Vince: Table for Three

"According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea of a Vince McMahon Table for 3 segment is at least being talked about for a few months down the line. It’s all up to Vince on whether or not he wants to do it, but the feeling is that it will draw a big audience on the WWE Network."

Who would your other two guests be? The comments on 411 are pushing for Heyman and Bischoff but at this point I feel like that whole Monday Night War stuff has been done to death. Heyman would of course be excellent if the focus wasnt on that period.

Stephanie and Shane, or Hunter and Patterson, or any combo might make for an easy ride for Vince but it’d be pretty sycophantic.

I’d like Heyman and Austin. Both have prolonged history with Vince, and both would have no issue touching on sore topics if necessary.

Oh, and of course it should be 2 hours rather than 20 minutes.

I’d vote for Bill Watts and Jim Crockett, personally. Or Watts and Ole Anderson. The Attitude Era has been mined to death but I feel like Vince discussing business with two of his main victims would be great TV.