“Who Killed Mr. McMahon” Angle From 2007

Recently we hit the 10 year anniversary of the whole "Who Killed Vince McMahon?" angle. Just wondering where that story-line was supposed to go before they had to abort it after the Benoit murders/suicide?

​Dude, come on, we just had a whole discussion about this a couple of weeks ago!


The whole thing was supposed to tie into Mr. Kennedy as his illegitimate son, who takes over the company when Vince is "dead" and turns into a malevolent dictator. Then Vince returns at some point between Summerslam and Wrestlemania, reveals that he faked his own death and has been amassing an army of hobos, and helps HHH win the WWE title from Kennedy to get his company back and end the storyline.​

And then we somehow ended up with Fit Finlay v. JBL fighting over a midget instead.