Mid-South Wrestling – September 24th, 1982

September 24, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see Buck Robley vs. One Man Gang in a Lumberjack Match. Plus, Junkyard Dog, Dick Murdoch, Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Mr.Wrestling II in action as well.


Watts lets us know that if Robley wins, he will get a match against Skandor Akbar. He then talks about the Thanksgiving night Superdome show as we get a replay of the Kamala video from last week to hype his arrival to Mid-South.


Replay of last week’s Grappler vs. Mr. Wrestling II match.


The Grapplers vs. Johnny Rich & Tim Horner

Rich & Horner take control early. The Grapplers then work over Horner for a bit as they cut off the ring. Horner makes the tag after dodging an elbow drop as Rich runs wild for a bit. The Grapplers end up taking control though and use quick tags to neutralize Rich. Horner is able to make the tag and runs wild on Grappler #2 until he gets booted down and hit with a shoulderbreaker. The Grapplers hit a backdrop/power knee lift combo then Grappler #1 hits an armbreaker for the win (5:08) **.

Thoughts: Decent action here. With the territory short on actual tag teams, The Grapplers are a welcome addition. I also felt that Horner & Rich did a fine job too.


Billy Starr vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD hammers away then Starr rolls outside. JYD slingshots him back in and hits a clothesline as Watts lets us know Tony Atlas will be coming to Mid-South. JYD hits an atomic drop then catches Starr with a powerslam for the win (1:13).

Thoughts: JYD continues to put people away quickly as he has been a force since getting screwed out of his singles titles.


Larry Clark vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Watts compares Mr. Wrestling II to George Blanda and Gaylord Perry, two athletes with long careers that can still perform at a high level when they are older. Mr. Wrestling works a side headlock for a bit. He then hits a slam as Watts puts over the Lumberjack Match. Clark fights back but Mr. Wrestling blocks a hip toss then fires away before getting the win with a power knee lift (2:41).

Thoughts: Mr. Wrestling II is still getting a solid push. And yes, he can still go in the ring at this point.


Lumberjack Match: One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Buck Robley

Gang tosses Robley down to start as the crowd is jacked. He then beats him down and tosses Robley outside as the lumberjacks immediately toss him inside. Robley gets tossed out against and put back in where Gang hits a few knee strikes. Robley fights back as Gang ducks out and gets tossed back in where Robley covers for two. Robley rams Gang into the turnbuckle then tries another pinfall before applying a front facelock on the mat. Gang fights out and hits a slam then hits a knee drop for a nearfall. Robley gets tossed out and the lumberjacks put him back in as they are not wasting time in throwing the wrestlers back into the ring. Robley ducks a clothesline and comes back with a dropkick that sends Gang over the top rope. Robley then jumps on Gang’s back for a sleeper but Gang gets over to the ropes and dumps him outside. Robley is rolled inside as Gang hits a slam then heads up top but misses a splash as both men are down. Robley gets up and dropkicks Gang into the turnbuckle then loads up his forearm brace and comes off the top with it and gets the win as the crowd was counting along with him (6:44) ***.

Thoughts: Good match. I loved how the wrestlers wasted no time in tossing the wrestlers back inside, no matter who it was. And, the focus was on the match and not the antics of the lumberjacks. This was all action and it now sets up a future match between Robley and Akbar.


Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Jesse Barr & Vinnie Romeo

Barr hits DiBiase with a pair of dropkicks then takes him down with an arm drag as the crowd cheers. Barr blocks a sunset flip and nearly picks up the win as Watts once again mentions the Thanksgiving Superdome show. Duggan and Romeo are now in as Romeo hits a pair of dropkicks and arm drags as DiBiase now waves over his partner for the tag. Romeo knocks DiBiase down a few times but DiBiase avoids a dropkick then hammers away in the corner. He drops Romeo with an elbow smash then tags out as Duggan runs over Romeo then DiBiase comes back in and catches Romeo with a powerslam for the win (3:16) **.

Thoughts: This was a fun match while it lasted. Romeo & Barr got some shine and looked good in the process.


We are back at the announcers desk when we hear Duggan & DiBiase causing a commotion in the ring. They talk about winning the Tag Team Titles in the ring but lost them in the office as they demand a title shot now. Mr. Olympia comes out now and tells them that JYD just had a match and is in the showers. He also said they do not control what the Mid-South does as he calls them out for acting tough when they know JYD is ready to leave. Olympia then says give him a few minutes and he’ll go get his tights and get JYD to have a match but as he leaves, DiBiase & Duggan attack him from behind. Duggan holds Olympia over his knee as DiBiase comes off of the top with a knee drop then they bail when Robley, Iron Mike Sharpe, and Romeo run out for the save. Great segment here as the heels demanded a title shot and knew they could lure out Mr. Olympia and rough him up without JYD making the save.


Mongolian Stomper w/ Don Carson vs. Two Unknowns

This match is from Championship Wrestling of Florida with Gordon Solie on commentary. The Stomper takes control early as his manager puts him over and brags on commentary. He then puts on the Shinni no Make on for the win (3:01).

Thoughts: A dominating but not very exciting performance by the Stomper here. He was already in his mid 40’s at this point and with One Man Gang, Killer Khan, and Kamala coming in they did not need any more big guy heels.


Watts tells us that JYD got out of the shower and helped Olympia to the back as DiBiase & Duggan are apparently not going to leave until they get a title match.


Back from break, DiBiase & Duggan are still in the ring. Watts says that this will not be a sanctioned match and that JYD is bringing out a partner. His music hits and he comes out with Dick Murdoch as all four men start brawling.


Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Junkyard Dog & Dick Murdoch

DiBiase & Duggan get rammed into each other then head outside. They come back and try some new strategy but end up hitting each other as Watts says there are two minutes left and reiterates how its not a sanctioned match. Murdoch gets knocked outside as JYD gets double-teamed. Murdoch heads back in and JYD fires up as they once again ram DiBiase & Duggan into each other. They take them both down with double football tackles and hammer away as Watts runs down next week’s show as the bell rings with everyone brawling.

Thoughts: Only a few minutes long but wild while it lasted. You have to assume that at some point, we will get a rematch for the Tag Titles.


Final Thoughts: Good show this week. The lumberjack match was worth seeing and the other matches contained good action plus we got a hot angle to close out the show. Mid-South is putting out a more exciting product as we head into the Fall of 1982.


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