WWE RAW Rundown 6-5-17

June 5, 2017

From the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre, PA

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T


We are shown still photos from last night’s Fatal Five-Way at Extreme Rules.


The live show starts off with Bray Wyatt coming out to the ring. Bray tells us that last night was the beginning of the end because he had a chance to slay the beast and save us all but they took the sword and stuck it into his heart. However, he is still alive and is casting judgment on all those that are guilty like Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns and that he will punish them all one-by-one. Reigns comes out and the crowd goes nuts as they chant how he sucks. Bray and Reigns stare each other down as we get a dueling chant for Reigns, who decks Bray and says that is what happens when you run your mouth in his yard. Bray comes back in then Cole tells us we have a match. A long segment to set up this match. It did not stand out one way or the other.


Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns escapes from a Sister Abigail attempt then knocks Bray outside as we head to break. We return as both men are down on the mat. Bray works a chinlock as the announcers talk about Samoa Joe being the #1 Contender to the Universal Title and will be here tonight. Reigns escapes and tries a Samoan Drop but Bray escapes and hits a DDT for a nearfall. Bray goes back to the chinlock but Reigns breaks free. Reigns cuts Bray off of the top rope and hits him with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Reigns hits a few clotheslines but gets booted in his shoulder during a charge then Bray rams him into the post. Reigns heads outside and Bray follows then hits a senton as we head to another commercial then return as Bray is working yet another chinlock. Reigns catches Bray with an uppercut then tosses him outside as he takes a breather. Bray heads in then Reigns fires away. He hits his ten clothesline routine in the corner then gets two with a rebound clothesline. Bray now does the crab walk to freeze Reigns then blocks a Superman Punch and hits a uranage for a nearfall. Bray hits an avalanche then sets up for a superplex but Reigns headbutts him and slips off to hit a sitout powerbomb for a two count. Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch and misses but connects with the second attempt as that gets two. Reigns plays to the crowd and gets a mixed reaction then Bray rolls outside to avoid a spear. Reigns then hits Bray with the Drive By but Bray comes back with a clothesline as both men are out. They both just beat the ten count then Bray tries the Sister Abigail but Reigns gets out then hits the Superman Punch before finishing him off with a spear (19:33) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match. I liked how they played up both men being hurt from last night’s match on commentary and during the match itself. Both guys did a fine job here and Reigns winning makes sense.


Tonight, we will hear from Samoa Joe. Plus, Alexa Bliss will “get extreme” tonight.


Charly Caruso is backstage with Enzo Amore & Big Cass. She asks Enzo about these anonymous attacks as he has no idea then makes a bunch of ice cream references. Cass says they do not know is behind the attacks and feels insulted that people would insinuate he was behind them. Cass then vows to Enzo’s back at all times to ensure the attacks will never happen again as he leaves while Enzo tries to hit on Charly again. This segment felt disjointed to me but at least they are trying to build up some suspense for who is behind the attacks.


Kurt Angle is backstage on his phone when Alexa approaches. He is too busy to congratulate her then Alexa talks about Bayley not having what it takes to fight for the title so she has decided to move on from her and will have a “This is My Life” segment but Angle said it was a terrible idea and last week’s segment was the worst segment ever on RAW. He then reminds her about how she promised Nia Jax a title shot and she will defend the title tonight as Alexa is taken aback. Alexa will finally have to face off against the person she is scared to face. The company also took another shot at last week’s abysmal “This is Your Life” segment. Regarding Bayley, the story here is that she is home nursing an injury.


Elias Samson is in the ring. He asks who wants to walk with him then sings a song inspired about a beach ball he saw on the side of the highway. The crowd boos until Dean Ambrose interrupts. Dean attacks Samson then roughs him up outside as Cole notes Ambrose has been pissed since losing the title last night. Ambrose then grabs the mic and says he wants The Miz tonight for a rematch. We then see Miz & Maryse on the screen as his Intercontinental Title comeback tour will kick off tonight with a celebration. Samson then attacks Ambrose from behind and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Looks like the Miz/Ambrose feud is not over and after that an Ambrose/Samson program seems like the next step.


After the break, Ambrose is walking backstage and runs into Angle. He wants to have a match now but Angle says he will have his rematch but not tonight as Miz’s people negotiated a celebration. Angle suggests he takes the night off to relax then orders him to leave when he talked about finding Miz in his dressing room.


Samoa Joe heads out to the ring. He tells us he does not fear Brock Lesnar. Joe then says he is envious of him and wants to take everything Lesnar has including his part-time schedule, the ability to instill fear into other men, and even Paul Heyman as his own advocate to run his errands. But, most importantly, he wants the Universal Championship. Heyman himself now comes down the aisle and puts over Joe for earning a title shot last night. He then puts over the path of destruction Joe has left behind him everywhere he has been then heads into the ring. Heyman says he understands Joe does not fear Lesnar but at the same time, Lesnar does not fare him either and he thinks Joe likes that. Heyman then says that he worries a lot as that is what he does as a “jew” then talks about how he wanted Lesnar to face Balor as that is an underdog story which can make money. However, Joe is the worst case scenario as all Joe wants is a war. And if Lesnar wins, he will not be the same after the match but will make sure that Lesnar becomes Joe’s worst-case scenario. Heyman tries to leave but Joe backs him into the corner as he feels very disrespected and tells him to describe to Lesnar everything that is about to happen as he puts Heyman in the Coquina Clutch, yelling at Heyman to tell Lesnar how it feels. Several officials to run out to get Joe to leave. The crowd chants “we want Brock” as Joe yells back “and so do I.”

Excellent segment. Joe did a great job here while Heyman carried things on the mic. The intensity from Joe in this segment was tremendous and it helps set him apart from the rest of the roster. I thought this made Joe look like an actual threat to Lesnar. The end with Joe telling Heyman to describe to Lesnar what its like to be in the Coquina Clutch then putting him in the hold was great. This segment made me excited for the Universal Title match at Great Balls of Fire. 


After the break, Angle yells at Joe backstage. Joe cuts him off and says he will take out anyone in his way then asks Angle if he is in his way right now. Seth Rollins then appears and steps in front of Joe and dares him to do something about that. Rollins then challenges Joe to a match and Angle makes it official. Another good segment that sets up our main event for tonight.


Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. Cesaro & Sheamus 

Cesaro fakes out Slater so Sheamus can attack from behind. Cesaro tags in now and works a chinlock until Slater breaks that up with a jawbreaker. Slater backdrops Cesaro outside then catches Sheamus with a spinning heel kick but Cesaro is able to yank Rhyno off of the apron then Sheamus hits Slater with a Brogue Kick for the win (1:41).

Thoughts: Not much of a match and just something quick to show the new Tag Team Champions.


After the match, Sheamus tells us that is how a talented team wins. He then asks the crowd who is happy about the Hardy Boyz returning and they really do not react as Cesaro says he knows two unhappy guys, Matt & Jeff Hardy. Sheamus & Cesaro then close by saying they do not set the bar but in fact they are the bar. Looks like they are using that as their catchphrase and after taunting the Hardy Boyz, I expect their feud to continue.


TJP is walking backstage as he sees Neville. He congratulates him for the win then talks about their deal where he would get a title shot. Neville says he is a man of his word and if he takes care of business tonight against Mustafa Ali, he’ll speak to Kurt Angle about a title match.


Mustafa Ali vs. TJP

TJP backs Ali into the corner and hammers away. Ali flips out of the corner and gets a nearfall with a crossbody before working the arm. TJP ends up on the apron and yanks Ali down then slingshots in with a senton. Ali escapes from a chinlock then hits a swinging DDT and heads up top but TJP cuts him off and hits the Detonation Kick for the win (2:42) *1/2.

Thoughts: The action was good while it lasted. The fans did not care though. Also, no mention of Ali’s feud against Drew Gulak on “205 Live.”


After the match, Neville comes out and says he spoke with Kurt Angle about his championship opportunity but has some unfortunate news. TJP tells Neville they are both going to go back and talk with Angle but Neville attacks him from behind and yells at TJP for thinking he was on his level. He then yells at TJP that he has his match tomorrow night on “205 Live.”


We get another Goldust promo as he talks about how the “Golden Age” is back.


Sasha is backstage with Mickie James and Dana Brooke as they compliment her dance moves. Alexa Bliss interrupts then Sasha leaves. Alexa tries to rile up Mickie & Dana by saying Nia Jax cut the line in order to get a title shot and they should all stand together to protect the division. However, that fails as they promise to watch Alexa tonight at ringside in her match.


Kurt Angle interrupts the announcers and pulls Graves aside to show him something on his phone. Angle is upset as Graves then walks back to the set and plays dumb when asked about what just happened.


After the break, Mike Rome approaches Angle and asks about what just happened with Graves. He leaves and says it was a private matter but as he leaves, we see a hand prop the door open as Ambrose has returned.


Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neill w/ Apollo Crews

Titus tosses Kalisto into the corner then slams him down as he tells Apollo that’s how you get it done. Akira Tozawa is shown watching backstage as Cole lets us know Titus tried to recruit Tozawa for the Titus Brand. Titus catches Kalisto then covers and grabs the tights but Kalisto reverses and grabs the tights for the win (1:22).

Thoughts: Thankfully this was short as Titus is terrible in the ring. I guess Titus will be trying to recruit someone else that can beat Kalisto after this.


We now see Cass laid out backstage as an official screams for help. Enzo runs over then asks what happened as Cass does not speak but hands Enzo a chain. After the break, Enzo is with Cass and says whoever attacked him last week stole that chain and it has returned now. Enzo says they have a match tonight but Cass is unable to go as Enzo says he cannot do it by himself.


Maryse is in the ring. There is a mascot in the ring as Maryse talks about celebrating her sexy and gorgeous husband tonight. The Miz comes out and gets a “you deserve it” chant as Miz says it would mean a lot more if they did not do it for everyone who wins a title in the WWE. However, Miz says he still deserves the chant then talks about how restoring the Intercontinental Title back to its glory days. They have a toast as Miz puts over the dancing bear mascot as Maryse says she did not get the bear. They then argue and realize neither of them got the bear so Miz tosses his champagne at the mascot and beats him down then unmasks thinking it was Dean Ambrose but it turns out to be some kid as Miz tells him at least he can say the Intercontinental Champion beat him up as he gets tossed outside. A gift is then brought out as Miz wonders what it can be then grabs a chair and goes nuts but Maryse yells that she worked hard on that gift, which was from her. Miz then pulls out a piece of a grandfather clock as Maryse gets pissed and shoves the mic in his chest before leaving. Miz yells in French for her to come back then yells for Ambrose and demands he show himself. Miz then looks at the screen but behind him is Ambrose as he slowly turns around and gets hit with the Dirty Deeds. Ambrose then takes the rest of the champagne and leaves.

Fun segment. You knew Ambrose would ruin this but I like how they made you think Ambrose would be in the bear suit or in the gift box. It was clever as this feud continues. 


Enzo comes out as Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are in the ring. However, since Cass is out of action, he called in a favor who is also seven feet tall as it turns out to be Big Show. Enzo puts over his trimmer physique and jokes if he is joining the Cruiserweight Division and this leads to some bad comedy until Enzo tells Show to loosen up. Show then yells at Enzo about needing to be loosened up before going into the SAWFT routine.


Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Enzo Amore & Big Show

Enzo gets flattened by Gallows then worked over in the corner. Anderson tags but misses a kick then Show tags in and destroys both men and tags Enzo then tosses him at Anderson for the win (1:38).

Thoughts: Enzo & Show win in easy fashion here. Gallows & Anderson where treated as complete afterthoughts here. It doesnt look too good for them right now.


After the break, Enzo & Show are joking and having a good time when they see Cass, who says Big Show hasnt been around in a few weeks and might be behind these attacks. Big Show tells Cass he is a giant that does not “sneak up” on anyone as things get tense so Enzo suggests they all head to the casino. Show politely declines then Cass takes Enzo with him as Show stares at them while they leave.


R-Truth then gets his own black-and-white segment and tells Goldust they were friends and brothers but now he is coming for him. More fuel for the Truth/Goldust feud.


Rome is backstage with Alexa Bliss. She regrets being on RAW where she is not respected as she is the goddess of the WWE.


RAW Women’s Title Match: Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss (c)

Alexa ducks between the ropes to start as Mickie & Dana come out to the ring. Alexa tries to run away as Nia grabs the hair then slaps her as Nia just gets pissed and tosses her across the ring and follows with an avalanche in the corner. Nia shakes Alexa off of her back then drops a pair of elbows as she remains in control of the match. Alexa then crawls outside and in front of the women then attacks them and they fight back so she can retain by DQ (2:23) 1/2*. After the match, Nia attacks Alexa, who manages to hit a dropkick then runs away. The other women are in the ring as they stand around until Nia lays them out too.

Thoughts: They are really portraying Alexa as being hated by everyone. Also, she is able to use her smarts to retain the title. Poor Mickie & Dana looked like goofs at the end of this match, just standing around until Nia attacked them.


Heyman is being checked out by the trainer, who leaves when Heyman’s phone rings. Heyman tells Lesnar, who is on the other end, to show up on RAW next week and instill fear into Joe as they should also “unleash the beast.” Nice segment to set up Lesnar’s return.


After the break, Cole confirms that Lesnar will return to RAW next week.


Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins

Joe tosses his towel in Rollins’ face then hammers away. Rollins fights back with some mounted punches on the mat then counters a powerbomb with a hurricarana. Joe knocks Rollins down with a headbutt but Rollins fights back until he gets cut off with an elbow strike. Rollins tosses Joe outside but gets kicked trying a dive to the outside. Joe takes control then shakes the ropes as Rollins tries a springboard move as we head to break. The action returns with Joe hitting Rollins after yelling at him. Rollins tries to fight back but Joe yanks him off of the top rope and covers for two. Joe works the neck then hits a senton for a two count before working an armbar. Rollins escapes but gets caught with a snap powerslam as Joe nearly got the win. The crowd tries to rally behind Rollins as Joe beats him in the corner. Rollins fights back and hits an enziguiri as both men are down. Joe rolls outside as Rollins flies out with a tope. He hits another one then they head back into the ring where Rollins hits a blockbuster then flies out with another tope. Rollins gets a nearfall with a springboard clothesline. He gets out of a Coquina Clutch attempt and hits a falcon arrow for a two count. Sunset flip gets two. Rollins kicks Joe in the face then heads up top but Bray Wyatt’s music hits and the lights go out. However, Bray is nowhere to be seen as Rollins looks around then Joe puts on the Coquina Clutch and makes Rollins pass out for the win (15: 41) **3/4. After the match, Cole hypes next week’s Joe and Lesnar confrontation.

Thoughts: Solid match but not as good as the opener. Joe made Rollins pass out to the clutch like he did to Balor last night as they are putting it over strong as a finisher. I guess Rollins is next on Wyatt’s list from earlier tonight and will deal with him next week.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I thought this was a good show. The main goal was putting over Joe as a credible challenger for Lesnar and they succeeded. They’ve also turned the Coquina Clutch into a deadly finisher. I also really liked the Miz celebration segment and how they are making Alexa into the most hated person in the Women’s Division. They also set up a title match for “205 Live” and added more twists in the Enzo & Big Cass attacker storylines, not to mention the return of Brock Lesnar.

There was not a whole lot of wrestling here and the final hour did drag a bit but nothing tonight insulted your intelligence or anything. A good effort tonight as they build up to the next RAW PPV.