Bayley being overrated

Alot of people on here are blaming the booking on her failure. I believe it goes behind that. Shes beyond horrible on the mic. Yea she gets scripted lines but so does Alexa and witness the difference in delivery. Shes been exposed as only working to the level of her opponent in ring wise. WWE didnt get her booed. She got herself booed. She had chances to knock promos out of the park and she fails each time. 1 thing i will say WWE messed up on is constantly making her fueds about her being a wrestling dork. Its literally a rinse, repeat fued from the Charlotte stuff. I say a gimmick overhaul is needed. Let her be more aggressive. More serious. They should follow the kushida storyline. She can start from the bottom. Beat the s--- out of a bunch of girls for while. Fueds with Jax, Fox and Emma when she returns then go back to the Bliss fued but this time with a edge.

Or they could just book her like they did in NXT, when she was over, without trying to overthink it. Either way.