Great First World Title Reigns

I was thinking about AJ Styles World Championship title run and that it was a pretty good run for the couple months he had it and wished he kept it for a little while longer. That prompted me to think about which wrestlers had a good/great first title runs. Thinking recent that not many did: Ambrose was a bit short, Rollins had a good run but was pretty much a bust, Reigns lasted a couple minutes, going back to Punk’s wasn’t good until the 434 days run, Orton’s didn’t work until later, even Rock & Mick traded it for months, Austin’s was going good until losing it to Kane just to win it right back the next day for his 2nd reign. The only ones that come to mind are John Cena & Batista. Anyone else you can think of? As for Jinder’s going forward, I feel like his reign will be like JBL’s title run.

​Um, I feel like Hulk Hogan’s first World title reign was pretty decent. Same with Bruno. Randy Savage had a pretty memorable run with it as well.

If we’re counting WCW, Goldberg was a huge success. ​