Jinder is Honky

Scott- Jinder Mahal is not JBL at all. The closest reference point is probably Honkytonk Man. My case:

Both guys were spinning wheels until they got that big win (Honky over Roberts, Mahal in the 5 way) then they did some higher profile tv stuff (Honky on snme as kimchee, Mahal beating styles and orton) and lucked their way into a title run.

I doubt Mahal goes as long as Honky with the belt but the similarities are pretty strong. Mahal will get past Orton then it will be Honky booking all over again.


​Honky had an actual character that was easily definable and explainable. He was an obnoxious Elvis impersonator who couldn’t actually sing but thought he was a mega-star anyway.

Jinder is, what? A guy who is from India? We don’t even know his motivations. In storyline terms, is he supposed to be legitimately popular in India? We have no idea. It’d be like if I was a wrestler and just went out and yelled about how everyone was stereotyping me as a Saskatchewanian while I was drinking Pil and wearing a Corner Gas bunny hug. ​It’s just lazy writing, period.