Long-Term Planning In The WWE; Then vs Now

I just read the long-term plan is for Brock Lesnar to hold the WWE Universal Title all the way to Wrestle-Mania next year, where he will then drop it to Roman Reigns. That got me to thinking; Is long-term planning more prevalent in the WWE now or when they were locked in the Monday Night Wars with WCW in the late 1990’s? I would think it’s done more frequently now, what with no competition and Vince not really giving a s--- if something isn’t working, (I.E.-Reigns), but that is just a guess.

​Yeah, but here’s their version of long-term planning now:

1. Figure out what Roman Reigns is doing.

2. Figure out what Brock Lesnar is doing so they can book his dates 8 months in advance.

3. Figure out what HHH is doing so he can collect a payday from Wrestlemania.


At least during the Attitude era, they’d have a vague idea of what everyone else was going to be up to.​