Kayfabe Commentaries Presents: YouShoot with 2 Cold Scorpio

This was filmed

The host is Sean Oliver

It runs at two hours and twenty-five minutes long



On who came up with the 2 Cold Scorpio name, he said it was his cousin Joe Skaggs. He said that name after Scorpio did a 450 splash


Former wrestler Bobby Starr asks Scorpio about his stories from the “B” towns. Scorpio said the “B” shows were more stressful to him as he claims its easier to work in front of a larger crowd than a smaller one.


He is asked about the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious scissor story. Scorpio said it was a whole night of drinking and taking pills that continued over to the hotel and does not remember who had the scissors first then said Sid picked up a chair first and swung it like a baseball that and that Arn was lucky he was in the doorway and did not stick his head out and talks about blood being all over the place. Scorpio then said Arn stabbed Sid with the scissors then Sid whacked Arn with the broken chair leg then stabbed him with the scissors as Scorpio adds that they were not sharp scissors but the kind that were rounded. Scorpio said he jumped in to break it up and called out the others, like Ricky Steamboat, being chickenshit for standing there and not doing anything to break it up. Scorpio then said Sid was still going after Arn but ran into Vader in the lobby as Vader tackled him to slow him down. Scorpio also added he went to the hospital with the guys as the office did not even come down once.


On teaming with Marcus Bagwell, Scorpio said he was a pretty boy and that Jim Barnett was “all up his ass” but thought they made a good team. He also adds that Bagwell’s mother pushed for his son and thought they could have gotten a larger following if promoted more as the girls liked Bagwell and Scorpio was popular in the inner city. However, Scorpio thinks that Bagwell is a “pussy” and a punk.” We then get another question of someone reminding Scorpio about Bagwell saying he was a crackhead. Scorpio then tells Bagwell how would he know with all of the drugs and pills he was taking himself at the time. He tells us a story of how they were both flying with their lives. Scorpio adds that Bagwell and his wife were not having a good time and that Bagwell should have been given her the dick like he is supposed to then Bagwell wanted his wife to sit next to him but instead of being nice about it he was a dick so Scorpio called him about and flipped out then said he was not on drugs and at the time was out of weed and upset about it before telling Bagwell to call Eric Simms so they can make some money off of their beef in a “shoot match”




He is asked about being a badass. Scorpio said he is not a badass but has no problem holding his own. He then tells us about a crazy brawl that took place after an ECW show he worked on for one night while on loan from the WWE.  Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch were leaving the ECW Arena and got surrounded by about six guys and four girls. Candido’s arm was all bandaged up as he was hurt but the guys all started beating on him as Tammy laid on top to protect him. Someone yelled backstage that there was a fight as Scorpio said New Jack and himself were the first two out with Sabu and the Great Sasuke right behind him. Scorpio adds Sasuke was wearing his mask and just taking people down with karate kicks. Several other wrestlers came out too. Scorpio said during the melee he accidentally hit a girl then soon after that someone fired off a gun. Some people took off then someone threw a chair at the ECW guys so Scorpio & New Jack chased him down and beat him up. At the time, Scorpio said that there were a bunch of people holding back Big Dick Dudley from going out as he wanted to kill someone but was on parole. A few days later, Scorpio said Vince called him into his office and said he heard that Scorpio was a badass. Scorpio said he downplayed everything and was just trying to make sure he did not smell like weed as he was high. He then says that Vince loves a tough guy.


On his beef with Ric Flair, Scorpio said it started when all of the WCW wrestlers went to the Bahamas for the opening of Flair’s gym. Scorpio partied and snorted a ton of cocaine but had guys party in his room and that was a way to get all the heat on himself. He said Brian Pillman was someone he could not trust but the Nasty Boys were with him as Scorpio said both of them were cool. Buddy Lee Parker was there too and all messed up then went on Flair’s boat to party and Flair overheard them talk about it then as soon as Scorpio got home he was informed he had to get drug tested and when he failed, Scorpio became pissed at Flair as he heard through the grapevine that Flair would have guys that he knew used drugs and wanted gone from the company get tested as a way to have them fired.


He is then asked about calling out Curtis Hughes during an ECW show and if it was a shoot. Scorpio confirms then laughs and said that he worked snug but Hughes was really a WWF-style worker and did not like that then walked to the back during their match so Scorpio told him to come back and if he saw him in the locker room he’d kick his ass. Scorpio said that Sabu ran out and they wrestled for about 10-15 minutes and when they got back Hughes was already gone.


When asked if Shawn Michaels was a dick to him in the WWF, Scorpio said that he was not and Shawn was a dick towards people he wanted to a dick to before putting him over as one of the best workers ever in wrestling. Scorpio said Shawn can work with the biggest or smallest guy on the card and adapt to all styles as he calls him a “chameleon.”


We now get the “What a Dick” game. Scorpio said Paul Heyman is a dick for writing fake checks. He generally said most people are cool and briefly told us a story of how Vince McMahon told him after a few drinks how he was going to fuck some girl and he went ahead and actually followed through. Seemed like quite the story. He said that Bubba Ray Dudley, Taz, Ric Flair, Hawk, and Bagwell were all dicks, joking that Bagwell is a”little dick.” Scorpio said that Ahmed Johnson and Konnan can be dicks to deal with business-wise.




On if he ever fucked Missy Hyatt, Scorpio said no. He then talks about how back when she first came out he would have “knocked the bottom out of that pussy” but over time felt she was just a nice person to party with after getting to know some of the guys she slept with.


We get “F, Marry, Kill” with Francine, Beulah, and Missy. Scorpio said he would kill Missy, fuck Francine, and marry Beulah, who looks like mother material.


When asked, Scorpio said he never nailed his valets in the WWF but wish he did as people accused him of doing so anyway. He also never nailed anyone in the business as he made it a point to not have any relations with a woman in wrestling as they have the same needs on the road and can get men a lot easier.


Now, we get the “Ho Bag” game. He puts in Missy Hyatt, Francine, Kimona, Sunny, and Jacqueline. He also put in Sherri Martel and said she was the type who would threaten a man to “fuck her good.” He then throws in Kim Kardashian which leads to a Kardashian edition of “F, Marry, Kill” where he said none of them are marriage material as he does not care about their money and would rather just fuck their brains out and gets pretty funny about that.


They then play an audio clip of Sunny’s sex tape as Scorpio wants to know if she came or broke wind as he tells us his first wife told him to go into porn and proclaims is dick is no longer for free.


On the “rat” scene in ECW, Scorpio said if he found a good piece of ass in a town he’d make sure to “knock the bottom” out of her each time he visited as he was not trying to fuck everyone he saw. When asked, he said the “rats” knew their roles when he started but now they keep talking about who they are fucking and want to be famous. He also said the rats no longer bring food, drinks, or money as they want the guys to pay before putting out.


Bobby Starr asks Scorpio about the Ramada in Atlanta, GA as Scorpio nearly coughs to death on his vape. Scorpio then talks about it and said the owner came up to him and said his maids kept quitting after he fucked them. Scorpio said that Atlanta is full of beautiful women then talks about how fat girls suck good dick because no one is fucking them.


Scorpio is asked if he ever smoked crack then talks about how he was on the “Jenny Craig Crack Diet.” He talks about starting off only on the weekends then after that he started losing jobs, houses, and his kids until he lost almost everything he ever had then tells people to stop smoking it and has been clean from crack for 20 years.


Now, its time for “What’s in the Bag”

Jack Daniels: Dick Slater

Marijuana: Himself

Cocaine: Sandman

Pills: Sandman

Syringe: Balls Mahoney or Trent Acid as he said its a damn shame how those two passed away.

Crack: He talks about Ken Shamrock at one point telling him where to go in the hood to get crack as Scorpio said he did smoke crack with Shamrock.

Giant Pink Dildo: Scorpio tells a story of how Rick Rude once shoved a giant dildo in his pants when they were at a McDonalds and put his leg up on a chair as all the women kept looking and ended up having the girls behind the counter give them a giant bag of food to take with them. Then as he was about to walk out the door with the food, Rude pulled out the dildo and used it to wave goodbye.




When asked about Mick Foley calling him a “genitaliatic freak” in his book, Scorpio said that Foley told him his writer was worried about getting sued for slander as Scorpio told Foley to take it and run and thanks Foley for putting him on the map.


He is asked about the size of his dick as Scorpio said after years of drugs and the time he did steroids its lost a few inches. Scorpio also confirmed that a few times women declined having sex with him due to his size. This then leads to some more talk about his dick as Scorpio said guys in the locker room who were smaller would hide when they got dressed or only shower when the bigger guys were not around. When asked, Scorpio did say that Robert Fuller had a bigger dick than him.




They talk about Heyman as Scorpio said he was a mastermind at bullshitting people. Scorpio also puts over Tod Gordon and Tommy Dreamer for making sure he got just about all of the money he was owed.


On who was in the “posse” in ECW, Socrpio said it was Sandman, Gordon, Woman, Fonzie, and himself as they all rode around together to the shows and partied together. They all watched out for Woman as Gordon was a good friend of Kevin Sullivan, who was still Woman’s partner.


When asked about the “Tod is God” stuff, Scorpio said Gordon used to be a really good businessman and set up dog-and-pony shows as Scorpio said when he was fucking girls, he’d tell them to yell out “Tod is God” as we see the clip of Sandman telling a story of Scorpio whipping some girl in the face with his cock as he has the girl yell “Tod is God.” Scorpio is laughing then said Sandman was half right on that story. He said the girl never yelled “Tod is God” when getting slapped with his dick and her yelling that only happened when he was in the room with Tod as they were snorting cocaine and tag-teaming the girl, who was tied up on the bed as they played a game called “add on” where they would do all sorts of crazy stuff like leave her tied up then go down and grab a drink while putting baby powder on the floor and told her not to move. They came back and let her go to he bathroom and she came back and they fucked her and that’s when she yelled “Tod is God.” Scorpio then calls out Fonzie for falling in love with this girl and ruining their fun, thus ending their dog-and-pony show. Fonzie then got burned as she left him and took some of his money.




On who shit in the sandwich that Mark Henry ate, Scorpio said he knows then said when you keep telling the boys to not chop you, slam you, touch his food, or what to do as you are bringing trouble on yourself.


When asked about who had the worst hygiene, Scorpio said it was probably the Harlem Heat as their gear stunk and does not know if they did that stuff on purpose as a rib or not. He then adds that Vader’s mask smelled awful after putting him over as a friend and godfather of his son. Scorpio said he was Vader’s young boy in Japan and did his laundry then but in the WWF on the road its much harder to wash your gear.


He then talked about hearing a rumor prior to joining WCW that either Brian Pillman or Tom Zenk were caught engaging in gay sex in the WCW locker room but since he did not see it with his own eyes he cannot confirm or deny anything.




When asked about his hobbies, Scorpio said he likes smoking weed and going fishing. He is then asked about his favorite rappers as Scorpio said he liked R&B a lot more then lists off Ice Cube, Digital Underground, and a few others before saying the new school stuff is just bullshit.


His favorite place to eat while on the road was any diner with reasonable prices as he would rather go home with money in his pocket.




On the Flash Funk name, Scorpio said it was created by Vince McMahon as somewhat of a Rick James ripoff. Scorpio thinks Vince related to Rick James as they were both freaks. Scorpio told Vince he could dance his ass off and took the gimmick as a challenge. He said the gimmick got over fast from the start then said some of the stars got upset because of his entrance got over and was long.




On how it was working for the company in the 90’s, he said it was great as that was when wrestling was still wrestling and not about the sports entertainment aspect.


He felt disappointed about being part of the JOB Squad but then thought back to what Col. DeBeers said about getting paid the same whether he won or loss so he decided to just collect the paycheck and not bump as much as usual.


When asked about the “Brawl for All,” Scorpio said Vince likes to see a good fight and the boys would all talk shit so he thought up the idea. He then said guys would get asked and decline as they did not want to lose credibility if they got knocked out. Scorpio then said he was originally supposed to fight Shamrock but thinks that Shamrock’s agent told him to refuse in case he lost as it would kill his MMA legacy and career. Scorpio said he was originally going to be an alternate so he partied and smoked crack for a few days straight then was told he would be part of the tournament and tried to rest up so he could perform.


Scorpio talks about no-showing in his hometown of Denver, CO because he was strung out on crack and ended up calling Jim Ross to say he had a drug problem. He then was told to call back on Tuesday but Scorpio called him back on a Wednesday and was told he was being let go as he did not call him back in time. Scorpio was given four months of pay and told he could get cleaned up they would bring him back. Scorpio said he got clean with the help of his grandmother and third wife and has stayed clean from crack by moving away and changing his friends to get rid of all memories he had when high and starting over somewhere fresh. He then talks about the physical and mental aspects of addiction and how they go hand-in-hand then you keep chasing that first high that you will never feel again. The first time he smoked crack was with his cousins then he did it once a week and over time it developed into a daily habit then added that the dealers knew he was on TV every week and that he had money and ended up losing his house.


On if he will ever go back to the WWE, even as a trainer in NXT, Scorpio said there is always a chance as you learn to never say never when it comes to wrestling.




On stereotyping African-Americans in wrestling, Scorpio said stereotypes exists everywhere for every ethnicity and you just have to learn to deal.




On if he still lives in Germany, Scorpio said that it was something new and his wife’s family was from Hanover so they decided to pack up and leave.


Scorpio said he wrestled as the Black Wazuma in Japan and that it was named after an animated baseball character. He said that Abdullah the Butcher and Great Kabuki came up with the gimmick.


He likes wrestling in Japan as you get sponsors and travel on luxury buses and even get paid to sign autographs and pay you to let girls “hold your dick.”


Scorpio also said he loved working for Pro Wrestling NOAH then said he made a bad choice to leave and go back to the WWE in 2006 as he found out they brought guys back when 24/7 On Demand started up so they could sign their rights over. He then talks about Fit Finlay getting pissed because he was getting a massage when he first came back as he talks about being a wrestler for years and coming from NOAH and took advantage of the service.




He had the most fun working for ECW and in Japan.


Scorpio said he has never seen any royalties from the WWE despite them constantly showing his matches.


On if he could pick one match to be remembered for during his career, it would be his Fall Brawl match against Chris Benoit.


He closes by saying he hopes to get a book out on his inexperiences in wrestling.


Final Thoughts: Another fine installment of the YouShoot series. Scorpio was a great guest as he does not dodge any questions and is a funny guy. Sure, there are a few too many questions about his genitalia but Scorpio took everything in stride. He tells a lot of funny stories in here and this interview held my attention the entire time. Overall, I recommend this interview.

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