Ring of Honor – May 31st, 2017


I was away last week, as it was just an Honor Rising recap show, and myself and Ioan Morris have already done that one. But now we’re back with the fallout from the PPV, so let’s do this! A bit late, because I had to work all weekend and then I watched Extreme Rules before I finished this tonight, but still!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

Ring of Honor TV – 5/31/17

We open with video from War of the Worlds, as the crowd saluted Adam Cole in what will probably be his final match on an ROH PPV, the Bucks came in and gave him a hug, everything was just dandy, right? Nope! The lights go out and here’s Kenny Omega, who fires Adam from the Bullet Club as Marty Scurll is introduced as the newest member! Beatdown on Cole occurs as Scurll poses.

Credits proper.

We are TAPED from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Your hosts are Kevin Kelly, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

“Bullet Club!” The Bucks and Adam Page make their way out to the familiar music, and Matt Jackson has a mic. “In case you’ve been living under a rock, there is now a new era in the Bullet Club!” They shocked the world – nobody saw it coming…..unless you watch the Youtube series “Being the Elite”, that is! Which I actually do, and it’s pretty fun. They welcomed a new member, and it’s probably the most evil person that Matt has ever met! They call him…..the Villain!

The BEST ENTRANCE MUSIC IN WRESTLING hits (they better not lose it for the generic BC music, I swear), and the crowd whoops along as Marty Scurll makes his way to the ring! Still holding the ROH World TV title, the Villain makes his way out to the crowd chanting his name. “Thank you, Nicholas!” He’s right – it is about time that they shocked the frigging world; didn’t they cause a spot of bother? Scurll is so crazy over, it’s insane. They should just put the World title on him right now, because there’s no point in pretending it should be anyone else. He puts over the Bucks and their superkick party, but tonight, he’d like to invite everyone to a ‘tea party with Marty’! Crowd chants ‘Tea Party’ as Scurll calls for the tea from the back…..

…..but that’s not tea, it’s the music of Adam Cole! Cole comes out on the stage, mic in hand as the crowd chants his name. “Why have a tea party with Marty when you can have Storytime with Adam Cole, bay-bay?” WHY NOT BOTH? I’ll drink tea and listen to Cole! And I hate tea! For some reason, they thought it was a good reason to kick Adam Cole out of Bullet Club, but he’s going to explain why they’re morons. Cole is the ONLY 3-time ROH World champ! At 27 years old, he’s the franchise player of ROH and the best damn pro wrestler on the planet, and now Bullet Club has made him into an enemy!

Adam Page has a retort. “These guys might have run you out of Bullet Club, but damnit, I’m gonna run you out of Ring of Honor!” The crowd disagrees, as does Cole. He says that if Page wants a match with him, sweetheart, it’s a match you’ve got, so give him your best shot!

Cole heads to the back as the announcers say we might see that match somewhere down the line, but our main event tonight is Cody Rhodes vs Frankie Kazarian! But up next, it’s 2017 Top Prospect winner Josh “The Goods” Woods against David Starr! And that’ll happen after these fine ads!

We’re back and we see the end of the Top Prospect tournament, with David Starr interrupting the celebration of Woods and cutting a pretty good promo afterwards.

And there’s the music of David Starr! He makes his way out and the crowd is behind him as the King of Taunts enters the ring. Woods is out next, and he gets a slightly more subdued reaction.

I wasn’t a fan of Josh in the Top Prospect, but let’s give him a shot here. Plus, I’ve heard of Starr but never seen him wrestle.

Josh “The Goods” Woods vs David Starr

Starr offers the Code of Honor, then pats Woods on the cheek. Josh no-likey, and he throws him to the corner to get us started. Knees and rights from Woods and crowd boos him mercilessly. Come on, guys, I’m not even that cold! Oh, wait, we’re in Philly. Never mind, that might have been the Philly version of cheering. Anyway, Starr moves out of the way of a high knee as Woods hits the buckles, Starr off the ropes with a forearm to the back of Woods’ head. Woods catches him coming off with a forearm of his own, but gets dumped to the apron by Starr. Springboard clothesline by Starr sends Woods to the floor, but the tope is cut off as Woods leaps up with a knee to stun David, then a fallaway slam to Starr on the floor. Woods puts Starr on the apron and then hoists him up into a fireman’s carry, Starr wiggles out back into the ring and tries a clothesline, Woods does a nifty counter back in himself and knees Starr in the gut, sending David back to the apron. Woods goes for a shoulder, but gets caught by Starr and DDT’d on the apron in a nifty spot. Starr off the ropes and he just clobbers Woods with a lariat for one. Crowd chants for Starr as he fires rights, but gets caught by Woods with a Judo throw. Off the ropes, reverse tilt-a-whirl slam by Starr, superkick! 1, 2, no! Woods immediately grabs a crossface, but Starr makes the ropes. They slug it out form their knees, then their feet, but Woods no-sells the chops and throws more knees, then Starr shows him how it’s done with a knee to the face that knocks out Woods’ mouthpiece. Starr goes for a discus forearm, but Woods ducks and slaps on the kneebar, Starr leans back and puts Woods’ shoulders on the mat for two. Woods up and he fires more rights and knees, ending with a knee to the head. Woods charges, but Starr levels him with a right. Straightjacket German suplex is blocked as Woods backs David to the corner, Woods charges with a…..high knee, then rolls him over into the kneebar again to get the submission. Crowd is not a fan of that one. (Josh “The Goods” Woods over David Starr, submission, 4:37)

WORTH WATCHING? – Woods was fine but green as grass, as you might expect. He threw about a thousand knees in this one, and doesn’t really seem to know what to do except that when it comes to transitions between the moves to keep the match flowing. Starr was really trying out there, slapping his face, working up the crowd, trying to give the match a real arc, but there wasn’t enough time and there was no build to the submission, so I’m going with a NO on this one. I came out of the match wanting to see more of STARR, not Woods, and I don’t think that was the intent. There might be something with Woods, but it’s a long, long way away. Skip it.

Post-match, Woods celebrates to boos from the crowd as the replays play. Starr hops on one leg to sell the knee, and we’re going to take a moment to see what people want to sell us during the following great ads!

We’re back with a video look at Punishment Martinez. He’s big and he beats people up and he can dive over the ringpost. That’s about it.

The announcers tell us that next week’s main event will indeed be a battle of the Adams, as Cole will take on Page.

Hey, it’s the music of Silas Young! He’s out with the Beer City Bruiser, and we see some history between Young and Jay Lethal, who Young beat last month in what turned out to be a pretty decent match, all things considered. What’s on your mind, last real man? “Jay Lethal. The franchise of Ring of Honor!” Now, wait a second – Adam Cole said he was the franchise of ROH in his opening promo! Now Young says it’s Jay Lethal! I’m so confused…..but at least it’s not Shane Douglas! Anyway, Young runs Lethal down for being the golden boy who gets all the opportunities, even though there’s nothing that makes him better than Silas! It was only a month ago that Young beat Lethal clean in the middle of the ring! Lethal wants to play a victim now, but Lethal ran his mouth and Young shut it! Silas has known guys like Lethal his whole life, and he’s got Lethal’s number!

Well, Jay Lethal has a few things to say in response, it seems, as Jay heads down to the ring with purpose and a mic! “Get back in the ring, Silas! Shut my mouth now!” Or is Young too afraid because he can’t sneak attack him? Come to think of it, why does he even have a mic? This isn’t the company where we talk about our problems, in Ring of Honor we settle them in the ring! OH SNAP. Take that, someone! Lethal calls the ref into the ring and tells Young to get in the ring!

Silas says that Lethal may be the golden boy, but with Young, he doesn’t get whatever he wants, so tonight, Lethal doesn’t get Silas, he gets the Bruiser! The Bruiser is in the ring and he attacks!

The Beer City Bruiser (w/ Silas Young) vs Jay Lethal

No Code of Honor. They fire away at each other as Young joins commentary. Bruiser with a knee in the corner, then a slap to the chest. Bruiser goes to the eyes, but Lethal fights back with chops. Cross-corner whip by the Bruiser, Lethal goes over the top and lands on his injured knee, but still manages to slide under the Bruiser off the ropes and dropkick him to the floor. Lethal to the floor and he rains down right hands on the Bruiser, Bruiser comes back with a kick and a forearm, then chops. Lethal back at him with chops of his own, he sits Bruiser in a chair and gets a running start, cannonball hits the Bruiser! I wonder if they still sell cannonballs anywhere? Maybe we’ll find out during the following great ads!

We’re back with Lethal in control. Hiptoss attempt is blocked the Bruiser, and a chopblock hits the front of Lethal’s injured knee. Bruiser works Lethal over in the corner as the crowd lets him know he sucks. That’s objectively false, crowd – Bruiser is actually a really fun worker for a guy his size. More work on the knee from Beer City, he drops an elbow on it and punches at the knee as Lethal tries to fight him off to no avail. Back up, but Lethal kicks him away, then hits a hiptoss into the cartwheel dropkick. Oh, come on. The hiptoss was cool, but his knee should have given out right after the way that Jay is selling it. Lethal down in pain afterwards, but he gets up, avoids a Bruiser charge in the corner and goes for a suplex…..hits it! Wowsers. Lethal goes up but the Bruiser rolls out to the floor to avoid the elbow, so Jay just turns it into a high crossbody instead! Lethal rolls over and heads over to commentary, and he and Young start wailing away on each other, which is enough for the ref to toss this thing. (Jay Lethal over The Beer City Bruiser, DQ, 6:07)

WORTH WATCHING? – I guess we need something for Lethal to do? Whatever the case may be, the match itself was boring with a few cool power spots from Jay, but that’s not gonna be enough for me. NO, I’d take a pass here. Just average wrestling.

The brawl between Lethal and Young continues in the ring, and the Bruiser comes in for the two on one. Bobby Fish comes out to make the save, because he’s got beef with Young too. The Bruiser and Young walk away as Fish yells threats.

Footage from the War of the Worlds main event, which had a neato finish as Cody had Jay in the figure-four as Daniels hit the Best Moonsault Ever to retain. Speaking of retaining, I hope that I can retain some information from these great ads!

We’re back and we’re told that wrestling has more than one royal family! That can only mean that it’s time to see Cody Rhodes! Indeed, the American Nightmare has made his way out as we see some footage from Kazarian’s loss to Adam Page at War of the Worlds. Cody has a mic, and he tells us that it’s almost palpable, the swell of disappointment in the building tonight, because you were supposed to be gazing on him, godlike, the Ring of Honor World champion! Those who tuned into War of the Worlds have come to the conclusion that Christopher Daniels is the smartest guy in the room – he encouraged a triple threat so he could sneak away with the title! But Cody’s not done; he’s also going to blame the Ring of Honor top brass, because they’re frightened that a free agent, a man who will not sign a Ring of Honor contract, would be its top champion! So, without further ado, Cody calls to the stand – Colt Cabana! Mr. Cabana, you said something brilliant during the PPV – Colt doesn’t know what he’s going on about, but Cody reminds us that Colt said that Jay Lethal was flat on his back in the figure four, and that meant that he had Jay pinned, 1, 2, 3!

“Worship us! Now!” Well, apparently Frankie has had enough, as Kazarian makes his way to the ring. Colt is just happy someone appreciates his work as we’re ready for our main event.

Cody Rhodes vs Frankie Kazarian

Cody declines the Code of Honor, then attacks from behind. Kaz isn’t a fool, though, and was ready for him, clotheslining him to the floor. Kaz with a slingshot ‘rana over the top to Cody! Neato! Cody gets tossed on top of the timekeeper’s table as Frankie slides back into the ring. Cody gets back in, Kaz leaps to the apron and drops a leg on Cody as Rhodes tries a shoulder through the ropes. Slingshot legdrop gets two for Kaz. They run the ropes, Cody lands on his feet over the top of a belly-to-back suplex attempt, then hits a kick and the drop down punch. He readies CrossRhodes, but Kaz snapmares out and hits a swinging neckbreaker, as we’ve got to take a break for these fine ads!

We’re back with both guys on the floor. Cody hits a back elbow, then borrows a beer from a fan and throws it into Kaz’s face, then hits a clothesline to Frankie on the floor. Cody tosses him back in, delayed front suplex by Rhodes. Stomp and a side headlock punch from Cody, but he charges Frankie in the corner and gets sunset flipped by Frankie for two. Rollup by Frankie gets two. Rights from Kaz, cross-corner whip is reversed by Rhodes, Frankie tries to go over the top but gets caught by Rhodes, Alabama Slam! One foot cover gets a one-count for Cody. Cody wants da belt, and he shows it. I mean, Frankie’s not the champ, but I get the sentiment. Kneelifts by Cody now, cross-corner whip reversed by Kaz, Cody over the top of a charging Kaz, Cody catches him with a powerslam for one and a half. Rights from Rhodes to Kaz in the corner, then he goes to the second rope and rips at Cody’s eyes. Snapmare by Rhodes into a butterfly submission. Kaz fights up, but eats a back elbow when he comes off the ropes. Kicks from Cody, he sends Kaz to the corner, Kaz to the apron, Beautiful Disaster from Rhodes knocks Frankie to the floor. Springboard crossbody misses as Kaz moves, then a running boot from Cody takes out a security guard when Kaz moves again. Poor guy takes it again when Kaz hits a running crossbody to Cody that sends both guys into the guard. And that’ll send us to our final break for some great ads!

We’re back with both guys slugging it out, Kaz wins that, then springs off the second rope with a back elbow. Rhodes hits a kick to the guy and hangs him on the top rope, then kicks him in the chest, Beautiful Disaster by Rhodes! 1, 2, NO! Irish whip by Rhodes, Kaz ducks a clothesline and hits a lungblower! Unprettier by Kaz! 1, 2, NO! Kaz looks to come off the ropes, but Cody follows him in with a knee, then Cody tries the same and Kaz follows him in with an elbow. Off the ropes again, Kaz sends Cody to the apron and slingshots him back in with a cutter for two. Cody tries for CrossRhodes, Kaz blocks it with a snapmare, then catches a Disaster attempt from Cody and turns it into a leglock/cross-armbreaker submission! Kicks to the head from Cody manage to break the hold, then he catches Kaz coming in with a boot. He calls for CrossRhodes, Frankie reverses, Cody goes to the eyes but ends up getting hit with a kick. Frankie goes for a sideslam, Cody rotates out of that, CrossRhodes hits! 1, 2, 3. (Cody Rhodes over Frankie Kazarian, pinfall, 9:38)

WORTH WATCHING? – While it won’t exactly set the earth on fire, this was perfectly acceptable wrestling, with Cody cutting a decent enough heel promo and keeping a good pace to the match. YES, while not a match of the year candidate or anything, this one is fine. Kaz is a better worker than some people give him credit for, to be honest, and I enjoyed this one for what it was.

Post-match, Cody celebrates as the replays are shown of the finish. Adam Page comes down to the ring and gives Cody a hug, then looks to go to work on Kaz, but Daniels hits the ring to put a stop to that and the Bullet Club retreats as Daniels jaws with Page. And that’ll do it for ROH TV this week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Not much to the show this week, to be honest – weirdly for ROH, the show-opening promo was the best part of the episode. That’s not exactly normal. The main was fine, the other matches weren’t all that great, so if you watch the beginning with the Bucks/Scurll/Cole, you’ve seen what you need to see. Mediocre week on ROH TV.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
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