April 23, 2017

From the Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gym in Brooklyn, NY

Trevin Adams and Timothy Barr are your hosts.

You can catch up on what happened at the last show here


We learn that Drew Galloway will face Matt Riddle tonight with the WWN Title on the line in their Street Fight as the announcers bring up the possibility of Galloway taking the title with him to NXT.


Austin Theory vs. Ethan Page w/ The Gatekeeper

The other Gatekeeper, the former Flex Rumblecrunch, quit wrestling due to frequent injuries. Page surprises a distracted Theory with a kick to the face then hammers away in the corner. Page is pissed at Theory for helping out Darby Allin at the last show then Theory knocks Page outside and takes him and The Gatekeeper out with quebrada that he overshot. Page saved Theory from getting hurt there. Back inside, Page hits Theory with a draping backbreaker then Priscilla Kelly strolls out. Page cuts off a comeback with a thrust into the corner but Theory is able to escape and land on the apron where he nails Page with a forearm smash. Theory hits a dropkick as the announcers tell us that Allin fractured his elbow and will miss about three months of action as they also say the match last show was tough to watch. Page fights back and works Theory over. Theory escapes from an uranage then runs wild and gets two with a standing moonsault. Page blocks a fireman’s carry attempt as the announcers say that the other Gatekeeper broke his arm and his career might be over. Both men trade strikes then Theory gets two with a running shooting star press. Theory measures Page and tries a rolling move but gets caught in the Spinning Dwayne as Page is victorious (7:33) **1/2. After the match, Kelly looks upset then walks over to Theory but decides to walk away when The Gatekeeper steps on him. Kelly comes back and looks him over then smiles before walking away.

Thoughts: Decent match to open the show. Page continued his role as the bully to all of the young newcomers and sold the effects from his match against Allin at the last show. Theory also got a chance to shine here as well. The stuff with Priscilla Kelly continues as hopefully we get more of an answer as to why she is here in the future.


Stokely Hathaway comes out to the ring for a special announcement. However, Tracy Williams comes out right behind him as the announcers bring up how last night Larry Dallas mentioned he heard about Williams talking with Hathaway. Williams wants to clear the air and says since the beginning, its been about competition. However, managing is not his job and suggests its time for someone else to handle that. Hathaway grabs the mic and says as of today, he represents Catchpoint. He promises to take Catchpoint to the next level with their own athletic wear among other things. He brings up that this now means he manages the EVOLVE Tag Team Champions in Chris Dickinson & Jaka and WWN Champion Matt Riddle. Fred Yehi and Dickinson & Jaka come out. Yehi says this is not what he signed up for and if this is what Catchpoint is about, he quits as Yehi shoves the mic at Hathaway then leaves. Dickinson says he will remain if its about competition then Williams says they have something to settle and challenges Dickinson to a match. The announcers then ask why isnt Riddle out here. Decent segment here as the rumors were true about Williams speaking with Hathaway. Yehi is now gone and that is for the best as the stable was getting a bit stale and he’s a unique talent who can break out on his own.


Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson

Hathaway and Jaka stay at ringside. These two go back-and-forth to start. Dickinson takes control as he has Williams duck outside for a breather after hitting a running elbow smash. Williams heads back in then starts to stretch out Dickinson on the match. Dickinson knocks Williams down and gets two with a knee drop. Williams tries to fight back but is clotheslined for a two count then Dickinson works a chinlock. Williams breaks that with a Saito suplex then starts going to work on the arm. Dickinson chops Williams in the corner then places him up top for a superplex but Williams counters with a DDT on top of the turnbuckle then hits a brainbuster for two. Dickinson fights back with a sitout bomb for two but Williams hits a dropkick soon after that then they fight outside. Back in the ring, Williams rolls through a diving attack then Dickinson hits him with a Falcon Arrow for two. Dickinson tries a springboard move but Williams catches him with the crossface in the middle of the ring and gets the win (10:39) ***.

Thoughts: Good, competitive match that embodied the spirit of Catchpoint. Williams getting the win makes sense since his partner split and it appears he will be getting pushed as a singles act.


After the match, Jaka yells for the music to stop as Dickinson and Williams shake hands. Jaka says he likes money and competition then calls out ACH, his opponent for tonight.


Jaka w/ Catchpoint & Stokely Hathaway vs. ACH

Both guys feel each other to start. They work a reversal sequence that ends with Jaka attacking the back. ACH escapes from the corner and shows off his athleticism before catching Jaka with an atomic drop then he connects on a dropkick. ACH hits a a pair of fist drops then gets two with a knee drop. ACH jaws at Hathaway but Jaka chops him down. ACH hits Jaka low but misses a charge then Jaka hits a spinning heel kick in the corner. Jaka gets two with an exploder then works a surfboard that ACH breaks by hittong a dropkick. They go back-and-forth until Jaka finally hits a German suplex after a struggle and that gets two. ACH fights back and kicks Jaka off of the apron then does it again before hitting a springboard dropkick. ACH hits a running soccer kick on the apron then they head back inside where he hits a slingshot flatliner for two. ACH jumps off of the top rope and hits a Codebreaker but that only gets two. Jaka blocks the Buster Call then hits a spinning wheel kick before putting ACH away with a tiger bomb (13:22) ***1/4. After the match, Catchpoint and Hathaway celebrate then leave together.

Thoughts: Another good match and a big win for Jaka. It was the biggest singles win of his career. The last two matches did a strong job at presenting the new Catchpoint as a unified front.


David Starr vs. Keith Lee

Lee holds up his hand for a test-of-strength but Starr chops him and asks Lee if he thinks he’s stupid. Lee then catches a chop from Starr, who uses his speed to trip him up and then tries a dive but Lee walked away. Starr charges and Lee catches him with a powerbomb on the apron. The crowd is chanting for Lee as he goes back inside and beats on Starr. Lee misses a charge in the corner then Starr fires away and ends up backdropping Lee into the corner. Starr tries a suplex but is unable to get Lee up and gets headbutted down. Lee hits Starr with a flapjack and covers for two. Starr slaps Lee in the face after getting taunted then soon after that hits a DDT on the apron. Starr clotheslines Lee, who catches Starr and tries a powerbomb but Starr turns that into a Code Red for at two count. Lee ducks a clothesline then snaps off a flying headscissors and chops Starr down in the corner and catches Starr with the Jackhammer for the win (8:43) ***1/2. After the match, the crowd gives Starr a “please come back” chant.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a match. Starr is quite charismatic and someone I can see busting out big by the end of the year. Lee is a star in the making too and from start to finish this was a blast to watch.


Fred Yehi vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Yehi tells O’Reilly he is in big trouble then takes him down with a front facelock. They end in a stalemate after some mat work then go back at it again. Yehi stomps O’Reilly’s hand then works the legs. Yehi hits a capture suplex for two then grabs a chinlock as the announcers talk about Yehi leaving Catchpoint. Yehi switches to the Stump Puller briefly then starts hammering away while sitting on O’Reilly’s legs. O’Reilly makes a comeback and sweeps Yehi down but is hobbling around. He catches Yehi with a knee smash then works a body scissors. Yehi tries to fight off an armbar but is driven to the mat and peppered with palm strikes. Yehi is able to get his foot on the rope but O’Reilly hits a back suplex then grapevines the leg immediately afterwards. Yehi gets out and they trade strikes until Yehi hits a chop block then puts on a figure four. O’Reilly’s chest is bleeding but is able to roll himself over to the ropes. Yehi gets a nearfall with a release German suplex then tries it again but O’Reilly blocks the move and they trade strikes until Yehi takes him down with a dragon screw. That was a nice sequence. Yehi takes O’Reilly out with a basement dropkick to the knee as the crowd starts a dueling chant. O’Reilly falls down in pain trying to run as Yehi works a unique facelock before getting two with a fisherman’s bomb. Yehi kicks O’Reilly in the chest while grabbing his hands but O’Reilly breaks up a sleeper with a Saito suplex as both men are down. Yehi breaks up a capture suplex but O’Reilly hammers away and hits a Shining Wizard with his non-injured keg as both men are down again. They trade some hard strikes until Yehi hits a shotgun dropkick as they are both down on the mat again. They start targeting the injured body parts but they are starting to feel the pain and stop as the crowd applauds. Yehi tries for a full nelson but O’Reilly escapes and tries for an armbar as Yehi knees him in the face. O’Reilly hits a brainbuster but Yehi kicks out then O’Reilly locks on the Armageddon and Yehi has no choice but to tap (20:39) ****1/2. After the match, the crowd gives both men a standing ovation. Both men then rip off their tape and pads before shaking hands.

Thoughts: Excellent match. This was competitive and Yehi even gained from this match despite losing. This was a war and O’Reilly gets another win to follow up his victory of Keith Lee at the last show. By all means seek out this match.


EVOLVE Championship Match: Lio Rush vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (c)

Rush manages to keep up with Sabre on the mat to start. Sabre now grounds Rush as he wrenches the neck but Rush backs him in the corner and they break. Sabre works the arm on the mat but Rush escapes and works a front facelock. Sabre takes Rush down with an uppercut but Rush shows off his speed and takes Sabre down with an enziguiri. Sabre catches a kick and puts Rush in an ankle lock but Rush is able to grab the ropes but Sabre now works it over in the middle of the ring. Sabre ties up Rush in a pretzel then catches him with a sleeper after an Irish whip sequence and turns that into an octopus hold. Sabre switches to an ankle lock as Rush screams in pain as he makes it to the ropes. Rush tries to fight back and is able to kick Sabre off of the apron then flies out with a tope as both guys spill into the aisle. Back inside, Rush rolls through a frog splash then Sabre takes him down with a uppercut. Rush avoids a charge and comes back with a reverse hurricarana before getting a nearfall with a tilt-a-whirl into a DDT. Rush heads up top but Sabre cuts him off and bends his arm in all sorts of directions. Rush takes Sabre off with a headbutt then avoids a charge and takes Sabre down but Sabre catches him with a triangle hold when he attempted a frog splash. Rush escapes and hits a Pele Kick but Sabre comes back with a Dragon Suplex. Sabre hits a soccer kick then tries it again but only gets two as the crowd gets behind Rush. Sabre charges but Rush catches him with a Spanish Fly then heads up top with the frog splash but that only gets two. Rush takes off his wrist tape now as he looks pissed then kicks Sabre in the chest. Sabre sits back up and tells Rush to do it again so he does but Sabre sits up and catches a third attempt. They trade slaps then up the intensity with their strikes until Rush hits a pair of roundhouse kicks. Sabre then ducks a kick and puts Rush in the European Clutch for the win (19:10) ****. After the match, both men shake hands.

Thoughts: Another excellent match. Rush kept up with Sabre for a long time but could not overcome his more experienced opponent. Like the previous match, the loser came out of this looking good despite being defeated. I also recommend you seek out this match if possible.


After the match, Ethan Page comes out with his Gatekeeper. He decides to tell us a story then says he can find gatekeepers easily as he snaps his fingers as some guy (Nick Comoroto) comes out and attacks Sabre. The guy is big and somewhat resembles Luke Harper in appearance. Sabre tries to fight back but the other Gatekeeper runs in with Sabre and they beat him down. Page then picks up the belt and yells at Sabre that he will take the EVOLVE Title from him next month. They leave as Sabre gets up and is pissed as he makes his way through the side door.


WWN Championship I Quit Match: Drew Galloway vs. Matt Riddle

These two slug it out as soon as the bell rings. They take it outside then Galloway takes control and slides a chair into the ring and sets it up for a tilt-a-whirl slam. Galloway hits a suplex then asks Riddle to quit but he refused. A “You Sold Out” chant is aimed at Galloway as he taunts the crowd but that allows Riddle time to fight back. Riddle places the chair on Galloway and hits a senton then follows with a senton without the chair but Galloway does not give up. Galloway blocks an upkick then boots Riddle in the face before using a camel clutch with Riddle trapped under the middle rope. Galloway continues to taunt the crowd as Riddle is out on the floor then pulls up the mat but Riddle reverses a suplex as both men are now down. Galloway is able to come back and drop Riddle onto the ring apron as we see Catchpoint watching from the ramp. The action heads back inside where Galloway hits a belly-to-belly suplex then Riddle fights back as they trade chops until Galloway catches him with a short piledriver. Riddle does not give up as the crowd rallies behind him. Galloway places Riddle up top but Riddle fights back. Galloway is in the tree-of-woe now but is able to lift himself up and take Riddle down with a belly-to-belly. Galloway stomps in the corner and charges but Riddle hits the Bro to Sleep then locks on the Bromission as Galloway screams in agony but refuses to give up. He breaks the hold by slamming the mic in Riddle’s face then hits a pair of Future Shock DDT’s then pulls Riddle back up by the hair for another one then positions the chair on the mat for the 4th Future Shock DDT. Galloway takes a rope and ties Riddle’s arms behind his back on the ropes then hammers away. Galloway makes the ref stick the mic in front of Riddle’s face but he does not give up as Galloway is pissed then backs the ref into the corner. He heads near Riddle but gets kicked witha roundhouse kick then the ref unties Riddle, who runs wild. Riddle hits a fisherman’s buster grabs Galloway’s arms and stomps away. Riddle switches to a triangle choke as Galloway is screaming but able to lift Riddle up for a sitout powerbomb as both men are down. Galloway now grabs a sledgehammer from underneath the ring but Riddle steps on it so Galloway headbutts him then lifts up the handle to crotch Riddle. Galloway grabs the ref out of anger as Riddle did not give up then Riddle puts him in the Bromission and Galloway ends up quitting (17:38) **1/2.

Thoughts: This match was fine but still felt like a major letdown. The ref was asking the wrestlers if they are quitting about two minutes into this match, which felt ridiculous. Also, the match was long and drawn out for the “I Quit” stipulation as those matches are better served at a faster pace. Plus, with Galloway leaving for NXT the outcome was never in doubt.


After the match, Catchpoint and Stokely Hathaway head into the ring. Hathaway congratulates Riddle and says he is proud to have him as part of the team. However, Riddle declines the offer. Galloway then attacks Riddle from behind as Catchpoint leaves while Hathaway yells at Riddle about that is what you get for declining his offer. Galloway takes the sledgehammer but Keith Lee comes out as Galloway bails. Hathaway yells at Lee and points his finger in his chest so Lee pushes Hathaway into Riddle, who hits the Bro to Sleep. Lee then picks up Riddle’s WWN Title Belt and places it over Riddle’s shoulder then smiles and pats the belt before they bump fists and hug. The announcers close asking what ramifications are coming for Riddle & Lee.


Final Thoughts: Overall, a really good show. The big news is that Stokely Hathaway is the manager of Catchpoint, which has caused both Yehi and Riddle to leave. We had two excellent matches in Yehi vs. O’Reilly and Rush vs. Sabre too and built up to next month’s EVOLVE Title match between Page and Sabre. Make sure to watch the Yehi vs. O’Reilly match if possible.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

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Sunday: Mid-South Wrestling 10/6/82

Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/21/90

Monday: WWF 1990 Royal Rumble

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