Mid-South Wrestling – October 6th, 1982

October 6, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop

This week, we will see the rest of the Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Wrestling II match that took place after the show went off the air last week. Also, Buck Robley vs. Grappler #2, Dick Murdoch & Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and more!


Roop tells us he just returned from vacation but will not tell us when he plans to return to the ring.


Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Wrestling II

We left off with the final minute of action before the show went off the air last week. Mr. Wrestling II is in control and gets a few nearfalls. Duggan runs out now and helps DiBiase beat down Mr. Wrestling II as the crowd chants for JYD. MR. Wrestling II comes back to knock DiBiase outside with a knee lift then hits Duggan with a knee lift. DiBiase tries to sneak in but Mr. Wrestling II was ready and hits another power knee lift for the win (2:13). Watts is going nuts on commentary, saying that Duggan & DiBiase are leaving after getting whipped and claims the crowd is chanting “two” for Mr. Wrestling but that does not seem to be the case.

Thoughts: The tease of the end of this match was a letdown for the most part. Mr. Wrestling II got some revenge and I appreciate Watts going all out in hyping up his product but looking at the crowd you could see they were not that much into him.


Clip from last week with The Mongolian Stomper attacking Buck Robley, who was wrestling Skandor Akbar.


The Mongolian Stomper w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Mike Bond

Stomper beats on Bond in the corner to start. He stays on the attack as Roop said Akbar paid off The Stomper’s former manager, Don Carson, a record-setting amount of money to acquire his contract. Bond fights back and punches away in the corner but Stomper cuts that off and hammers away in the corner. Stomper then hits a scoop slam then puts on the Shinin no Maki for the win (2:35).

Thoughts: They are giving The Stomper a push as Akbar’s newest prize acquisition. He was fine I suppose but his size was not as impressive as the One Man Gang’s and he was not as good in the ring as Killer Khan, making him the third most impressive acquisition in Akbar’s army.


Grappler #2 vs. Buck Robley

Robley uses a single leg takedown then applies a front facelock. Iron Mike Sharpe & Mr. Wrestling II are now at ringside as we are reminded by the announcers of The Grapplers attacking Mr.Wrestling II. Sharpe & Mr. Wrestling are here to prevent Grappler #1 from interfering. Robley stays in control as Grappler #1 lurks on from the distance. Robley now works the arm Grappler #2 fights back and rams Robley into the corner as he now works the arm. They trade holds on the mat until Robley gains the advantage. He gets two with a slam then hammers away before catching Grappler #2 with the sleeper (5:26) *.

Thoughts: A really dull match. Most of it was spent on the mat and the crowd was quiet for the most part.


Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dick Murdoch & Iron Mike Sharpe

Roop puts over Mid-South for putting on such a high-quality match on TV. Murdoch takes Duggan over with a side headlock but Duggan is able to tag out while in the hold. DiBiase slams Murdoch but misses an elbow drop. Murdoch takes control and even uses a flying headscissors. Duggan and Sharpe are now in the ring as Sharpe hits a dropkick then backs Duggan into the corner. DiBiase provides a distraction as Duggan boots Sharpe in the gut. Sharpe fights back then Murdoch tags in to work a front facelock. Duggan backs Murdoch into the corner and tags out as DiBiase fires away. Murdoch hits a sunset flip then tags out as Sharpe beats on Duggan for a bit. Duggan comes back with a forearm smash then works an armbar. He gets a nearfall with a shoulderbreaker then tags out as DiBiase ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Murdoch tags in and boots DiBiase before firing away. DiBiase reverses an Irish whip then comes off the top but gets decked in the face. Murdoch gets two off of a crossbody then grounds DiBiase with a front facelock. DiBiase is able to back Murdoch into the corner but Murdoch escapes and tags out as Sharpe beats down DiBiase then Duggan runs in as the match breaks down. The ref orders Murdoch back onto the apron then Duggan spears Sharpe, who was about to it DiBiase with a piledriver. Duggan ties up the ref by going outside to attack Murdoch and as that happens, DiBiase loads his glove and punches out Sharpe for the win (7:39) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match was fine. It made sense for Duggan & DiBiase to win here since they were shown getting handled by Mr. Wrestling II last week and needed some more momentum heading into their title match in two weeks, which we will learn about later in the show.


Kamala w/ Kimchee vs. Vinnie Romeo

Kamala ragdolls Romeo then shrugs off a pair of dropkicks before chopping him down. He tosses Romeo aside after a bearhug then hits a pair of splashes for the win (1:14).

Thoughts: A dominating performance here from Kamala. He looked awesome and moved around the ring quickly for a man his size.


Kelly Kiniski & Bob Stabler vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

Kiniski tries for a leg dive but fails as Olympia takes him down. Stabler tags in as Olympia takes him down with an arm drag. JYD tags in now and beats on Stabler. He hits a slam then tags out as Stabler gets beat down until JYD puts him away with a powerslam (1:40).

Thoughts: An easy win for the Tag Team champs. The crowd was enamored with JYD.


Tim Horner vs. Jesse Barr

Roop puts over Barr as a “can’t miss” prospect and that Horner could reach that level with more experience. These two end in a stalemate after some mat work as Pierce puts over the Thanksgiving Night Superdome show. We get some more mat work from these two as Pierce also tells us that Chavo Guerrero will be here next week then in two weeks, DiBiase & Duggan will face JYD & Mr. Olympia for the Tag Team Titles and they are working on a stipulation in which the loser of the fall will have to leave Mid-South Wrestling for 60 days. Horner works a side-headlock after a single leg takedown then Barr switches to a headscissors. Barr now works the arm and rolls through a hip toss then Horner gets a few nearfalls but the show has now run out of time (4:34) **.

Thoughts: The action here was solid but the big news was hearing there will be a Tag Team Title match in two weeks, with the loser of the fall possibly having to leave Mid-South for 60 days. We will certainly be hearing more about that stipulation.


Final Thoughts: Overall, the show was fine. The action was better than it has been for the past few weeks then we heard the big news about the Tag Team Title match in two weeks as I am sure we will hear if the stipulation happens during next week’s show.


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