Bailey is Ciclope

Hey Scott,

With all the talk of the Bailey Burial and "Does Vince hate the net" and whatnot, is there any reason why the more obvious explanation isn’t being discussed: that Bailey will make the Rocky comeback and annihilate Bliss to re-establish herself as a champion.

This program seems to be mimicking the Jericho-Malenko feud perfectly: Obnoxious newcomer constantly belittles established and virtuous babyface for being a loser. Said babyface fails constantly against newcomer to the point where it seems hopeless. Then, when all seems lost, babyface returns and vanquishes heel.

I know odds are just as likely Bailey didn’t say hi to Gangrel on the lunchline or something but is there any chance what I lined out isn’t what they’re going for?

Wait, yours is the "more obvious" explanation?