The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E07–“The Top of the Ladder”

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground – S01E07

“The Top of the Ladder”

Last week: Johnny Mundo went on a rampage and he wants his goddamn $100,000 from Dario Cueto, so Dario decides to give it to him…assuming he can win it fair and square in a ladder match with Big Ryck and Prince Puma.

Your hosts are Matt Striker & Vampiro. The TWITTERVERSE is BLOWING UP over the ladder match tonight.

King Cuerno v. Super Fly

I feel like there might be a copyright issue here. The crowd seems to know who Fly is, but Cuerno destroys him early while Drago watches from the balcony and makes faces. Cuerno and Fly trade gymnastics while Striker makes fun of Vampiro for not doing his research, which I can’t even.


Exactly. Cuerno bails and Super Fly follows with a Space Flying Tiger Drop, but Cuerno comes back with a high knee in the ring and finishes with the fireman’s carry driver at 3:20. Mostly a squash. **

Mientras, we learn of the journey of Pentagon, who couldn’t find violent enough competition in Mexico and went to Japan to learn how to break arms. Oh yeah, now we’re getting to the good stuff.

Chavo Guerrero v. Fenix

Chavo catches him with a boot to start, but Fenix puts him down for two and works the arm with a Fujiwara armbar. There’s actually a large section of the crowd cheering for Chavo here. Did they also cheer for Dino Bravo in 1988? Because Chavo is the WORST. Fenix springboards with a double knee, but Chavo rolls it into a half-crab and Fenix is forced to get to the ropes. Chavo continues working the knee, but Fenix fights back with kicks until Chavo hits the knee to cut him off. Chavo goes up, but Fenix kicks him off the top, only to get distracted by Pentagon and hit with a frog splash at 5:41. Fun match. **3/4 Sexy Star informs us that “he” is coming back soon to get revenge on Chavo. I’m assuming that’s Blue Demon.

Mientras, Brian Cage does moonsaults and throws tires around to train for his debut.

$100,000 Ladder match: Johnny Mundo v. Big Ryck v. Prince Puma

Mundo hits Puma with a leg lariat and Shining Wizard, but Ryck pulls him out of the ring and beats him up right in front of Danny Trejo. Puma does the first climb for the money, but Mundo pulls him down and they slide in and out of the ladder in a neat sequence. Both guys climb, but Ryck pushes them over and then dumps them on the floor. Ryck doesn’t like heights, so he calls in Cisco and Cortez to do the work for him, but Cisco is too short to reach it. So Mundo and Puma push the ladder over and Cisco takes an awkward bump onto Ryck outside, then Mundo turns on Puma and backdrops him onto the ladder. Mundo shows off his parkour skillz by running up the ladder and diving onto the heels. Johnny sets up some tables in front of Trejo, but Puma cuts off his big highspot and dives onto him, on the apron. Mundo moves and Puma flies onto the Ryck team instead, so that’s fine. Back in, Puma and Mundo fight over the ladder and Puma climbs first, but Mundo cuts him off, so Puma brings him down with a Diamond Cutter off the ladder. Ryck returns and ragdolls Puma, while the henchmen beat on Mundo and run him into the ladder. Team Ryck double-teams Mundo and try a double superplex, but Mundo fights them off and slams Cisco through those tables. Back in the ring, Ryck and Mundo duel with ladders, but Puma comes back into the ring with double knees on Mundo, but Cortez cuts him off, only to suffer a table himself. So that should hopefully get rid of both goofs. Johnny leapfrogs a ladder in the corner with a corkscrew bodypress onto Ryck, then follows with the End of the World onto a ladder, and Puma adds his 630 splash as well. Johnny gets put on a ladder in the corner, but Puma chooses to dive onto Ryck instead and that goes pretty poorly for him. Powerbomb for Puma and chokeslam for Mundo, and then poor Puma gets press-slammed through a ladder outside. Yeah, he’s done. Ryck climbs two ladders while Striker prepares to sign off, but Mundo returns and kicks him in the balls to put him down. A fan wearing a Pentagon mask runs in and hauls Mundo down, but he’s apparently a wrestler who the announcers can’t ID. Cisco and Cortez try climbing for Ryck again, but Johnny pushes them off and claims the money at 19:34. Some crazy spots, but it fell apart at the end, unfortunately. And Ryck was just useless out there. ***1/2

Dario Cueto wants to work with Mundo moving forward, but he’s gonna need that key back first. So Johnny knocks him out and drops the key on his unconscious body. Well, at least he got $100,000 before doing that.

The Pulse

Kind of a disappointing ladder match, actually, with Ryck’s goon squad doing most of the heavy lifting for him as part of the storyline. Still, three good matches this week and no bad ones makes this an easy watch.