Highspots Shoot Interview with Spike Dudley

This was filmed in September 2005

It runs at one hour and fifty-three minutes long


Spike said he was a huge wrestling fan as a kid while growing up in New England. He started going to shows when he was twelve years old and considers himself a true old-school fan who hated the heels and cheered the faces and treated it like a “shoot.”


He talks about starting to wrestle in the early 90’s and how there was no Cruiserweight Division at the time and lists Rey Mysterio, Mikey Whipwreck, and Billy Kidman as the only ones of that size in America. Spike says today there are tons of guys under 200 lbs and the smaller guys do not stand out today.


Before becoming a wrestler full-time, Spike was a third grade teacher. He found a pro wrestling school and did that on the side and after about four years he quit and was able to make a living in wrestling. Spike trained at Roland Alexander’s school after seeing an ad while watching wrestling on TV. Spike said he is a “piece of shit” and hasn’t spoken to him in years.


On the topic of Matt Striker getting caught wrestling while being a teacher, he says god bless him for trying to get into wrestling and sounds similar to himself.


He’s asked about several guys from Roland’s school. Spike said Donovan Morgan was a good guy and that he helped trained him. He then said Mike Modest was his own main teacher and liked him as well. Spike did not work with Erin O’Grady (Crash Holly) at that time and said he was a good talent who was making a name for himself. He also said that he got O’Grady a tryout in ECW but it did not work out.


Spike said he made a highlight video of his matches and sent them out to companies and people. Someone in ECW saw the tape and called him up as Spike said he was working at a financial printing company to support his wrestling. Perry Saturn called him up and said they wanted to see more matches so Spike sent them to ECW and got called back and was asked to move to the East Coast so he packed up and moved to Long Island.


At first, he was terrified about going to ECW thinking it was violent but was excited to wrestle for a big promotion. Spike said for the first six months he thought ECW was a “shithole” but once he figured out there was meaning and stories behind the hardcore style he felt a lot better.


He said that Paul Heyman has a great mind for the business but is also a “psycho.” He talks about Vince McMahon and said he would “spit” on Vince if he was on fire but would give Heyman his “left nut” and talks about Heyman making it seem like more than just a job.


On some of the ECW talents, Spike said Bubba Dudley was responsible for him. He puts him over as a big brother figure and credits Bubba and D-Von Dudley for making him successful. Spike also puts over Bam Bam Bigelow by saying when he beat him, it let the crowd know he always has a chance to win. Spike also credits Bam Bam for putting together their whole feud. Spike loved Chris Candido and said he was a great guy and was sad when he passed. He also puts over Axl Rotten for teaching him psychology and credits him for having a great wrestling mind. Spike loved everyone in the FBI and thought the gimmick was fantastic. He liked his team with New Jack and said it got himself over and on PPV’s.


We get to some weird part where the interviewer asks him about having a problem with O’Grady during his problems with ECW as at first, the interviewer frames it as there was a major confrontation between O’Grady and Taz. Spike said O’Grady had a hard time adjusting and his problem with Taz was “bullshit.” Spike then accuses the interviewer of trying to bury Taz and wants to know if the “internet” wants Taz to get buried.


He talks about the ECW locker room changing when Taz and the Dudley Boyz left as they all felt like a breeding ground for the WWF and a tool for Vince, who will scoop them up once they got over. Spike said it was a blow as they were presented as the anti-WWF.


Spike talks about Mike Awesome leaving for WCW and said it was kind of shitty for him to leave once ECW got on TNN and after everyone put him over to get to where he became the champion. Spike then talks about the time he blew out his knee in their match at the 2000 Guilty as Charged PPV and how all he was thinking about was finishing the match.


On when he knew of ECW’s problems, Spike said he knew of stuff like checks bouncing but still thought it would be running and never die.


When asked about road stories, Spike said he is not going to bury anyone on camera and they only way he’ll tell any is at a bar without any cameras around.


About the time XPW invaded a ECW show, Spike said the XPW kids got the shit kicked out of them and whoever orchestrated the attack was a fucking idiot.


Spike said Vince McMahon is a “freak” who is in his old world. He always got along with Jim Ross but not as much as John Laurinaitis. He also did not have any problems in the WWF locker room. He denied there were problems with the WCW guys coming into the company.


He talks about how awesome it was to run in during the TLC match at WrestleMania X-7 and said the whole card was incredible.


Spike forgets who put together the idea for him to pair with Molly Holly but liked the storyline and said there was natural chemistry between them. He had no idea who came up with his storyline with Taz but thinks it was a writer who knows nothing about wrestling.


When asked about whether or not Bob Holly was a bully, Spike said that is a “pussy question” and references the Tough Enough incident where Holly busted the lip of Matt Cappotelli and said the kid needed it and he had a lot worse happen to him.


On the locker room reaction when Brock Lesnar left, Spike said he was on RAW at the time while Lesnar was on Smackdown then switches the question to is anyone worth a lot of money if they have not paid there dues as Lesnar won the belt in his first year. Spike puts over John Cena for being a great guy and said he would tell you about not being ready for the strap as Spike feels the company only cares about what merchandise they can sell instead of whether or not a guy can work.


Spike is asked about Triple H having too much power within the WWE. He talks about can you really blame someone for fucking the boss’s daughter and marrying into the company but at the same time he knows what he is doing and only trying to get himself over. Spike jokes he should Triple H a standing ovation for getting to where he is by fucking Stephanie. He also does not remember the time they had a match on RAW but says he is one hell of a worker.


He says you are constantly getting fucked with while in the WWE and said in his first week, he was told to wear a suit and tie to the shows because the writers did not recognize him as an actual wrestler.


On the writing staff, Spike said he doesnt have problems with them as they come up with good ideas but then the agents get involved and want to use their ideas instead and everyone clashes. Spike said anytime a good idea comes up someone steals it and its not their fault they know nothing about wrestling but like the wrestlers, they get their balls cut off before showing their abilities.


Spike said some of the road agents are good but the others just want to keep their job and appease Vince.


He does not remember much about the “Flight From Hell” but said everyone was drunk and fucked up but refused to go into specifics then bullied the interviewers when asked about details, asking why they needed to know this.


When asked about being a Tag Team Champion, Spike said it was disappointing as Taz was still doing Smackdown commentary and unavailable for house shows so as a result he did not work house shows and started to actually lose money while being a champ.


Spike is asked about more guys in the WWE. He loves Cena and puts him over for trying to soak up as much information as possible and says he is a class act. Spike also liked everyone in the cruiserweight division.


On the internet and newsletters, Spike said the “internet fans” talk about “internet stuff,” which he says is usually third or fourth-hand information. He talks about liking to read fan reviews of house shows and stuff like that then says after working for the WWE, he said there meetings are completely private and secretive to the point he has no idea what goes on most of the time.


He never felt pressure to take steroids and said his look set him apart as if he did use them he could maybe turn out to look like Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit. Spike said steroids can help you look the part but not perform and he feels indifferent towards others who use them.


Spike said the Cruiserweight Division will never be successful as they talk about Nunzio being the current champion and that he is barely even shown on Smackdown. He does not understand why they keep the belt and just get rid of it as its insulting to see the champ get squashed in 30 seconds by someone like Batista. He then denied Vince McMahon told the Cruiserweights to stop high flying moves but rather to watch out with 450 splashes and shooting star presses as guys were getting hurt. Spike said the company buries them by not promoting them or putting them on TV. He then said he would not even bother going all out in a three minute match because there is no time to tell a story or even sell anything.


He does not remember working a four-way Cruiserweight Title match at Survivor Series and does not believe it even happened. (It did happen at the 2004 Survivor Series).


Spike said he refused to play politics and never fought for his spot and believes that is why he got released.


He is then asked about the Matt Hardy/Edge feud and says who cares about their real life drama and that their feud hasn’t sold any tickets. He also said he has only watched bits and pieces of RAW since being released and only the “internet” cares about their feud.


Spike now talks about how every few weeks the company builds you up to get excited for WrestleMania and despite being on the road all of the time and making minimal salary, you get to be on a battle royal without any payoff and says its a big “fuck you” from the company.


On life off of the road, Spike said he would never have kids while a wrestler due to the job instability and sacrificed the family life to be a wrestler.


He talks about hating the ECW One Night Stand PPV and said it was a big “fuck you” from Vince to ECW as he was making money off of something pure. Spike said Rob Van Dam’s promo was a complete shoot and that he never takes shit from anyone. He claims to not know the full story between JBL and the Blue Meanie but if a “fat guy and a redneck” want to beat each other up then who cares.


Spike tells a story about RVD first coming into WWE and the building was going nuts with RVD chants. Kevin Dunn was there next to him backstage and said the ECW fans were loud but there are not many of them as Spike said Dunn said that because he was not a WWE guy and how ridiculous it was. Spike said the company basically said “fuck you” to RVD because he was hugely over but because he was not their creation, they never pushed him as a star.


He talks about how the last six months of his WWE run was “horribly depressing.” Spike said John Laurinaitis called him up and said his contract was not going to get renewed, a month after verbally promising him a two-year extension. Spike said that he was also promised a job as a trainer then as an editor, and even called him out on that and was given the runaround. Spike said he knew they were doing nothing with his character but was thrown off after he was told about getting work as a trainer and an editor. Spike said all of the promises were bullshit and no one else went up to bat for him and said he felt hurt as a result.


They ask Spike if he ever pitched any ideas and said he did but it doesnt matter as they only care about pushing people that can sell t-shirts or DVD’s.


He talks about when La Resistance messed up a spot when they were supposed to put him through a table on the outside from the ring and as a result he will have physical pain for the rest of his life. Spike said they practiced that spot repeatedly and their fuck-ups caused him pain as he has numbness in his hands.


Spike regrets taking a job in the WWE and wished he stayed true to the Independent scene, like AJ Styles and Spanky. Right now, he would love to go to TNA but cannot say anything until his 90 day non-compete clause ends.


He got along with Vince but thinks he is too far removed from the rest of the world and does not even seem human.


The interview closes with Spike thanking his fans.


Final Thoughts: This was not a good interview whatsoever. Spike came off as an angry, bitter man. Even worse, he would just bully the interviewers when they asked him a question he didnt like or if they tried to ask him about something such as the “Flight From Hell” he’d acknowledge it then yell about what they wanted to know and just said it happened. He was really pissed off at the company in his final six months and constantly bitched about that. I came away from this interviewing disliking Spike.

Overall, I wouldnt waste your time with this interview. Sure, Spike was awful here but the interviewers themselves (two guys that were never named) did not do a great job on their end. They allowed Spike to bully them and never kept much of a flow or a timeline of his care. I would not waste your time with this.

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