Hey Scott

So I was reading comments from the bloggers about how HHH beating punk was a top 3 bad booking decision. Should Punk had gone over? Definitely but i feel like people exxagerate that scenario. I still dont see Punk lighting the world on fire whether he won or lost. I believe what we got was as far as it was gonna go either way.

​Well, you can believe that, but here’s what I know:

1) We never got a chance to find out where he could have ended up, because HHH killed him off before we got there.

2) I was completely tuned out of the product from 2006-2011, at which point Punk’s pipebomb promo sucked me right back in and I ordered Money in the Bank and started recapping RAW again and paid money for a house show to see Punk and ordered Night of Champions and I was very into the whole deal. And then he lost clean to HHH and I was like "Oh, he’s pretty much just a guy again, I see." And that was that. I mean, literally as soon as he got pinned clean with that Pedigree, the switch was flipped in my brain and I knew he wasn’t going to be pushed on the same level as Cena or Orton or any of them.

3) That storyline that made no f------ sense and everyone knows it.