NWA World Championship Wrestling, September 6, 1986

Lots of tag team action on the docket to hype the upcoming the U.S. Tag Title Tournament, including the Andersons vs. the Kansas Jayhawks. Plus the Rock & Roll Express, Road Warriors, and big news on the U.S. and National Heavyweight Titles.

No cold open this week. We go straight to the studio, with Tony Schiavone & David Crockett as our hosts, along with guest host Jim Cornette, accompanied by Big Bubba. Lots of hype for the U.S. Tag Title Tournament. Cornette says his Midnight Express will win that tournament and regain the World Tag Titles as well.

Buddy Landell & “Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. Johnnie Cook & Rocky King. Young Rocky gets in some offense against both men early on, landing dropkicks and reversals. That ends as soon as Cook tags in. He gets dominated immediately. Crockett says the team that controls the match will win in the tournament, and Cornette mocks him for his “astute observation”. Dundee lands a stiff clothesline, then they do the Midnight Express gimmick of tossing the man to the floor and pretending like they’ll catch him. Cook hits hard, then Dundee bodyslams him on the floor. Landell finally ends it with the corkscrew elbow and figure-four. *

The Koloffs join Cornette for an interview. Ivan says their orders from the Kremlin are to conquer wrestling in the U.S., and that means Nikita keeping the U.S. Title and Ivan & Khrusher winning the U.S. Tag Title. Nikita talks about challenges from Ron Garvin & others, and says he’ll put them all down.

After a break, Dusty Rhodes & Magnum T.A. join Tony. They hype the U.S. Tag Title tourney and say they’ll appear in it. Dusty mentions the reasons they’re having this tourney is because he put Ole Anderson out of action, forcing the NWA to strip the Andersons of the National Tag Titles.

Ron Garvin & Dick Murdoch vs. Brodie Chase & Alan Martin. Garvin pummels Chase with a variety of offense. Cornette says Dick Murdoch’s breath will knock you out quicker. Lots of mat grappling. Murdoch back drops Martin and Garvin lands the knockout punch for the win. *

Afterwards, Garvin & Murdoch mention they’ve teamed before and go back quite a few years, and that will help them in the tournament. Murdoch says whoever they face, including Magnum & Dusty, friendship won’t matter.

To the ring for Wahoo McDaniel vs. Lee Peek. Wahoo lands chops and a rear chinlock that would make Randy Orton envious. Cornette says he has to go to the back and mysteriously disappears. Wahoo dumps Peek outside. Back in, three stiff chops, followed by his finisher chop. Count of two and Wahoo picks Peek up for more punishment. He finally ends it with a double-underhook suplex. *

After a break, it’s Rock & Roll Express vs. Phil Brown & Ray Aaron. Morton controls with mat grappling. Gibson comes over the top to drop onto Aaron’s leg. They manhandle Brown with suplexes and takedowns. Aaron tags back in and gets pinned immediately after a double-dropkick. *

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair, and Baby Doll, join Tony. The crowd chants “traitor” at Baby Doll. Flair orders the camera to show off his shoes, and says they cost more than most people’s home. Flair asks Baby Doll her point of view on the Road Warriors, from a female’s perspective. “All show and no go,” she says. Flair mocks Dusty Rhodes and says Baby Doll dumped him because she wanted to be with a champion.

To the ring, it’s the Road Warriors vs. Art Pritts & Darrin Evans. Immediate demolition. Before the bell rings, they attack and dump Pritts outside. Hawk press slams Evans. Animal powerslams him. Animal finishes the squash with a huge clothesline. *

The LOD & Paul Ellering say they’d like the U.S. Tag Titles to go along with their collection. Hawk says they do what they want. “If we want to go to the Atlanta Zoo and knock out an elephant, or Baby Doll, we’ll do it.” Audience pops for that.

After a break, Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon join Tony. Dillon talks about taking out Dusty Rhodes, and as awesome as Big Bubba is, they can’t be sure he’ll get the job done. Dillon says Blanchard is a classic wrestler and that’s how he’ll beat Rhodes, which he’s already done twice. Blanchard gloats about costing Rhodes the NWA Title.

To the ring, it’s Ole & Arn Anderson vs. the Kansas Jayhawks. They hype this as a “main event anywhere in the world“. Well, it might be able sell out some small TV studios in the south.  J.J. Dillon sticks around for color commentary. Still no sign of Cornette. Dutch Mantel gains the advantage on Arn with a shoulderblock and hip toss. Bobby Jaggers controls Arn’s arm and Dutch comes off the second rope to drop an elbow on it. Ole tags in and exchanges fisticuffs with Mantel. Dutch wins the exchange and tags Jaggers, who works the arm. Ole pulls Jaggers’ hair to take him down, but gets dragged down before he can tag in Arn. Finally Arn tags in but runs into similar problems. The Jayhawks take turns working over Arn’s arm…

Finally, Ole lands a knee into Mantel’s back while he’s running the ropes and Arn tags out. However, Ole doesn’t fare any better initially. Finally, Ole rams Jaggers into Arn’s knee and slams the big man. The Andersons go to their patented offense of punishing the opponent’s arm. Jaggers and Arn collide heads and that allows Mantel to get the hot tag. Mantel hits a side bodyblock on Arn for a two count. Dillon tosses Ole his shoe, and he comes off the top rope onto Mantel’s head, but the ref sees it and calls for the disqualification. Not great. **

Ivan Koloff and Khrusher Khrushchev join Tony to hype the U.S. Tag Title Tourney some more. Geez, pretty sad after all this hype, they only drew 3,000 for that show at the Omni, reportedly.

After a break, National Champion Wahoo McDaniel joins Tony, while Nikita Koloff w/ Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khrushchev vs. Randy Barber takes place in the ring. Wahoo claims the National Title has always signaled the #1 contender to the World Title. He’s wrong. Barber catches Nikita’s attempted boot to the gut, but gets hammered for his trouble. Nikita dumps Barber outside. He punishes him some more and ends it with the Russian Sickle. *

Jim Crockett join Wahoo & Tony at the podium. Crockett says the NWA has proposed having the U.S. & National champions meet in the ring with both titles on the line, since they both cover the same territory. Wahoo says he’ll go along with what the NWA says. Ivan Koloff comes back out and says Nikita wants this match and wants to prove he is superior and the true champion. Wahoo tells Ivan to get his nephew, and if he can write, to put his name on the contract because he’s not afraid of him.

To the ring, it’s Tully Blanchard w/ J.J. Dillon & Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious vs. Henry Rutley & Mike Rose. Tony & David are intrigued by the Blanchard-Garvin tandem. Blanchard works over Rose and tags Garvin, who lands a big forearm. Blanchard tosses Rose into the corner. Rutley enters and lands punches to Blanchard’s gut. He gets slapped for his efforts. Blanchard dumps Rutley outside and kicks him in the head as he tries to reenter. They take turns beating Rutley down. Blanchard delivers a nice dropkick while Garvin holds him. “She has two men pleasing her right now,” Crockett says regarding Precious, likely without any hint of what he’s saying. Unfortunately Cornette isn’t there to rip him. Rutley tags in and lands several punches, which Blanchard hilariously no sells and looks at the guy like, “What in the blue hell are you doing?” Blanchard then punishes Rutley with some stiff shots. Garvin hits the brainbuster, while Blanchard runs in and nails the slingshot suplex on the other man for the win. *1/2

To the ring, it’s the Warlord w/ Baby Doll vs. Jack Weathers. Warlord has turned heel along with Baby Doll, apparently. Warlord looks especially jacked this week. Jinder Mahal would be envious of his bacne. Warlord wins quickly with the running powerslam. DUD

Afterwards, Baby Doll says her relationship with Sam Houston Ric Flair is “nobody’s business but my own“. Doll says she’s going to take Warlord to the Central States area and “tear the place apart“.

Jim Cornette comes back out finally. He says he’s been on the phone for an hour and says it wasn’t his fault or his team’s fault they lost the NWA Tag Titles, and they were ripped off. He’s clearly talking directly to Mama Cornette, promising that it had nothing to do with his time as a guest commentator or anything else, and that they’ll get the titles back.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading.