The Shield

A few questions very random questions about The Shield

1. I loved their feud with Evolution in 2014. I remember them having back to back ppv matches after WM. I know you reviewed one of the matches and gave it 4 stars. Did you ever review the other ppv match?

​Maybe? I dunno, honestly. I don’t remember much about that year.​

2. Seth Rollins – is it me or is he just completely luke warm since his return from injury?? Did it kill him dead to come back and try to be a heel when he should have come back as a face?

Yeah, this whole run has been a bit of a failure. Honestly, the WWE comic book is a more effective use of Seth Rollins as a character and fills in the backstory way better than the promotion has. Not even being facetious, either. ​

3. Speaking of Rollins – do you think they broke up the Shield to soon? Taking it a step further – should they have even broken them up?

​They should have broken them up eventually, but it was clear they had no plan for Ambrose or Rollins as characters and the whole deal was predicated on getting Roman over. ​

4. One of my favorite matches in recent years was the Shield vs Wyatt Family match at Elimination Chamber 2014. The crowd absolutely ate it up and it was an easy 4 1/2 star match. Do you think they should have continued that feud or was it better as a one off match.

​They could have milked it for a long time, which is why it’s so perplexing that they only did the one-and-done. ​

5. Who do you think is the best individual performer of the 3?

​Rollins is the best worker and Reigns is the best big match performer. Roman really is hampered by how badly they botched his big push, because he’s absolutely delivered in the ring most of the time when asked.