The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–03.08.93

The SmarK Legacy Rant for Monday Night RAW – March 8 1993

– Prerecorded from New York.

– Hosted by Vince, Macho & Rob.

Money Inc. v. Virgil & Tito Santana

Nice bit of continuity, as Dibiase makes sure to tell Virgil that his boots need polishing before they start. Dibiase locks up with Tito in the corner and hits him with a cheapshot, but Tito comes back with an elbow for two. Tito works a headlock and brings in Virgil, who does his own headlock on IRS. He puts IRS down with a series of clotheslines and Irwin bails, but Tito fires away on the floor and sends him back in. Double elbow puts IRS down and Tito gets two. Tito rams him into the mat for two. The faces switch off with armbars and work him over in their corner and the crowd is surprisingly right into it. We take a break and return with Tito running into a knee. Tito collides with Dibiase, however, and it’s a hot tag to Virgil. He runs IRS into the corner and puts him down with a clothesline, but Dibiase trips him up, allowing IRS to finish with a backdrop suplex at 7:30. Kind of a weak finish, but at least it was clean. **

Tatanka v. Phil Apollo

Apollo was actually something of a star in the Tri-State indies back in the day. Tatanka backdrops him out of the ring and then back in, as he whips Apollo around and chops him down. Powerslam follows, but an elbow misses and Apollo pounds away in the corner. Tatanka makes his PISSED OFF RACIAL STEREOTYPE comeback and chops Apollo down, and the Papoose To Go finishes at 2:40.

Papa Shango v. Mike Edwards

Shango hammers away and hits a samoan drop for two, but picks him up. Backdrop suplex gets two. Shoulderbreaker finishes at 2:30.

Bob Backlund v. Tony Demoro

Not yet Crazy Bob, of course. Bob offers a handshake, but the jobber is having none of it. Bob puts him down with a throw and then outwrestles him into another throw, and Demoro takes a breather. Back in, Backlund fights for a butterfly suplex and then wrestles him down for the pin at 3:50. This, it should be noted, is the only time I’ve ever heard where Vince says someone “shoots the half” and it actually gets the pin.

Mr. Perfect v. Rick Martel

Vince is already hyping Perfect v. Luger as one of the “greatest all-time matches in Wrestlemania history”, which it so turned out not to be. They trade headlocks to start and Martel gets a cheapshot and hammers on him, then evades a clothesline and shows off his jumping jacks. Perfect, being perfect, repeats the same sequence himself. That bit never gets old. Martel goes to the eyes and throws knees in the corner, then catches Perfect with a knee out of the corner to take over. Martel with an armbar takedown and he works on that, but Perfect leverages him out of the ring. We take a break and return with Martel getting a gut wrench suplex for two. Martel hammers on the neck and goes to a camel clutch, but Perfect fights out, only to run into a knee. Martel with a backbreaker to set up a slingshot splash, but it hits the knees. Martel keeps coming and goes to the middle rope, but Perfect nails him on the way down and sends him into the corner with an atomic drop. Perfect fires away on Martel and backdrops him out of the corner and we take another break. And we return with Perfect victorious at 7:36. It’s a taped show, they couldn’t have cut around the finish? Whatever, good TV match. ***

Next week: Kamala! Razor Ramon! Typhoon v. Bam Bam Bigelow!