PWG Only Kings Understand Each Other

February 18, 2017

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host


Trevor Lee vs. Cody

Cody plays up to the fans on the second rope but Lee takes him off with a German suplex. Cody bails and Lee takes him down with a running soccer kick from the apron. Back inside, Lee gets two with a bridging German suplex then mocks Cody but Cody goes up-and-over in the corner with a sunset flip. Cody catches Lee with a powerslam then hits a disaster kick before flying out with a double jump plancha. He springboards back in but Lee catches him with a superman elbow as that gets two. Lee taunts the crowd after stomping away but the crowd chants “delete.” Clothesline gets two then Lee says Goldust is better than Cody then stops himself and does the Dusty Rhodes’ punches but Cody blocks the bionic elbow and ends up putting Lee in a figure four. Lee breaks the hold with an eye rake then Cody comes back with his brother’s signature uppercut. They go back-and-forth until Cody hits a muscle buster as both men are down. Cody is up first and fires away. He then outsmarts him running the ropes and hits another Disaster Kick that missed by a mile but it got a two count. Cody eats boot on a charge then Lee hits a bicycle kick before getting a nearfall with a mushroom stomp. Cody floats over on a suplex but Lee blocks a Cross Rhodes but the ref is accidentally knocked down. Cody does hit the second attempt and the crowd counts then does the Tye Dillinger ten chant when they reach that number. Lee ends up kicking out when the ref finally makes the count and they go back-and-forth for a bit until Lee reverses a crossbody in midair then finishes Cody off with a Fisherman’s Buster (10:33) ***.

Thoughts: The match was good but did not stand out at all in any way. Kinda surprised Lee got a clean win here but it was a decent way to open the show. Lee is a good heel in PWG. I’m a fan of his work.


Rey Fenix vs. Trent

According to a report by Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” there was a 45 minute delay after the first match as the ring broke several times. Apparently, the ring PWG normally uses was destroyed in a fire.  They lock up as Trent backs Fenix in the corner and tells him not to do his “lucha shit” as the crowd boos and even starts a “lucha shit” chant. They trade arm wringers in a fun sequence as the crowd is really into this as both men try everything they can to gain control. Trent then chops Fenix down but Fenix chops him back and they work a strike exchange. Both men clothesline each other but Fenix takes Trent outside with a kick to the face. Fenix tries a running attack from the apron but Trent ducks then launches a chair at his face. Trent chops Fenix against the apron then rolls him inside where he does his elaborate boot scrape. He whips Fenix hard into the corner as that gets two. Snap suplex gets two. Fenix comes back with a hurricarana then flies out with a tope con hilo as the crowd goes nuts. Back inside, Fenix gets a nearfall with a tope atomico but eats boot on a charge. Fenix cuts Trent off the top rope then blocks a tornado DDT and ends up hitting him with a rolling Ace Crusher and switches to a Dragon Sleeper in a cool spot. Trent gets his feet on the ropes as the crowd is into both guys. Fenix kicks Trent in the chest a few times then does ten straight kicks as that gets two. Trent comes back with some overhead slaps but eats a super kick. He rolls out onto the ring apron and ducks an attack by Fenix and piledrives him on the ring apron as the crowd chants “holy shit.” Back inside, Trent hits a swinging DDT and measures him up for a Shining Wizard but Fenix is able to kick out. Gotch Piledriver gets two. Trent is beside himself as the crowd chants “this is awesome.” He kicks Fenix around and calls him a “Lucha piece of shit” but Fenix kicks him then hits a double stomp to his back on the apron. Christ, that looked painful for Trent. Both men are on the floor as Fenix rolls in first as Trent just barely beats the tweny count. Fenix hits a running kick to the corner and another stomp from the top rope but Trent kicks out at 2.99999999999 as the crowd goes nuts. They trade chops from their knees and get to their feet and use elbow strikes. Fenix then goes nuts with some creative kicks but tries a piledriver and Trent blocks it and hits the Crunchy for the win (17:24) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Started off slow and they had the crowd going nuts for an arm wringer reversal spot. Things then picked up and got nuts, with Trent establishing himself as a heel. These two have really good chemistry together and got the crowd going nuts. Definitely a fun match worth checking out.


The Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb) vs. Unbreakable F’n Machines

Riddle and Elgin start off on the mat. Elgin tosses him down but Riddle grabs a side headlock and holds on despite Elgin hammering away. Elgin catches Riddle in midair but Riddle turns it into a rear choke as Elgin is able to get free. Cobb and Cage tag in now as the crowd goes nuts. They do some matwork until Cage connects with a dropkick. Cobb rolls away from a standing moonsault then hits one of his own as that gets two. Cage comes back with a headscissors into the ropes and follows with the 818. Elgin tags in and hits a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall then boots Riddle off of the apron as that gets some boos. He holds up Cobb in a delayed vertical suplex then Cage tags in and they pass him back-and-forth as the crowd goes nuts. Elgin does squats as holding up Cobb before hitting the suplex as that gets two. Cage is in and hits a running kick to the face of Cobb as that gets two. Cobb comes back with a sidewinder suplex as both men are down. Both men tag out as Riddle lights up Elgin with strikes. Cage comes in and Riddle beats him down. Riddle hits both men with an exploder as the crowd starts a “Bro” chant. Cobb runs in now and Cage gets hit with a roundhouse kick/German suplex combo. Elgin is up and hammers away on both men until Riddle cuts him off with a bicycle knee smash. Cobb hits an Olympic Slam and Riddle covers as that gets two. Cobb tags in and trades clotheslines with Elgin. Riddle runs in but is caught with rolling Germans then he hits both men with a German suplex at the same time as the crowd starts a “holy shit” chant. Cage tags in and beats on both men. He gets a nearfall with a Baldo Bomb then Cobb gets sandwiched with a clothesline and hit with a suplex/powerbomb combo but Riddle breaks up the pin. Riddle puts Cage in a choke then hits a fisherman’s buster but Elgin hits him with a Falcon Arrow then Cobb hits Elgin with a sidewinder suplex as all four men are down with the crowd going crazy. Cobb almost puts Cage away with a German suplex as Elgin made the save then Elgin gets dumped outside but Cage fights off both men then Elgin returns and flattens Riddle before Elgin hits Cobb with a top rope powerbomb. Cage then hits the Deep Sea Diver and covers but Cobb kicks out as the crowd goes nuts. Riddle comes in and leaps off of Cobb’s back to attack Cage and hits both men with the Bro to Sleep then Cobb puts Cage away with the Tour of the Islands as the crowd goes insane (15:18) ****.

Thoughts: This match was excellent. The last minute or so got a little too crazy with everyone spamming high-impact moves but before that it was awesome and a much better formula than the usual PWG tag matches.


Lio Rush vs. Ricochet

This is the PWG debut for Rush. We get a dueling chant to start as Rush is already over with the crowd. Ricochet starts off by toying with Rush, who isn’t having it and strikes back. They then work an insane, fast-paced reversal sequence that end with a shocked Ricochet rolling outside as the crowd goes mental. Ricochet heads back inside as Rush hits a springboard hurricarana and follows with an enziguiri. Rush slides outside but Ricochet dodges him then and they have a reversal sequence that ends with Ricochet catching Rush and slamming him on the ring apron. Ricochet then flies out with a spaceman plancha before the action heads back into the ring. Ricochet targets the back and hits a wheelbarrow suplex after a reversal sequence. Ricochet gets cocky but Rush gets back up and hammers away. Ricochet gets more aggressive and hits a clothesline on the back of the neck then whips Rush into the corner. Rush is on the floor then heads back in and they trade strikes until Ricochet ends up outside where Rush flies out with a tope. Rush hits a second tope then rolls Ricochet back in where he hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Ricochet fights back and tries for a superplex but Rush escapes. Rush rolls through a frog splash and they work another reversal sequence until Ricochet cradles him as that was a bit messy. They trade more strikes and increase the intensity as they both end up out on the mat. Both men get up and trade more strikes but Rush wins that battle and almost gets the win. Rush hits a reverse hurricarana then follows with a frog splash but Ricochet is able to kick out. Rush lands a few kicks to the chest but Ricochet drills him with an elbow smash then hits the Northern Lights suplex and rolls through with a suplex before hitting the Benadryller but Rush kicks out. Ricochet then heads up top and hits the shooting star press but Rush kicks out at two then gets to his feet and pumps up but falls to the mat as Ricochet hits him hard with an ax kick to the back of the head then hits a spinning cradle piledriver for the win (17:53) ****.

Thoughts: Another excellent match. I liked the story of the veteran Ricochet toying with his much less experienced Rush, who refused to back down and at the end, Ricochet had to up his game to win the match. Rush stood out and while I thought there was a bit too many reversal sequences, the match was a blast.


Marty Scurll vs. Jay White

The match finally gets started after some comedy where Scurll mocks a fan then does a wacky celebration. The match starts off with some matwork and standing holds as neither man can gain the advantage. They have a staredown as a female fan swears at Scurll, who opens the ropes and invites her inside. Scurll slaps White across the face and says “welcome to PWG, bitch” but White fights back and hits a few slaps. Scurll bails after getting hit with a dropkick but ducks under the ring as White was attempting a dive. Scurll runs in to attack White from behind then kicks him on the apron. Scurll puts on his top hat and headbutts White a few times before raking the eyes. Back inside, Scurll stays in control and works a headlock on the mat. White comes back with a DDT as both men are down on the mat. White kips up and hammers away then hits a top rope elbow strike and has Scurll trapped between the ropes as we hits ten uppercuts then knocks him off of the apron. White hits a tope and rolls Scurll back inside and ends up taking the mask from Scurll and hits him in the face. White puts the mask on and mocks Scurll then no-sells some punches to the mask and hits Scurll with his own low super kick. Scurll’s heel offense isnt working on White but he manages a rollup and takes off the mask. They fight in the corner where Scurll gets a nearfall with a tombstone piledriver but White comes back after that and uses a single leg crab and switches to the STF then the Cattle Mutilation. White brings Scurll up only to take him down with a crossface but Scurll reaches the ropes. Scurll avoids a charge as White goes outside but White blocks an apron kick and hits Scurll with a brainbuster on the apron. That moved was a lot safer than it sounds as White was standing on the floor when he did the move. Back inside, Scurll runs into a flatliner and they trade moves at a rapid pace until they are both out on the mat. Scurll hits a few kicks but White catches him with a crossface. Scurll escapes and uses a finger breaker then hits the low super kick and after some strikes puts White in the chicken wing for the win (18:31) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Really good and much different than the prior two matches. It was refreshing to see some comedy mixed in here and White impressed in his PWG debut. He connected with the crowd and that’s something he struggles with when in other promotions. In the ring, White is really damn good. Scurll was his usual entertaining self here.


OI4K (Jake Crist & Dave Crist & Sami Callihan) vs. Superkliq (Young Bucks & Adam Cole)

The PWG debut for the Crist Brothers. For those wondering, OI4K stands for “Ohio is For Killers.:” This match is under tornado rules. Cody comes out in a suit as the special ring announcer for his fellow Bullet Club members. Oddly enough, the regular announcer messed up and said “Jack” Crist instead of Jake. The Bucks & Cole get attacked after the bell as does Cody. Sami and Cole mix it up in the ring as the Bucks come back and mix it up with the Crist Brothers. The Bucks & Cole clear the ring then Cole puts Jake in a Camel’s Clutch as the Bucks kiss him on the cheeks but Sami runs in and breaks that up by kissing them as they are disgusted. Sami then destroys them and clears the ring. They all trade strikes until Nick dives out onto everyone with a springboard somersault plancha. Cole then teases a dive but stops to do his chant. Dave catches Cole with a bicycle kick then flies out with a Fosbury Flop as his brother uses a moonsault off of the apron. Cole and Callihan are back inside but Dave cuts Cole off with an enziguiri and this leads into a crazy Tower of Doom spot as Jake is on the mat and powerbombs Cole in midair. Cole drills Jake with a few kicks and almost puts him away with a tiger suplex as the Bucks make the save. The Bucks are in control now as they work over OI4K. Sami is in and ducks super kicks and ends up taking both of the Bucks down with a double dropkick. Cole cuts off Sami, who fights back and hits a diving elbow strike for a two count. Cole comes back with the Panama Sunrise for a nearfall then sets up for a super kick but Jake breaks taht up and everyone trades super kicks and ends up on the mat. The action remains fast and furious as they all trade facecrushers then Cole does the Randy Orton RKO setup but Jake cuts him off. Matt puts Nick on his shoulders but Dave springboards to take Nick off with an Ace Crusher as that gets two. Cole and Sami trade strikes as Sami wins that battle then Cole gets hit with a double stomp-assisted tombstone but the Bucks break up the pin attempt. The Superkliq take everyone down with super kicks then the Bucks hit stereo 450 splashes but that only gets two. OI4K stay alive then the Superkliq hit a bunch of super kicks and heave Sami left as he spits and flips them off but eats a triple super kick and they all cover him for the win (18:13) ***1/2.

Thoughts: This was a bunch of crazy moves at a fast pace, which is expected in a tornado six-man match. It was good for what it was and the Crist Brothers did a fine job and would be a welcome addition to the PWG tag ranks. Crowd was into this one a lot.


PWG Title Match: Chuck Taylor vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (c)

Taylor surprises Sabre with a small package for a nearfall. Piledriver gets two as Sabre rolls outside but Taylor follows and chops away. Back inside, Sabre hits an uppercut but runs into a clothesline as that gets two. Taylor works the neck as the crowd is behind him. He hits a slam and heads up top for a moonsault but Sabre catches him in a triangle sleeper. Sabre steps on Taylor’s face and taunts the crowd a bit. Taylor asks Sabre to bring it but Sabre yells at him and hammers away. Sabre tries for a guillotine but Taylor deadlifts him with a brainbuster as that gets two. Taylor goes back to working the neck as he works a stranglehold. Sabre escapes and kicks Taylor down before twisting his neck with his legs. Taylor fights back and they go back-and-forth until he dumps Sabre outside and flies out with a tope con hilo. Sabre then is able to dump Taylor on the floor with a back suplex but Taylor escapes from the Octopus and launches Sabre at the apron. Back inside, Taylor spikes Sabre with three DDT’s but does not hook the leg and only gets a two count. Sabre comes back with a tiger suplex and a soccer kick then gets two with a sitout powerbomb. Sabre stretches out Taylor and almost puts him away with a bridging cover. Sabre paintbrushes Taylor and applies the octopus hold but Taylor counters with the Crunchy for a nearfall. Sabre avoids the Awful Waffle and hits a German suplex then a running uppercut. Sabre runs into a knee smash in the corner as Taylor hits the Awful Waffle but Sabre kicks out. Taylor pumps himself up and tries for another Awful Waffle but Sabre reverses and locks on a triangle hold. Taylor deadlifts him with a powerbomb but Sabre puts the hold back on and gets the win (15:14) ***1/2.

Thoughts: I thought this was a pretty good match. Taylor looked better than usual and had the crowd solidly behind him. Sabre has been more of a heel lately, even prior to joining Suzuki-gun in NJPW and he does a better job than he does as a face, IMO.


After the match, Scurll comes out and tells the crowd they should be ashamed of themselves as Sabre is the best technical wrestler in the world. He then tells Sabre that he will always have his back then grabs his umbrella and attacks Taylor. Sabre joins in as they both stomp Taylor but Trent runs in for the save and clears the ring. A bit odd to see Trent make the babyface save when he was a heel in his match earlier in the show but it looks like we are getting a Best Friends vs. Leaders of the New School match.


Final Thoughts: Overall, a very good show. Much better than the disappointing Mystery Vortex offering we got on the last show. We also have a feud going on now between the Best Friends and Leaders of the New School which should be fun since PWG doesnt have much in terms of feuds to begin with. Anyway, I recommend this show and you can view the trailer below and check out how to get this on DVD or Blu Ray by clicking here


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