Corporate Culture

Hey Scott,

A couple questions I hope you can answer.

Can you pinpoint when the WWE stopped being portrayed as a sporting event full of larger than life characters and started being portrayed as a zany plot based show? Is it a booking vs writing question? Why was booking so much more effective?

Why does every in-ring promo require the wrestler to say their name and restate their basic motivations so bluntly?

Do you think the infiltration of tedious corporate culture is linked to HHH and Stephanie’s real life rise to power in both the creative and corporate structures within WWE? Performance evaluations, face of the company, constant threat of termination, who cares about this shit other than people who are up to their necks in the corporate world and actually aren’t that creative?

​Yup. They are very far up their own ass and think that this is how people function in the real world, and it means that it’s pretty much impossible to find any kind of relate-able character on the shows. The last one was Daniel Bryan, and look what happened to him. ​