WCW syndication

Hey Scott. As a lifelong WWF fan I’m very familiar with WWF’s syndication. (Superstars, Challenge, Shotgun, Jakked) I only became fully emersed in WCW in 1991. At the time I believe it was the Power Hour on TBS 9:05 central time Saturday night 5:05 central Worldwide came on 2:00 pm on sundays WGBO 66 and the Main Event at 6:05 central on tbs. That was my WCW lineup in Chicago. My question is where does Pro, Mid Atlantic Championship wrestling, WCW Sunday edition fit into all of this. So if I were to rewatch what i missed what order would I watch them in? What shows begot the next? I guess WCW sunday edition became the main event but which others transformed ala Primetime becoming Raw or All American the Action Zone. I know every market was different but wondering if you or the readers could shed some light?

This is getting into OCD wrestling fan territory, man.