NXT – May 31, 2017

Date: May 31, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips

We’re back in Orlando for the first in a series of shows that isn’t likely to build towards a Takeover. After last week’s stand alone show from Chicago, tonight we’re scheduled to see the Glorious Celebration from NXT Champion Bobby Roode, which will likely see a new challenger arise. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Tommaso Ciampa on crutches to a mixed reaction. He’d like Johnny Gargano to come out here right now but it turns out that Gargano isn’t here tonight. Tommaso asks if people would like to see Johnny replaced because he’s been thinking about that idea a lot lately. Two days before Takeover: Chicago, he sustained an injury that was going to keep him out.

There was never any doubt that Ciampa was going to wrestle but in less than one day, fans were talking about dream partners for Gargano. It made Ciampa feel like an afterthought and that’s not what he is. They fought together and lost, but during the match Ciampa felt something in his knee pop. He’s been doing this for twelve years and knew that it was an injury instead of just being hurt.

Despite that though, he knew they had to keep fighting for the people. After the loss though, he knew that Gargano wanted to replace him just like the people did. The fans chant afterthought so Ciampa rips into the fans for ruining DIY. If Ciampa had to go away, Johnny Wrestling was going with him. Ciampa is going away for now but he’s coming back more dangerous than he’s ever been because he is professional wrestling. Really good promo here as Ciampa explained everything, even though he’s likely out until next year with that knee injury.

Video on Danny Burch.

Bobby Roode says he won’t be here tonight but promises to make his presence felt next week.

Danny Burch vs. Pete Dunne

Non-title. Dunne works on the arm to start but gets tripped down into a leglock. The fans are behind Dunne again because heels don’t really exist in wrestling today. Burch snaps Dunne’s fingers but can’t get the Crossface. Instead Dunne slaps him in the face as we take a break. Back with Burch hitting a middle rope dropkick and one heck of a right hand gets two.

Burch headbutts him for two (SWEET! Dang this crowd is annoying me tonight.) but gets caught in the X Plex for two. It’s too early for the Bitter End so Burch blasts him with a clothesline. Both guys are down though and Dunne bails to the apron for a breather. Burch’s hanging DDT gets two but he gets German suplexed into the corner. The Bitter End finishes Burch at 10:48.

Rating: B-. These British guys know how to have some great matches and this was another entertaining one. Burch looks like a grizzled veteran and a win over him, even though he loses quite a bit, feels somewhat important. Dunne getting TV time is a good thing right now as the win over Bate made him look like an even bigger star than he already did. Let him do stuff like this, if not winning a little more easily, and he’ll feel bigger still.

Dunne brags about his win and says he’s happy to not have to watch someone carry around his title any longer.

Velveteen Dream says the ambiance isn’t right for an interview.

Video on the Authors of Pain.

Andrade Cien Almas vs. Cesar Bononi

Bononi is the huge guy who we saw a few weeks back. A dropkick sets up the early double knees in the corner as Cesar is rocked to start. Bononi gets in a few knees but something like an Eye of the Hurricane drops him again. One heck of a sliding kick to the face sets up the running slap in the corner but a suplex is countered into a small package to give Bononi the pin at 3:04.

Rating: D+. This is more about Almas losing but someone who looks like Bononi is going to get attention and a chance just because of his size. Hopefully we see a bit more of him in the future as he could have some potential. I’m still not sure where they’re going with Almas but Regal yelling at him again should be entertaining.

Almas seems to laugh it off.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are at the Performance Center and looking for something iconic when they run into Ember Moon. As they insult her, a trainer comes up with her medical release.

Asuka will defend the Women’s Title against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot in an elimination match in two weeks.

After losing to Roode, Hideo Itami snapped and wouldn’t listen to Kassius Ohno. This felt heel turnish.

Earlier today, Itami and Ohno shook hands in the parking lot.

Sanity vs. Kassius Ohno/Roderick Strong

It’s Young and Wolfe for Sanity here. Strong slugs away at Young to start and gets two off a half nelson backbreaker. Wolfe comes in and takes a running splash in the corner from Ohno. The first pump kick sends Wolfe into the apron and it’s back to Young, who eats a kick as well.

Killian Dain trips Ohno up to take over though and the slow beating takes us to a break. Back with Ohno fighting out of Young’s chinlock but getting taken down into another one from Wolfe. A kick to the face gives Wolfe two as the fans are split on if they want Roddy. Half of the crowd is disappointed then as he comes in off a hot tag and house is quickly cleaned.

An Angle Slam and faceplant get two on Wolfe but Young makes the save. The double teaming begins with Dain getting on the apron, only to have No Way Jose make his return for the save. Ohno forearms Wolfe down and the suplex backbreaker (End of Heartache) finishes Young at 13:42.

Rating: C. This should be the beginning of the end for Sanity, which didn’t have that far to fall down in the first place. They could split up and be just fine on their own with Dain seemingly ready to break out as a major heel force. Speaking of breaking out, Strong is clearly the next challenger to Roode right? There’s really no other option at the moment and there doesn’t need to be.

Overall Rating: C+. I don’t know if they’re like this every week but the crowd was more annoying than I can ever remember here. They were cheering the heels, mostly booing the faces and doing that WAY too annoying “SWEET” after every near fall. It’s one joke and much like TEN or WHAT it’s going to get old in a hurry, meaning it’s destined to go on for years.

As for the show itself, they advanced a few things and gave you reason to come back later on. The wrestling was good enough but Roode looking like a jerk who doesn’t have time to show up and address the fans is a solid heel idea. Then again the fans are going to sing every word of his song so it’s not like anything he does matters.


Pete Dunne b. Danny Burch – Bitter End

Cesar Bononi b. Andrade Cien Almas – Small package

Roderick Strong/Kassius Ohno b. Sanity – End of Heartache to Young

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