Hi Scott, with the accessibility of NJPW in terms of English commentary and NJPWorld being reasonable to navigate in English, I’m surprised you’re not checking out the product more. WWE is in the toilet, but hey, you gotta talk about it cos business. You mentioned you’d be more inclined if NJPWorld was available on appletv or whatever you use – but I’d suggest chromecast, it works great.

I check it out and watch it here and there, but it’s a lot more effort than it is to get review something on the WWE Network, which is available pretty much on whatever device I happen to be using at that second.

Also, the reality is just that NJPW content doesn’t draw eyeballs to the site. That’s not to denigrate the wonderful effort put in by Ioan or anyone else who reviews it, but much like Lucha Underground there’s way more stuff with a much higher ROI for me.