LU and WM5

First off, I binged 65 episodes of LU on Netflix and I loved it as a legitimately fun alternative to WWE’s tired and LONG products. Even Ultima Lucha is divided into 3 shows instead 1 6-hour come-inducer. Keep up the reviews!

Was just watching a video on WM 5 and I know it’s true Savage was selling out arenas as heel champ. Was the thought ever conceived to have him retain? I know hogan’s ego but hulk likes money more and a chase till SummerSlam would’ve drawn so much! Was No Holds Barred done for Zeus to have interfered at Mania… or any convo of a DQ finish with Savage running as crazy heel champ and hulk celebrating as DQ winner at end???

Meltzer was certainly campaigning for Savage to retain and to this day says it would have been a better idea for long-term business, but really Hulk winning at Wrestlemania was the only result that was going to happen. And I mean, they actually tried that same tactic years later at WM2000, with super-hot heel HHH retaining over the Rock, and although it worked out business-wise and drew a shitload of buys for Backlash, people to this day bitch about it as a finish for Wrestlemania. So I can see both sides.