Zero to Jinder

Hi Scott,

Arguments about why Jinder aside, why did WWE pick Jinder and elevate him so quickly?

As you’ve said, Jinder went from an absolute joke to world champion in 3 weeks with no substantial push to back it up. Even if they are doing this for the India market, Indians aren’t stupid. They recognize a jobber when they see one.

Why not take a month or 2 to build him up and actually do all the character work? He’s still going to be shredded, regardless of the method. Heck, that way you can even gage if India even likes the guy.

​The whole thing is just a massive shot in the dark. They needed a new guy, decided Jinder’s the one, and we’ll see how it works. But again, yeah they absolutely should have given him some kind of buildup before just sticking the title on him, but really it’s not like ratings can get much worse anyway.​