Wrestling phrases in real life

Hi Scott,
I have been a reader for well over 15yrs and I have a question for the group – what phrases from the wrestling world (interviews/ promos/commentary etc) do you use in your regular life?
For example, when my young child is crying for a less than worthwhile reason I quote the infamous tape of Stu Hart stretching that guy in the dungeon from Wrestling With Shadows and say sternly ‘Have some discipline.’

Others in everyday conversation include my HBK staples of ‘things of that nature’ or, when discussing my profession, ‘In this line of work…’ or Bischoff’s ‘I don’t really recall…’

I am sure that are many others I can’t think of but would be interested if the blog community had some examples.

​I got nothing for you here, but I do find myself wishing that I could create memes for use in real life.