Sweet Baby Jesus. Where to begin. This question is part sarcasm but I’m dead serious as well & would like an honest answer. All I wanted was some background noise. I was bored and started doing some way, way too early fantasy football homework & just wanted some acceptable background noise. I was flipping around between Raw, Cup Finals & a rerun of friggin’ ALF. Just looking to avoid commercials or maybe catch something interesting.

I flip to Raw….and catch "This Is Your Life" with Bliss/Bayley. I mean….seriously…who gave this segment the green light? Who came up with this? It was just so….so so bad. Cringe worthy. A moment where it’s hard to be a wrestling fan or defend it. Who’s fault was this that I can’t even leave on Raw for 5 f------ minutes & would rather watch ALF?


For real though….all jokes aside now, how, when & why does a segment like that make it to television. Is there legit optimism that it will score ratings? Who mapped that segment out from start to finish. Name names.

​Wait, where is ALF still playing on TV these days?​