How to fix Raw: Kill the Cruiserweight division

One of the biggest problems with Raw is the roster is too small for a 3 hour show. The main roster is about the same size as SmackDown. Wouldnt Raw be better off if they integrated the cruiserweights into the main roster instead of having them off in another world where they have horrible writing and matches that nobody cares about?

You could have Neville feud with Finn Balor then retire the cruiserweight title to help bridge the gap.

Id keep Neville, Aries, Gallagher, Cedric, TJP, Dar, Kendrick and Swann and then NXT the rest.

The fact is, nobody cares about any of the cruiserweight characters because the show is in a different dimension that nobody watches.

​It either needs to be one thing or another thing. Either have them on RAW and let them do big matches there, or have them exclusively on 205 Live and remove them from RAW completely. As it stands, they use CW matches to fill time but don’t give anything big away because they don’t want to steal the thunder from 205, but all it does is burn people out on the division because why the f--- would you want to watch another hour after already seeing them for three hours? I think they’re better off just scrapping the entire concept at this point because as noted, no one is watching, and maybe merging the concept with the WWE UK show. Gallagher and Neville and Noam Dar obviously would fit right in there, and I think ​the market in the UK is still shockingly underutilized, which is crazy to think about. There’s 80 million indies running over there and they STILL haven’t reached saturation yet, so WWE should STRIP-MINE that country for all the money they can get before it dies off again.