Mid-South Wrestling – September 30th, 1982

September 30, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, Buck Robley will face Skandor Akbar with both One Man Gang & Kamala banned from ringside. Also in action are Mr. Olympia, Mr. Wrestling II, Ted DiBiase, and the debut of Kamala


We are shown a clip from Nick Bockwinkel vs. Junkyard Dog from a show in Houston, TX. We saw a few minutes of the match as Bockwinkel is bumping around and making him look great as JYD won with a powerslam. And, of course, this was edited to make JYD look like Superman. It did a great job at making him look special by beating another major wrestling star in Bockwinkel.


Skandor Akbar vs. Buck Robley

Robley got this match after beating the One Man Gang last week in a Lumberjack Match. Robley works the arm but Akbar drives him into the ropes and attacks the ribs. Akbar lands some shots in the corner then goes after the eyes. Robley fights back and wins a slugfest before catching Akbar in a sleeper. He takes Abkar down but The Mongolian Stomper runs down and attacks Robley for the DQ as Watts yells about Akbar buying off more protection (2:26).  The Stomper hangs Robley with a sleeper and fights off a few enhancement talent that run off for the save. Robley finally drops outside as Akbar motions The Stomper to come over.

Thoughts: They are continuing the Robley vs. Akbar feud as Akbar has now seemingly added The Stomper to his army. I liked the post match stuff that took place here and a Robley vs. Stomper match in the future is certainly in play.


Tim Horner vs. Kamala w/Kim Chee

It takes a while for Kim Chee to take off Kamala’s gear. Kamala beats down Horner and tosses him after a lifting choke hold. He hits several chops then a slam before getting the win with a pair of splashes (1:00).

Thoughts: Impressive debut for Kamala. He moved around great for someone his size too.


The Grapplers vs. Vinnie Romeo & Jesse Barr

Barr works over Grappler #1 to start then fights off both men. Barr misses a charge as The Grapplers now work him over as Watts tells us that Akbar likely bought The Stomper’s contract from Don Carson. The Grapplers cut off the ring and target the arm of Barr as Watts talks about Grappler #1’s feud with Mr. Wrestling II and how he can use the power knee lift better than anyone. Barr finally gets free and makes the tag as Romeo runs wild until Grappler #2 rams him into the corner and hits a shoulder-breaker then #1 tags and hits the armbreaker for the in (3:49) *1/2.

Thoughts: Decent action here. With The Grapplers team now in place you would think Mr. Wrestling II would find a partner to go against them.


Hangman Harris vs. Mr. Olympia

Olympia is once again the Mississippi Heavyweight Champion after beating Killer Khan eight days prior. He goes to work early and grabs a front facelock as Watts talks about the action that took place after the show went off the air last week between JYD & Dick Murdoch and Jim Duggan & Ted DiBiase. Harris beats Olympia against the ropes but Olympia fights back and hits an atomic drop and then dodges a charge in the corner and comes back with a missile dropkick before he puts Harris away with a sleeper (3:03).

Thoughts: Not much of a match but Olympia gets the win a week after getting ambushed by DiBiase & Duggan.


We are shown a clip from Houston Wrestling with Peter Burkholtz interviewing Tony Atlas, who says he is coming to Mid-South to help out JYD. Atlas promises to take care of business as well as “getting funky” and encourages us all to “boogie” with him in Mid-South. After that, we are shown the end of his match against Gran Marcus where the first thing we see is Atlas f------ up a back body drop spot. Atlas runs wild as Watts tells us he is “shuckin’ and jivin'” before he picks up the win.


Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Bond

DiBiase hammers away but Bond blocks a sunset flip and sits on top of DiBiase as the ref takes forever to make the count. DiBiase avoids a kick as Bond falls down then he hammers away as Watts tells us that next week, DiBiase & Duggan will face Murdoch & Iron Mike Sharpe and that Bob Roop will be the guest commentator. DiBiase stays in control and catches Bond with the powerslam for the win (3:12).

Thoughts: Good showing for DiBiase here as he will be part of a major tag match next week.


Back from break, DiBiase is still in the ring and tells us he is sick of Mid-South showing favoritism. After beating Mr. Olympia last week, his partner and himself beat up JYD & Murdoch after the show went off the air. DiBiase says if they were here, he’d bring them in and beat them up again. He then tells Mr. Wrestling II to step inside (he was scheduled to wrestle) and calls him out for being an instigator as he never stirred up anything with The Grappler. DiBiase also calls him out for trying to make him lose when he was the special guest referee and challenges him to a match right now. Mr. Wrestling accepts and we have ourselves a match.


Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling knocks DiBiase down and tries for the power knee lift but DiBiase rolls away then bails. DiBiase bails again as Mr. Wrestling takes him down with an arm drag. Mr. Wrestling stays in control as Watts proposes they keep the cameras rolling and show whatever happens when the show ends on next week’s show. DiBiase is now in control for a bit but Mr. Wrestling fights back and runs wild as the show ends (4:01).

Thoughts: The action was fine but I did like how they promised to show the rest of the match next week as a way to get people to come back and watch.


Final Thoughts: The show wasn’t much wrestling wise but it had some good angles and showcased new talent coming into the Territory. As the year continues, the company is getting more exciting to watch.


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