AJ Lee

Hi Scott,

Was wondering what the situation was with A.J Lee and her retirement?

There seemed to be a pretty smooth exit for both parties all things considered. No "jobbing out", no s----taking on commentary etc. Was her contract up and she was free to leave ? Did they just want a clean break from all the CM Punk stuff?

Daniel Bryan "retired" and is still working as he as time left on his contract (and granted he loves wrestling and the money that he probably wants to still help out on whatever capacity) why did A.J get to leave without (seemingly) too much grief?


The major difference is that Daniel Bryan wanted to leave and go wrestle elsewhere. AJ made it clear that she’s done with the sport and she agreed not to work in wrestling for anyone else, and she has stuck by that. And as noted, they probably just wanted a clean break from the Punk drama as well. ​