Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Coming to you live from Starbucks because the recent rains have messed up home internet for a few hours. You really don’t have an idea how much your home relies on internet connection until it goes away.

RAW is Live tonight and we’re anticipating the big return of Brock Lesnar…Hopefully the show writers are putting Brock in the first segment because once Game 5 of the NBA Finals starts those ratings will go down faster than (insert woman that is known for fellatio).

Let’s see what else is on. There’s Better Call Saul and the season finale of Angie Tribeca, which is occasionally funnier than I expect….ooh there are some Oliver Stone Putin Interviews on Showtime, which seem like another way to annoy the U.S. President.

So there’s plenty if you don’t watch Raw until the basketball comes on.