Worst Yearly PPV Build?

Is there any worse build for a yearly PPV than "Money In The Bank?" It usually goes like this; A bunch of predictable qualifying matches,(thankfully that didn’t happen this year, probably because the SD roster is so limited), then wrestlers in the M.I.T.B. face each other in singles and tag-team matches to build "momentum" for the match,(which is silly given in the story-line, as the whole contest is a random crap-shoot), rinse and repeat.

​I disagree. At least Money in the Bank has actual stakes to it. My personal bugaboo is TLC, which is not only a meaningless PPV ever year, but features completely ridiculous backwards booking where they decide "Oh, we need a chairs match" and so, say, Becky Lynch and Naomi have some bullshit confrontation that has chairs forced into it to justify a chairs match. This would be fine if anyone CARED about chairs or tables matches, but it’s the lowest buyrate year after year, so clearly no one does.​