Vince Sr.

Vince McMahon is noted for being a visionary by invading the other territories in the 1980s and creating a national wrestling organization. Old time promoters like Verne Gagne and Eddie Graham are put down because they didn’t see the future of the business since the national overlay cable TV was pretty much going to eliminate the regional aspect of wrestling on TV. They were also cheap in TV production and pay.

As much as Vince is considered a visionary, little is remembered how backwards his father Vincent J. McMahon was in his thinking. Here are some of the mistakes made by Vince Sr.:

1. Broke from the NWA in 1963, only to rejoin from 1971-1983.

2. Had to cajole Bruno to come back early from his broken neck to fought Stan Hansen since he was losing badly on the Ali-Inoki closed circuit/ Shea Stadium wrestling card.

3. Despite the potential to turn Superstar Billy Graham face, decided to keep his word and give the belt to bland Bob Backlund. McMahon never saw the potential of a face Graham who could have been a Hogan before Hogan.

4. When Andy Kaufman was interested in an angle, Vince Sr. wasn’t interested and that led to the Kaufman angle with Jerry Lawler that got nice exposure on Letterman.

5. Told Hulk Hogan to take a hike because he wanted to do Rocky III

Vince always said that if his father had known that he was going to invade the other territories, Vince Sr. would have never sold him the business. So if Vince Sr. passed it down instead to Gorilla Monsoon and Arnold Skaaland, is it safe assume that the WWF would have been one of the territories to get killed like the AWA or was New York just too big of a market to fail?

No such thing as "too big to fail". Had Vince Jr. not taken over, I think Crockett would have swallowed up the Monsoon version of the WWF. Or else it would have died off like the rest.