Attitude era overrated?

Just finishing up 1998 WWF PPV’s and I have to say this. I know this was in the middle of the last great wrestling boom period but for the most part, most of these PPV’s really sucked. From re-reading your rants you fully acknowledge the bad undercards with the hot Austin main events but with the exception of WM, the two followup Foley brawls, and Summerslam, even most of the main events were snoozefests. You’ve got the super over Outlaws putting on mediocre match after mediocre match and terrible to just boring undercard matches. I would argue that 1997 was a better year wrestling wise even though WCW was kicking their ass. I know with 1999 shows approaching on my watchlist it won’t get much better until 2000 hits. As a whole, with the exception of Rocky’s rise to stardom, is it safe to say with almost 20 years of retrospect that the Attitude era was vastly overrated?

​Hey man, I’m not one of the millenial Attitude Era babies that’s always longing for a return to the Russo Days and crying about the PG Era. Maybe it’s because we really only got half of the Monday Night Wars in Canada, but I just don’t have the blind nostalgia for that time period that others seem to. And yeah, a lot of the stuff after Austin wins the title and before Rock becomes a go-to main event guy are BRUTAL. They just had nothing for challengers for Steve outside of Mankind, and it was basically an entire roster of guys adjusting to a completely different style of working. By the time Rock matured and Russo left, it was of course awesome, and once again it can’t be overstated how important adding the Radicalz to the mix was to the undercard.