.

2. That was all HHH as far as I know.

3. Kreski might have been amazing as a writer, but Vince and the wrestlers were all like "Storyboarding? LOLWUT?" and he was pretty much pushed out and shunned when Stephanie took over. Doubly ironic considering that his meticulously scripted methods are basically the format followed today as far as promos go. ​