Oh, these (snarky) comments!


I do not disagree with some of the things you have said about the Jinder Mahal push of Doom. Also, I do understand why some of this has been a little upsetting to some of your readers as of late. After reviewing some of the discussion that has taken place on this subject and listening to Brian Alvarez’s (sp?) incessant public bitching, I would like to make a few points that I feel deserve further attention.

Jinder is a perfectly acceptable worker and a good athlete. If you look back into his history, there is a large body of work that demonstrates he is a solid, dependable hand. Jinder started receiving his push upon his SD! arrival. His "sudden" push is a result of showing up in what is, for all intents and purposes, a new territory. Jinder has a history with many of the guys that are currently on the SD! roster. He was showing up on NXT and putting them all over on his way out the last time. We KNOW that he can work well with those guys. The idea that Jinder can’t be pushed on SD! "out of the blue", after putting so many people over on RAW, contradicts wrestling history itself. You put everyone over on the way out (of RAW) and refresh your character at the next stop (SD!). People like Jinder, who are respected and well liked, have worked hard for years and have faithfully put over guys, EARN this type of recognition through their professionalism and persistence. This is the WWE putting over a guy that was never given anything by "the powers that be" initially, was designated as the 3rd wheel in 3MB, got jobbed out of the company all the way down to NXT, and-this is the important part- KEPT AT IT!

I don’t have any proof that he’s on the juice, but, in my opinion, it is seemingly obvious. I don’t have any moral issues with that. It’s his choice. When monitored and applied properly, PED’s have a better chance of improving quality of life. Hopefully, he is going with that route. He looks great and has the potential to start carrying promos, segments, and put on Main Event quality matches. I will point out that many of the WWE’s talent are better "work rate guys" than they let on.

There are so many things that go into a match and what makes them either good or even great. It’s actually really hard to have an average, 2 star, boring match. Sometimes it’s only an average match on purpose (yes, even with the Main Events this occurs intentionally). An example would be Randy Orton. He is technically one of the finest and best "work rate guys" in the world. Yet, many of us- myself included- get frustrated when Orton chooses to hold back or tread water. All of these guys are very proud of their ring work and when they hold back or don’t steal the show every night, there is usually reasoning behind it or extenuating circumstances influencing the outcmes. I’m not saying that I agree with that approach every time, but it is something that should be understood better by the fans before we all get on our podcasts and try to out-snark each other.

Now, Mahal hasn’t had a balls out, career making match and he has one of the most generic, useless finishes n the history of the business. I can guarantee that he knows that. With some people, you have to force them to rise up rather than wait for them to be "ready". I’m sure the amount of feedback he’s getting these days about "less is more", "working big", "drawing real heat", "taking time" is probably causing him to rethink much of what he considered good wrestling prior to going to the moon. It is plausible that such circumstances have had a temporary and negative impact on his match quality as of late.

Coming from someone who has trained, what I look for is his timing, body control, and character performance. His timing and body control have always been very good. His character performance is improving and I always thought it was underutilized to begin with. Everything else will usually fall into place in time (hopefully quickly. It’s really important to have a top guy with those 3 strong qualities.

Would I have pushed Jinder Mahal the same way? No. I certainly wouldn’t have cast his character in the same light and I would have spent some time presenting him as a big deal upon arriving to SD!. I’m willing to accept that a matter of preference. They chose to hot-shot a shocking no.1 contender result and go from there. I understand it at least.

Also, it is worth noting that they have found a way to get something out of the Bollywood Boys after they had one of the WORST WWE TVV debuts I have ever seen since the Chris Harris ordeal. That’s awesome because when I saw their 205 Live match way back, I was honestly stumped on what they could have done other than send them packing.

To sum it up though, I would like to go out to the bar more often and not have to answer people when they ask "what is that guy the champion of who can he beat?" because the dude with the belt doesn’t look like a star. Jinder Mahal is one of the little guys that broke the glass ceiling! It just so happens that this little guy is 6’4" and 230+ lbs and could look like a star. For the industry at large, it is a net positive.

​Wait, what? PED’s "have a better chance of improving quality of life"? You lost me right there, especially after the past 20 years of guys dropping dead from enlarged hearts and painkillers. The human body was NOT meant to look like Jinder looks. It’s a horrible message to be sending to everyone else, full stop.​