Njpw Dominon

Hey Scott,
Saw your write up for the Saturday night thread and you said no ppvs this weekend. I was wondering if you were just having some fun with the njpw fans on the blog by blowing off Dominon or if maybe you just aren’t a fan?

As much as wwe has sucked over the last few years njpw has basically catered their while product to fans like us, by making over stars who larger than life and the company and pushing great wrestling first.

This show will probably have 4 matches over 4 stars. It’s on late but you can watch on demand anytime on njpw world for about 8.75 a month.

It might be interesting to have you cover some current wrestling that isn’t just contractually obligated content filler for nbcu or the network.

Hey, if NJPW would make an app for one of the million streaming options I have on my TV, I’d watch it a lot more. Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, whatever.

So the show’s at what, 3am Sunday morning? That’s pretty early.