WWF Superstars of Wrestling – January 27th, 1990

January 27, 1990

From the Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, AL

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

In action this week are Roddy Piper, Bad News Brown, Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, and the Ultimate Warrior. Plus an announcement regarding WrestleMania VI and highlights from the “Brother Love Segment” from the Royal Rumble.


Ultimate Warrior vs. Bob Bradley

Warrior beats on Bradley then hits a backdrop as Vince brings up the Warrior/Hulk Hogan confrontation that took place at the Royal Rumble. We then hear Warrior call out Dino Bravo in an insert promo before he puts Bradley away with the press slam/splash combo (1:39). After the match, Warrior carries Bradley backstage.

Thoughts: Quick win for Warrior. They mentioned his confrontation with Hogan the Rumble and had Warrior run down Dino Bravo as that feud continues.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. He lets us know that WrestleMania VI will take place on April 1st at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are then shown a clip from last week’s episode of “Wrestling Challenge” When Demolition ran down and beat on the Colossal Connection after the latter had a match. After that clip you have to assume those teams will be facing off at WrestleMania.


Jim Powers vs. Mr. Perfect w/ The Genius

Perfect slaps Powers across the face but turns his back and gets attacked. Powers hits a dropkick and a slam but ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Perfect then beats down Powers before putting him away with the Perfect Plex (2:03).

Thoughts: A win for Perfect but no mention of his feud with Hogan as that appears to be winding down.


We are shown a clip from last week’s show where Jake Roberts ran down and attacked Ted DiBiase before stealing the Million Dollar Title and placing it in Damien’s bag.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Pete Sanchez

Jake works the arm to start. Sanchez keeps yelling to the referee but Jake goes right back to the arm. Jake then hits a back suplex and we hear him in an insert promo teasing DiBiase to come and get back his Million Dollar Title before putting Sanchez away with the DDT (2:04). After the match,  DiBiase & Virgil come down to ringside. DiBiase orders Virgil to go in and get the belt but he refuses. DiBiase slaps Virgil then gives him some money as Virgil reluctantly heads inside as Jake opens up the bag then Virgil freaks out and runs to the back as DiBiase trails behind, with Jake raising both Damien and the Million Dollar Belt.

Thoughts: The post-match stuff was entertaining as now Virgil is one of the many petrified of Damien.


The Bolsheviks vs. Mark Reagan & Lyn Wagner

We hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo saying they can do anything better than The Bolsheviks. Volkoff beats on Wagner to start. Reagan tags in and gets a few nearfalls on Zhukov. He comes back with a dropkick but is then caught and dropped across the top rope. The Bolsheviks double-team Reagan as Vince lets us know that Hogan & Warrior will team up this weekend as Jesse says their egos are too big to make that work then Zhukov puts Reagan away with a clothesline to the back of the head (2:21).

Thoughts: We are back to pushing the Bolsheviks vs. Bushwhackers feud, truly a gem of the 1990’s.


We are shown clips of the “Brother Love Show” segment from the Royal Rumble. (You can read my Royal Rumble recap here)


Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Tugboat Thomas

This is the TV debut of Tugboat. Sharpe bounces off of Tugboat then tries a slam but that fails as Tugboat scoops him up for a slam of his own. Tugboat avoids a dropkick then drops a headbutt to the midsection. Sharpe comes back and hammers away in the corner but Tugboat reverses an Irish whip and hits a big boot. Tugboat then busts out a standing dropkick before getting the win with a splash (2:26).

Thoughts: This debut did not stand out one way or another. Tugboat did not get any vignettes to hype his debut and as a result the fans had no clue who he was or what to expect so they were silent. I will say he looked better here than his MSG debut in December.


Chuck Coates vs. Bad News Brown

Bad News destroys Coates to start. He talks about how he does not have any competition then goes back to work before getting the win with a Ghetto Blaster (2:26). After the match, Bad News tosses punches Coates a few times.

No mention of Bad News’ brawl with Roddy Piper at the Royal Rumble.


An irate DiBiase is backstage with Virgil telling Jake if he had any guts he’d face him next week on “National television.”


Roddy Piper vs. John Justice

Piper is shown in an insert promo talking about wanting to face Rick Rude. He takes down Justice and grounds him for a bit but Justice works the arm. Justice then tries for a backdrop but Piper puts him in a small package for the win (1:29). After the match, Justice complains to the ref that Piper grabbed the tights then got in Piper’s face and took a swing and ends up getting clotheslined then hit with a back suplex as Piper covers him again.

Thoughts: Funny stuff here from Piper.


We now hear from Jake Roberts, who accepts DiBiase’s challenge. Gotta get the big matches for the February sweeps.


Now, we hear from Mr. Perfect & The Genius and Hogan & Warrior to hype up their match on “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Final Thoughts: They brought up the Hogan/Warrior confrontation at the Royal Rumble as well as the “Brother Love Show” but the rest of the Royal Rumble fallout will apparently be saved for next week. You can tell they are planning something big with Warrior and Hogan and their confrontation at the Rumble makes their tag match on “Saturday Night’s Main Event” even more intriguing.


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