Last Great Concepts

With the Xtreme Rules Fatal Five Way #1 Contender’s match being touted as "historic" due it it technically never being done before, even though it’s just a mish-mish of other contender matches, and with Smackdown pulling the trigger on a Women’s MITB, and considering the last great match concepts we’ve seen have all been amalgams of other match types (Ladder + #1 Contender = Money in the Bank, War Games + Hell in the Cell + Rumble = Elimination Chamber), have we reached the end of new match concepts. Barring porting over Ultimate X or new things on poles, it seems like the current solution for match innovation is either more people, different weapons, or let the women do it.

I don’t know, the 5-Way being advertised as "historic" has bugged me, feel it speaks to some of the creative bankruptcy the WWE is facing right now.

​I have no idea who in their right mind could possibly be excited about Sunday’s show, and the main event certainly isn’t helping. I’m sure it’ll be a fine match, but we’ve had variations on the five guys having fine matches on RAW every week to build it up. Why not just do Money in the Bank instead for RAW, which at least adds an element of interest as to when it will be cashed in, instead of just "the battle to lose to Brock in July"?

But yeah, the current "Here’s a new name for a hardcore match, look how creative we are!" direction really bugs me, too.​